wow 27-07-17

Inside Game of Thrones: Battling the Silence

If you've already seen last Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones then you'll have been impressed by the last act. This is how they made...

wtf 26-07-17

Antoquan was popped 45 times by Atlantic City cops

Back in 2014 Antoquan T. Watson led police on a wild and dangerous chase through the streets of Atlantic City. After his vehicle came to a...

wow 26-07-17

Spanish police disable a man with a knife using a special method

When a man, traveling from Morocco, crossed the Spanish border he started shouting stuff about Allah, while carrying a knife. The Spanish border police took...

wtf 26-07-17

Cinnamon prank in Denmark goes horribly wrong

It tuns out sprinkling a guy who turns 25 and is still single with loads of cinnamon is tradition in Denmark. Not sure the ending is.

wow 26-07-17

Hacker hacks a smart gun

A smart gun is supposed to only be fired by it's owner or the person wearing the right watch. This hacker defeated the gun in...

wow 26-07-17

Conor McGregor: Doubt Me Now

The 26th of August is marked in our calendar. Conor vs Floyd. The only winners up to now are the bankmanagers. This documentary looks at...

wow 26-07-17

James Corden does Carpool Karaoke with Usher

It's been a while, but he's back with blast from the 00's past, Usher.

fail 25-07-17

When your dogs need glasses

Some please get this poor guy some glasses before he literally busts a nut against that hard shell.