lol 09-02-16

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Talks to Young Politically Correct Voters

If you've been hanging round on the internet in 2015 you'll have noticed a surge in what is called the Social Justice Warrior. Basically they're people,...

ouch 09-02-16

GRAPHIC: Pregnant shark attacks diver who wants to check on her

We all know you should never piss off a pregnant lady. And now this South African divers knows that too. The Shark is a pregnant...

wtf 09-02-16

Idiots versus a huge wave

Some people like living dangerously and some people just don't have a clue they are actually living dangerously. The older couple in this video falls...

lol 09-02-16

Bike race stopped after riders have to battle 60mph head winds

The Volta Marina Benidorm Viento in Spain was temporarily halted after the riders simply could not get up a hill while 60mph head winds were...

ftw wow 09-02-16

Sophina DeJesus scores tens with her hip hop gymnastics routine

Sophina DeJesus is pulling gymnastics into the 21st century all by herself with this awesome and fun hip hop routine.

wow 09-02-16

Best Girlfriend Ever?

Is this the best girlfriend ever? While he plays his video games she tends to his every need.

wow 09-02-16

The new Ferrari GTC4Lusso

The Ferrari FF is getting a major facelift and the end result is the Ferrari GTC4Lusso. Silly name for a (not so) silly car....

lol 09-02-16

Girl made herself a lipstick robot

I think she nailed it. Cool design and flawless lipstick applying technique by that robot arm.