wow 26-05-17

Gene Gene the Dancing Machine

Screw it people, it's the weekend and it's time to liquor up, sniff some blow and have a good time.

lol 26-05-17

Ten years of Pornhub celebrated with a funky commercial

We visit Pornhub because of the cool articles and because we used to run a porn site ourselves. And we can't believe it's been ten...

wow 26-05-17

Far Cry 5 : Official Announce Trailer

I'm a Far Cry fan and I'm happy to see Far Cry 5 looks amazing in terms of graphics and world.

wow 26-05-17

11 Classic Works of TCMag Literature (Goodbye Special List)

One way or another, everything comes to an end some day. That's perhaps one of the most fascinating truths we know about the entire universe....

fail 26-05-17

A Spray & Pray shooter

Someone has been watching way too many war movies.

wtf 26-05-17

When a bear meets a man with a bow and arrow

Standing still obviously doesn't work all that well.

wow 26-05-17

Catching a three-legged alligator

In most countries around the world the police of fire brigade on occasion get called out to catch a stray dog or maybe a pussy...

wtf 25-05-17

Hooked on the Look aka Huge Boobs

Allegra Cole used to be Mormon. Now she's a glamour model with a 54-inch breasts. Just insane.