news wtf 03-12-16

Nico Rosberg Retires From Racing

World champion quits Formula 1 five days after title win. Why now, though? I just don't get it!

lol 03-12-16

Justin Bieber Punched a Fan in the Face

Sorry fellas, I just can't help it but laugh with Justin's gay fan who just got punched. Does he look excited as fuck that he...

wtf 03-12-16

Country Musician Hits Concert - Goer

A concert-goer in the front row of a Nashville, Tennessee, show got more than good seats while Luke Bryan was performing Wednesday. The country star...

fail wtf 03-12-16

CNN Crew Jokes AboutTrump’s Plane Crashing

CNN's Suzanne Malveaux crew jokes about Donald Trump's plane crashing....This is not funny but what's even creepier about this ugly bitch is that she's...

wow 02-12-16

Why all world maps are wrong

An interesting look at who world maps are made used and basically all wrong.

wow 02-12-16

The Belko Experiment trailer

If uou think you're having a bad day at the office, spare a thought for the poor fuckers who work at Belko.

wow wtf 02-12-16

11 Reportedly Haunted Locations You Can Actually Visit

When ghosts reside in a place, we say that this place is “haunted”. However, it’s not clear and there’s no concrete proof that...

wtf 02-12-16

Working on a ship can be pretty tough

I get sea sick just watching this, so imagine being there to witness it first hand.