ouch 25-09-17

When Karma comes to town

Some thug is destroying some property when he gets spoken to by another guy. He continues anyway and doesn't really stop until Karma makes a...

ahhh 25-09-17

Little kid vs. Game Boy color

She doesn't know what she's missing.

fail 25-09-17

When you screw up your gender reveal moment

What's with these gender reveal moments. Fuck off people, no one cares. Just tell or don't tell people the sex of your baby and be...

wtf 25-09-17

Macy Gray gig goes wrong

Macy Gray has been singing and performing for quite a few years. She had her biggest successes about 15 years ago, but she's still singing those...

wow 25-09-17

See Through Suppressor in Super Slow Motion

This is actually pretty cool as you get to see what a suppressor or silencer looks like from the inside.

wow 25-09-17

Opera understudy knocks it out the park

Rachele Gilmore sings The Doll Song from The Tales of Hoffmann. She was the understudy and she only had about 4 hours notice to knock this...

wow 25-09-17

Anthony Bourdain gets a traditional tebori tattoo

Tebori is the ancient art of tattooing in and from Japan and Anthony Bourdain got one done at Takashi Matsuba's place in Brooklyn.

wtf 22-09-17

Blonde gets touched up by TSA worker

Cause feeling someone's inner thigh and boobs is going to stop terrorists.