wtf 27-07-16

Boat DJ plays Syrian National Anthem

Funny or should we put him in a rubber dingy and push him out to sea?

wtf 27-07-16

Crazy guy sets hospital patient on fire

Welcome to Tirana, Albania. Lefter Canaj was arrested after he set a hospital patient on fire. Lefter had had an argument with the guy and...

lol 27-07-16

Office Christmas Party Official Trailer

So, I'm looking forward to this one. Just 90 minutes of mindless bullsh*t and hopefully some dirty laughs. It's The Office meets The Hangover meets...

lol 27-07-16

James Corden plays a dirty game with Mila Kunis and Christina Applegate

Now that Carpool Karaoke has been sold to Apple it will only be for the cool kids and Apple Music artists. Time for something new...

wow 27-07-16

Jon Dorenbos is back with another magic trick

Jon Dorenbos is killing it on America's Got Talent. Sure, the American Football player can't sing or dance, but he can do magic and present...

fail 26-07-16

Stack of beer takes a tumble

On August 5th it is International Beer Day. The idiot who let this drop should not be having a beer that day. For crimes against...

lol 26-07-16

Drunk English cricket fans becomes the entertainment

Cricket is boring as hell. You need to be drunk and asleep to enjoy it and this guy has the right idea. He has even...

ftw 26-07-16

16 year old Lil Juice battles the El Toro stairs

The El Toro stairs are legendary in BMX folklore. They are on the grounds of El Toro highschool and counts 20 steps. Only the best and...