ouch 26-09-16

Japanese chick gives herself a nose job

OK, it is not really a nose job, but it has to do with her nose and she does a painful job on it, by...

lol 26-09-16

Indonesian Army martial arts training gone wrong

A fight to the death it seems, but we're still not sure who wins.

wtf 26-09-16

Asian woman kills one of three home invaders in Atlanta

I'm looking forward to the protests on this one. An Asian woman didn't take any shit from three home invaders carrying guns and shot back...

wtf 25-09-16

Interracial fight in Baltimore is quite funny

So, you're enjoying a slap up meal at Italiano's in Baltimore with your crew when two fat slags start mouthing off and are clearly looking...

fail 25-09-16

North Korean goalkeeper is a fraud

During a Asian Under-16 Championship game between Uzbekistan and North Korea the North Korean goalkeeper let us know he is either the worst goalkeeper in...

lol 25-09-16

Two monkeys fornicating on a man’s head

Got to love two monkeys not giving a shit if there is loads of people about taking photos. When they want to fuck they want...

ouch 25-09-16

Taking a selfie with an angry snake goes wrong

There are several animals on my fuck them list and snakes are high up on that list. I hope this guy pressed the camera button...

wtf 25-09-16

Lady in BMW crashes into irritating man

This female BMW driver is not taking any shit from the guy. Straight out of the car into a wheelchair he goes.