wow 27-09-16

Room service of the future is here now

Technology is making us ever lazier and it is taking jobs normally done by humans. One such job is room service in hotels. This robot...

wow 27-09-16

How they really make McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets

All the rumors are false. McNuggets aren't made with pink slim, they're made with fresh chicken meat cause Grant Imahara says so in this paid...

wow 27-09-16

The Shut The F*ck Up song

What a song to begin Tuesday with. Full blast people, full fucking blast.

ftw lol 26-09-16

Pix Dump #715

Enjoy this new gallery with funny and WTF pictures. Do you have pictures that must be in our next edition? Drop them via WhatsApp on...

lol 26-09-16

Someone kill me: Pen Pineapple Apple Pen

The internet throws up some weird shit from time to time. Out of the blue some crazy stuff just gets it's 15 minutes of fame and 500...

lol 26-09-16

Waking up a friend with some indoor snow

What great friends these are. That flour is still going to be coming out of his ears 6 months from now.

ouch 26-09-16

Japanese chick gives herself a nose job

OK, it is not really a nose job, but it has to do with her nose and she does a painful job on it, by...

lol 26-09-16

Indonesian Army martial arts training gone wrong

A fight to the death it seems, but we're still not sure who wins.