wow 08-02-16

When the evil smiles

Nothing can be quite as cool or as frightening as when the anti-hero in a movie gives you a wry little smile, cause they know...

wow 08-02-16

Conor McGregor crazy MMA Awards speech

So Conor McGregor is the biggest thing to happen to the MMA ever. He is just raking in the cash for the UFC and for...

lol 08-02-16

Bern Your Enthusiasm

I love Curb Your Enthusiasm with and by Larry David. He has kinda revived the role for SNL with this Bern Your Enthusiasm skit. It's...

wow 08-02-16

Maid of honor does a wedding rap

Some people like formal, traditional weddings. Others like the proceedings to be a little looser. I'm not sure what to call this maid of honor...

wow 08-02-16

The Best Super Bowl 50 Commercials

Who won? I was too busy watching the hundreds of commercials that flashed before my eyes.

wow 08-02-16

Carnival 2016 In Brazil Looks Amazing

Despite the Zika virus becoming a serious threat to people's health, millions still turned out all over Brazil to celebrate the party to end all parties, namely carnival. The....

ouch wow 07-02-16

Cate Blanchett Has Some Painful Talents

Truth is that Cate Blanchett makes doing a split look easy, but my eyes were hurting just watching this.

ftw wow 07-02-16

J.J. Watt Wins AP Defensive Player of the Year Award…AGAIN!

Houston Texans J.J. Watt won his third Defensive Player of the Award in five pro seasons. He also won it in 2012 and last year,...