wtf 25-06-16

Is Ben Affleck a Little “Tipsy” in this Interview?

New England native Ben Affleck has impassioned feelings about Tom Brady and Deflategate or maybe he's just a little too drunk?

ftw 25-06-16

China: The next space superpower?

While your average pale, obese British citizen voted for Brexit only so their African and Muslim citizens can feel more like at home and take...

wtf 25-06-16

Michael Jackson’s SECRET UNDERAGE SEX CLOSET: 2003 Neverland Raid!

Why did it take 13 years of proof of Jacko's depravity to be revealed?

wtf 25-06-16

Some of Football’s Most Controversial Goal Celebrations Ever

From Nazi salutes to a drug-fueled Diegito....It's all here.

ftw lol 24-06-16

Pix Dump #675

Enjoy this new gallery with funny and WTF pictures. Do you have pictures that must be in our next edition? Drop them via WhatsApp on...

wow 24-06-16

11 Fascinating City Nicknames That May Surprise You

We all know New York is the Big Apple, Paris the City of Love and Light, and that Vegas is Sin City (you know, “whatever happens in Vegas stays....

wow 24-06-16

Destroying stuff with the help of liquid nitrogen

Men like to break stuff, the more broke the better imo. Liquid nitrogen can help us do that.

wow 24-06-16

The Ultra Worldwide 2015 Aftermovie

In need of a push to get into that weekend vibe? No, didn't think so, but this Ultra aftermovie is pretty cool so check it...