wtf 05-02-16

Dumping trash in the Amazon river

So, here's me with my LED light bulbs trying to save energy to save the world and in a far away place they're just dumping...

wow 05-02-16

11 Scientific Facts Also Found in the Bible

It’s true that science and religion don’t share the same perspective on a number of things. Maybe that’s why so many great scientists throughout the centuries....

wtf 05-02-16

Woman finds a huntsman spider in her salad

The Huntsman Spider is not particularly dangerous to humans, although their bite will sting like sh*t. Still, I'd prefer not to find one in...

ftw lol 05-02-16

Pix Dump #615

Enjoy this new gallery with funny and WTF pictures. Do you have pictures that must be in our next edition? Drop them via WhatsApp on...

wow 05-02-16

Guy opens a safe in 5 seconds

Sometimes buying the cheap stuff also means you get the cheap quality. This Sentry Safe is opened in less than 5 seconds.

wow 05-02-16

Latina women know just what to say to get stuff done

To be honest, she's not saying much in this video to get things done, just showing off her curvaceous ass. And that is fine by...

lol 05-02-16

Never fall asleep on the job

Never fall asleep on your second day on the job or your work colleagues and the entire internet will have loads of fun at your expense..

wow 05-02-16

Crazy Russian skiing behind a train

This mode of commuting is going to make going to work way more interesting.