lol 24-10-16

Sexy dance ends in humiliation

The dancing was meant to be sexy (if you're not a SJW), but it quickly turns into something hilarious (if you're not the woman).

lol 24-10-16

It’s all about the booty for this proud father

Dad turns up to film his daughter to a little dance, but he quickly finds himself and the camera focusing on something else.

wtf 24-10-16

5 men and 1 woman found alive with their hands cut off in Mexico

Not sure what went wrong here but these people were definitely caught with their hands in the wrong cookie jar.

wow 24-10-16

How Rosario Central are welcomed by their fans during the derby against Newell’s Old Boys

Now, this is how you support your team and welcome them to the pitch during a derby game in Argentina.

fail 24-10-16

When your cocaine party gets ruined

Yeah, I'm calling fake on this one as those lines were cut like a bunch of amateurs.

wtf 24-10-16

Robber made to wash cars

An armed robber picked the wrong joint to turn over. The roles between robber and victim were reversed and so were the jobs they were...

wow 24-10-16

Mesmerizing Japanese marquetry skills

I'm not sure how to describe the trade and skills this old Japanese man possesses, but he does make some beautiful things with it.

wow 23-10-16

John Cleese does a recap of 6 seasons of The Walking Dead

Later tonight the Walking Dead season 7 kick off with an answer to the cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers. To get you up to speed watch...