wtf 22-01-17

Anti-Trump Kid Says He Lit Fire At Protest Because He Felt Like It

Thursday night saw leftists expose their true colors once again after months of campaign slogans ranging from ‘Love-Trumps-Hate’ To ‘When they go low, we go...

ftw 22-01-17

Crushing $40,000 GOLD BAR with Big Hydraulic Press!

This ladies and gentlemen, is considered the most expensive crush in YouTube History! A $40,000 24 karrat, pure gold bar!

wow 22-01-17

Gorgeous-Looking Japanese Cakes Made of Salad

Customers can be seen tucking in to delicious colorful cakes at the Vegedeco Salad Cafe in Nagoya, Japan. However, these are not the normal type...

fail 22-01-17

Madonna Desperately Tries To Become Famous Again

Madonna might be just kind of pathetic now. She hasn't had a platinum record in the past 12 years in the US and she can't accept...

ftw wow 21-01-17

The Ugliest First Lady Is Gone; Melania Comes!

I don't mind with all the war the liberal media did to Trump, but having them for 8 whole years trying to convince you that this...

ahhh 21-01-17

Terrified German Shepherd Forced Into Turbulent Water

Ahhhh, poor little thing!

lol 21-01-17

Ed Sheeran Once Took Lego to a Date

I am pretty sure he didn't get laid that night!

ftw 21-01-17

Donald Trump Quotes Bane!

I already love Trump! Come on Donald, make the West great again!