wtf 05-12-16

Kids dive into a creepy puddle of mud

Yeah, not but yeah but no but NEVER.

wow 05-12-16

The Mummy Trailer

Not sure if this a remake or just a new movie with the same name as a 90's classic, but Tom Cruise is about to...

ouch 04-12-16

Crazy Woman with Two Butcher Knives Gets Tased

Occurred in San Diego, California, USA. Info from Licensor: "Just some crazy chick who is always around Casa De Oro."

wtf 04-12-16

50 Cent Discusses About Being Gay and Ass Licking!

If he likes his ass licked, he probably had stuff there too, no? Floyd Mayweather (also known as Gayweather by his critics) has also claimed...

ahhh 04-12-16

Dog Fashion At Its Best

If you love what you do, then it's not a job anymore and Mehmet Gunes is living proof of that. His salon in Istanbul is...

fail lol 04-12-16

The Chris Pratt Epic Card Trick Fail

Haha this was hilarious, Chris Pratt's the best....

news wtf 03-12-16

Nico Rosberg Retires From Racing

World champion quits Formula 1 five days after title win. Why now, though? I just don't get it!

lol 03-12-16

Justin Bieber Punched a Fan in the Face

Sorry fellas, I just can't help it but laugh with Justin's gay fan who just got punched. Does he look excited as fuck that he...