wow 10-02-16

For fresh sushi visit Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market

Today we're sponsored by the tourist board of Japan, cause after Kaho we've now got another reason to visit Japan. Really fresh sushi. Take a...

wtf 10-02-16

Jetsprint boat flips and catches fire

Jetsprint is an insane sport with little fast boats and race courses. Blake and Kate are a team from New Zealand and during their ENZED 2016...

wtf 10-02-16

English guy gets arrested but really really needs to pee

When you've gotta go, you've gotta go. This guy was arrested in Camden for being a nuisance and hindering traffic. That didn't stop himself from...

wow 10-02-16

Learning calligraphy with Kaho

I love Japan and I love the Japanese. There really isn't a friendly and crazier people on this planet. I think it is time I...

wow 10-02-16

Guy rides the B52 electric bike at 50mph

A bike used to be about pedal power. It got you to wherever you needed to go quicker than walking and it was a healthy...

wow 10-02-16

The Russian SHERP

I have no idea what it is but I desperately want one. Like, right now. I have lakes and rives to cross.

lol 09-02-16

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Talks to Young Politically Correct Voters

If you've been hanging round on the internet in 2015 you'll have noticed a surge in what is called the Social Justice Warrior. Basically they're people,...

ouch 09-02-16

GRAPHIC: Pregnant shark attacks diver who wants to check on her

We all know you should never piss off a pregnant lady. And now this South African divers knows that too. The Shark is a pregnant...