wtf 06-05-16

Insane dash cam footage of the Alberta wild fires

Alberta, Canada is on fire and with more and more people driving around with dash cams we get to be on the front row without...

wow 06-05-16

James Corden does carpool karaoke with Gwen Stefani

James Corden would be better off just making a whole series of his Carpool Karaoke skits than continue hosting his Late late Late Late Late...

ftw 05-05-16

Athens Burger Fest 2016

It looks like our Greek friends have taken the art of making burgers very seriously during the past few years. You don't believe us? Well,...

ftw lol wtf 05-05-16

Hippo on the run in Spain

In Palos de la Frontera, Spain a Hippo caused a huge traffic jam by just wondering around the town. He escaped the local circus a...

fail wtf 05-05-16

Plane touches down too soon

A Transall C-160 airplane is coming in for a landing in front of a crowd, but it's flying a bit too low and the wheels...

fail lol wtf 05-05-16

Slapstick football: Vv Noordwijk vs Spijkenisse

There is a reasons why the Dutch are not playing in the Euro 2016 this summer…

wow 05-05-16

Making a duck out of candy floss

In 2016 nothing can be simple any more. All of life's simple pleasure need to be turned into something more special.

wtf 05-05-16

When Russians burn some rubbish

I don't know what they are trying to burn but it looks like a nuclear warhead.