wow wtf 13-10-17

Risky Darts Shot

PLEASE, don't try this at home, kidos!

lol 13-10-17

Drunk Mexican Dance

This is the new dance that's catching on fire down in Mexico. You should try it for yourself, don't take my word for it.

ahhh 13-10-17

Sometimes a Dove Needs a Hug Too

I am not any crazed animal lover who values animal life more than human life (there are many crazy idiots like this out there these...

ftw 13-10-17

Winter Snow Tires vs All-Season Tires vs Summer Tires: Ultimate Test on Ice

Do you really need Winter Tires? Watch as Tire Rack compares the difference between winter/snow tires, all-season tires and summer tires by evaluating acceleration,...

wtf 12-10-17

Mini-Tornado in Greek Hotel Swimming Pool

This bizarre footage shows the moment a mini-tornado tore around the swimming pool of a posh hotel and sent parasols flying. The freak weather hit...

ftw wow 12-10-17

World’s Largest Passenger Plane Makes Scary Landing In High Winds

Have a fear of flying? You probably don't want to watch this video.

wow 12-10-17

Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Played on Two Calculators

This dude should go to America Got Talent or something!

wtf 12-10-17

Mini tornado sweeps away car in Taiwan

Thank God, the people in the car suffered only minor injuries.