wtf 26-05-16

Drunk dude is not giving up on bikini babe

So, you're drunk of your tits and you've spotted a bit of ass you don't mind tapping. So, being drunk, you just tap it. And...

lol 26-05-16

A Japanese commercial that will stick with you for a while

The Japanese are known for their crazy and whacky ideas in life and this translates int their commercials. EarthChemical makes glue traps for roaches and other bugs and it....

wtf 26-05-16

Brad Pitt helping out a little girl who was getting crushed

It's official, I hate people. Liking a celebrity or sports star is fine, but leave them alone and don't hurt other people while you're trying...

wow 26-05-16

New Zealand navy vessel battered by waves and wind

I''m not a big boating person en videos like this remind me why. This video shows the New Zealand navy vessel HMNZS Otago being battered...

wow 26-05-16

This Is Zlatan

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is an excellent footballer, but he's an even better troll. The guy is an enigma and does what he wants on the field...

wtf 26-05-16

Cheating certain death like a boss

It's all about bosses today. This Chinese guy on a motorbike cheated death when a truck overturned just behind him. Almost like the movies.

wow 26-05-16

Removing a Jaguar with your Range Rover like a boss

In China there are many people. These many people are getting richer and richer, but their level of etiquette is not following this growth in...

wow 26-05-16

Removing a tree trunk like a boss

You can chop and chop and chop and saw and saw and saw, but you can also just get a guy with a tractor to...