lol 29-05-16

Emergency by Remi Gaillard

Our favorite Frenchman, after Thierry Henry, is back. This time Remi Gaillard invades hospital wards with his pranks.

wow 29-05-16

Wobblecam by Lethal Bizzle

Wobblecam by Lethal Bizzle is for all the men who are all about the big wobbley booty. I'm more of a firm ass man myself.

wow 29-05-16

Alexandr Magala is back with another crazy act on Britain’s Got Talent

About 6 weeks ago we posted a video of Alexandr Magala doing a crazy act involving a pole and some swords on Britain's Got Talent. During...

wtf 29-05-16

Gorilla drags kids along in Cincinnati Zoo

Cincinnati Zoo had to kill it's male gorilla, Harambe, yesterday due to it dragging a four-year-old kid around in it's enclosure. It is thought the...

wow wtf 28-05-16

Great White Shark Cage Diving South Africa

This incredible video shows us cage diving with Great White sharks in South Africa. You will witness three separate passes by the same huge shark,...

ahhh 28-05-16

Major Geek Proposes To His Girlfriend Through A Mario Game

Geeks do it better!!!!!!

wtf 28-05-16

This Shiny Makeup Tutorial Will Freak You Out!

Would you buy this for your woman to wear it out of the house?

news 28-05-16

Some Serious Burning Went Down at Last Night’s National Spelling Bee

Remember the days when the National Spelling Bee was just a few kids trying to spell and being pretty awesome to each other over their...