lol 31-07-16

Bill Clinton Plays With Balloons at the DNC

Bill Clinton kicks, hits and throws balloons like a little kid during the huge balloon drop after Hillary Clinton's speech at the end of the 2016...

wow 31-07-16

Primitive Technology: Forge Blower

This dude right here just made Bear Grylls look like a boy scout!

hot lol 31-07-16

Big Booty Bait in Public Prank

What we learned from this prank? That a big booty can destroy a relationship within a few seconds.

wtf 31-07-16

Fishermen Spot Alien-Like Ball Before It Gets Devoured by Sharks Off the Coast of Bunbury

Fox Mulder would be furious with these fucking sharks.

wow 30-07-16

Inside the World’s Deepest Blue Hole


ftw wow 30-07-16

The Official Trailer of The Great Wall Film

We love us some Matt Damon, so we can't wait until February of 2017.

fail 30-07-16

Leonardo Di Caprio is “Hiding” in the Greek Island of Mykonos

Leo is escorted by his bodyguards at all times, he wears a cap and a hood over his head to pass unnoticed but they all...

wtf 30-07-16

Cristiano Ronaldo Pushes A Young Fan Who Tried To Take a Selfie

Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is spotted out shopping with his entourage on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. He is approached by dozens of fans...