wtf 29-09-16

Guy has some premature cum going on during a twerking contest

I don't blame the guy. We've all had these moments of real excitement and not being able to contain your little soldiers marching before the...

lol 29-09-16

Russian firemen play a prank on their sleeping buddy

You see, everyone laughs at the guy taking a little nap in class, but he is at the double once he hears the noise of...

lol 29-09-16

Woman tries to break car window after locking herself out

Woman and cars, a match made in hell it seems. Old Sheila here has locked herself out of her car (without wheels) and wants to...

wtf 29-09-16

Idiot shoots himself in the face with a paintball gun

There are instances in the world in which you wish people were carrying a real gun. This is such an instance.

fail 29-09-16

Idiot loses the ring during proposal at Yankee Stadium

This is what baseball is all about. People doing stupid shit that is more entertaining than the game itself. This idiot wanted to propose to...

lol 29-09-16

The Thoughts & Prayers app

I know this is a parody and piss take on all the cunts on social media changing their avatars to flags of countries when a...

lol 29-09-16

First Textual Experience with Sting

This is actually a funny Jimmy Fallon segment, despite Jimmy being in it.

ftw lol 28-09-16

Pix Dump #716

Enjoy this new gallery with funny and WTF pictures. Do you have pictures that must be in our next edition? Drop them via WhatsApp on...