wtf 25-09-16

Interracial fight in Baltimore is quite funny

So, you're enjoying a slap up meal at Italiano's in Baltimore with your crew when two fat slags start mouthing off and are clearly looking...

fail 25-09-16

North Korean goalkeeper is a fraud

During a Asian Under-16 Championship game between Uzbekistan and North Korea the North Korean goalkeeper let us know he is either the worst goalkeeper in...

lol 25-09-16

Two monkeys fornicating on a man’s head

Got to love two monkeys not giving a shit if there is loads of people about taking photos. When they want to fuck they want...

ouch 25-09-16

Taking a selfie with an angry snake goes wrong

There are several animals on my fuck them list and snakes are high up on that list. I hope this guy pressed the camera button...

wtf 25-09-16

Lady in BMW crashes into irritating man

This female BMW driver is not taking any shit from the guy. Straight out of the car into a wheelchair he goes.

ftw lol 23-09-16

Pix Dump #714

Enjoy this new gallery with funny and WTF pictures. Do you have pictures that must be in our next edition? Drop them via WhatsApp on...

wow 23-09-16

11 Symbols You Think You Know Their Origin But You Don’t

Most of us are perfectly aware of what certain “modern” symbols represent and in many cases a single hand gesture or salute is enough to...

wow 23-09-16

Roadworkers working hard at blowing up a wheelbarrow

Tarmacing a road, placing new guard rails. It can all get a bit boring. This is the perfect way to relieve that boredom.