wtf 18-08-17

Video of terror suspect in Cambrils being shot by Spanish police

By now you'll know some terror pricks killed at least 14 people and injured around 130 in Spain. Late last night one of the suspects was shot ...

wow 18-08-17

Larger freighter causes a mini-tsunami

Man, these are three minutes of your life you'll never get back and yet it shows you what "damage" large boats can do to river...

wow 18-08-17

People talk about their favorite porn genre

Anal, amateur, DP, cumshot, creampie, lesbian, gay, big buuts, BBW, latina, masturbation. The list goes on and some of these people are just liars.

wow 18-08-17

The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Bloody hell, a movie in which Nicole Kidman finally looks good again. And the story is pretty cool too.

wow 18-08-17

Dancing to your grave

A funeral is a sad affair in the Western world. Heavy speeches, bullshit about the dead person begin the best friend you could ever have....

wtf 18-08-17

Cramp or an alien?

If you've ever had cramp in one of your muscles you'll know it can hurt like a bitch. Like someone going to bat on your...

lol 18-08-17

A racist soap dispenser?

Black, white, yellow, purple, brown. It's all a bit sensitive at the moment and a racist soap dispenser isn't helping.

lol 17-08-17

Brilliant Ali G impersonator interviews newlyweds

The Sasha Baron Cohen creation Ali G is almost 20 years old and it's still funny and relevant. This impersonator shows that.