wtf 11-02-16

Hipster has his man bag stolen

Poor idiot and dumb idiot with his face in full view of the camera.

wow 11-02-16

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Official Final Trailer

After the screw up that was the last trailer this one makes up for it all by being just f*cking awesome..

wow 11-02-16

Rihanna’s new tune Work dissected

Rihanna dropped a new tune called Work work work work work work work work and Rolling Stones called it Tropical House. Nerdwriter1 did not agree...

wow 11-02-16

Guy stuck under upturned ATV gets very lucky

Flipping your 4x4 ATV is never a smart move, but doing so in a remote area is plain dangerous. This guy flipped his ATV in...

wtf 11-02-16

Hot female powerlifter loses her lunch during a lift

Wow, @BlondeBeautyBri is one hot babe and she can lift too. Only on this occasion her stomach refused to cooperate.

wow 11-02-16

Making Adult Robots for the Masses

In his factory in San Marcos, California, McMullen is experimenting with adding artificial intelligence to his high-end, ultra-lifelike silicone "love dolls," which cost more than $5,000...

lol 11-02-16

UK Prankster Jack Jones smashed in the face with some pizza

Jack Jones has made a name for himself by pranking unsuspecting people. He often stands next to them while pretending to talk on the phone,...

wow 11-02-16

House of Cards season 4 trailer

House of Cards is one of the better offerings in TV land at the moment. The story of Frank Underwood and his rise to power...