wow 28-07-16

Six pack punching bag

I've recently started taking up boxing instead of internet trolling to keep me fit and anger free and it is quite a tough sport. Especially...

wtf 28-07-16

A leopard tore through an Indian village

The description on the video say that a WILD leopard rampaged through a village, but it'd be pretty wild too if there were a hundred...

wow 28-07-16

Magician with no hands fools Penn & Teller

Mahdi Gilbert was born with no hands and he still wanted to do magic, so he did. He went on the Penn & Teller show to...

wtf 28-07-16

Lamborghini driver gives zero f*cks

This Lambo Murcielago driver in Australia really doesn't give a f*ck what he does with his car. Whether it is driving fast or towing...

ahhh 28-07-16

Little kid explodes with laughter during music lesson

With all the crap going on around us it is important to enjoy the little things in life. A good glass of drink, a nice...

ouch 28-07-16

Rickshaw goes boom

I'm not really sure throwing a bucket of water over a vehicle which has it's oil and petrol storage on fire was the smartest thing...

wtf 27-07-16

Woman puts on 100 layers of make up

I had never heard of Jenna Marbles, but the woman has over 19 million subscribers to her YouTube channel so she must be doing worthwhile stuff...

lol 27-07-16

Cameraman makes a non-story very interesting

Did they steal her camel? Cause she's been left holding the toe.