wow 22-11-17

Faisal the pocket mechanic

Faisal measures just 60 cm. He's a mechanic. His height and his profession means you can take him with you if you have to drive a 1500...

wtf 22-11-17

Woman brings in spider from the cold

Parts of Florida received a frost warning and this woman decided to bring a spider living on her porch in from the cold. She cray.

wow 22-11-17

Grandma is rocking the tambourine

You go girl!

news 22-11-17

North Korean soldier defects to South Korea

This guy made his mind up and went for it. He crossed the military lines, drove some more, jumped out and ran for it, before...

lol 21-11-17

Ready, set, Goo…WTF?

You're all set to watch the demolition of the old Georgia Dome. Until...

fail 21-11-17

Trying to look cool and end up looking like a fool

You see this so often nowadays. People with a GoPro doing silly shit just to get that monster shot. This guy tried to look cool...

wtf 21-11-17

Python is not giving up her eggs easy

Snakes? No thanks. Big snakes? No fucking thanks. Big snakes protecting their eggs? I'm out.

lol 21-11-17

Mark Webber want to be the new Stig guy on The Grand Tour

Sure, we can't call it Stig any more, but we all know what we mean. And ex-F1 driver Mark Webber wants to be that guy...