wow 02-12-16

Why all world maps are wrong

An interesting look at who world maps are made used and basically all wrong.

wow 02-12-16

The Belko Experiment trailer

If uou think you're having a bad day at the office, spare a thought for the poor fuckers who work at Belko.

wow wtf 02-12-16

11 Reportedly Haunted Locations You Can Actually Visit

When ghosts reside in a place, we say that this place is “haunted”. However, it’s not clear and there’s no concrete proof that...

wtf 02-12-16

Working on a ship can be pretty tough

I get sea sick just watching this, so imagine being there to witness it first hand.

lol 02-12-16

Everybody Jump

You gotta bring a monkey to your next party to take it next level lit.

lol 02-12-16

When drunks try to have a fight

Someone should really make a weekly program for TV about drunk people trying to have fights. I'd watch it, if only to feel good about...

ftw 02-12-16

Rude driver gets instant karma from a biker

You know, we've all pulled out in front of other vehicles while we knew we should have waited. This driver did it and could have...

lol 01-12-16

Tutorial: How to film a street fight

We've seen plenty of street fight videos pass before our eyes and most of them are crap. People just don't know how to film that...