ftw lol wtf 05-05-16

Hippo on the run in Spain

In Palos de la Frontera, Spain a Hippo caused a huge traffic jam by just wondering around the town. He escaped the local circus a...

fail wtf 05-05-16

Plane touches down too soon

A Transall C-160 airplane is coming in for a landing in front of a crowd, but it's flying a bit too low and the wheels...

fail lol wtf 05-05-16

Slapstick football: Vv Noordwijk vs Spijkenisse

There is a reasons why the Dutch are not playing in the Euro 2016 this summer…

wow 05-05-16

Making a duck out of candy floss

In 2016 nothing can be simple any more. All of life's simple pleasure need to be turned into something more special.

wtf 05-05-16

When Russians burn some rubbish

I don't know what they are trying to burn but it looks like a nuclear warhead.

ftw lol 04-05-16

Pix Dump #653

Enjoy this new gallery with funny and WTF pictures. Do you have pictures that must be in our next edition? Drop them via WhatsApp on...

ouch 04-05-16

Russian Spectator Gets Run Over By A Truck In A Rally Race

Man, this is just painful to watch. This guy was run over by a rally truck and lived to tell the tale. The victim is...

wtf 04-05-16

Rowdy Soccer Fan Gets Set On Fire By Police

During the football game Slask Wroclaw vs Zaglebie Lubin riot police got pissed off with a fan and his fireworks, so they gave him a...