wow 21-10-16

The history of the pit stop

The thumb is an image of probably the most famous pit stop of all time, at least in the world of Formula One. It shows...

wow 21-10-16

Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer is here

Rockstar Games is probably best known for it's GTA series, but it's Red Dead Redemption franchise has a serious following too. That following had multiple...

wtf 21-10-16

Guy sings a tune and crashes his car

It's a good thing this guy had the camera running to capture is near perfect singing. Otherwise we would have missed his not so perfect...

wow 21-10-16

Terry Tate makes America Great Again

Terry Tate is America's Trump card. And not a moment too soon.

wtf 21-10-16

Drunk idiot vs a train

Yeah, this is fake as hell, but it is well done and pretty funny. Would have been funnier with a big SPLAT though.

wow 20-10-16

Nintendo Switch: A first look

I've always been a Nintendo fan. The NES, SNES, Gameboy, N64, Wii. the list goes on. Nintendo has had some great consoles and some great...

wow 20-10-16

Tom Cruise acting out a lot of his films with James Corden

Think of Tom Cruise and his beliefs what you will, but the man has an impressive number of good movies to his name. Here he...

wtf 20-10-16

Filipino police car driving into protesters like a video game

The Philippines is on the war path. On the war path with drug dealers and drug users and with the US of muthafucking A. During...