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11 Things You Want To Ask About Your Penis But You Don’t

A simple look through history reveals that men have always placed a great importance on penis size. Many cultures have associated the size of a penis with masculinity, virility, power, or even courage. In fact, in great civilizations such as the ancient Greeks and that of the Egyptians, an erect penis was worshiped and glorified as divine (no pressure). But there’s more to the human penis than its size. Today we’re going to answer 11 things you might be embarrassed to ask when it comes to your penis or human penises in general. Enjoy!
Written by Theodoros II


For one to realize how important the human penis is to some people, keep in mind that it’s responsible for such observed and clinically verified psychological disorders as penis panic, a delusion of shrinkage of the penis and retraction into the body, and the notoriously popular penis envy, the contested Freudian belief that all women inherently envy men for having penises.


The most “active” penis in recorded history most likely belongs to King Fatefehi of Tonga, who supposedly deflowered 37,800 women from 1770 to 1784. That would be about seven women per day.


Contrary to various myths, the average erect penis size is estimated to be around 5.17 inches.


An average male will ejaculate about seven thousand times during his life, while about two thousand of those times will be through masturbation.


The smallest male penis ever been recorded was five-eighths of an inch, while the longest erect penis on record is that of Jonah Cardeli Falcon with 13.5 inches (erect).


The male who currently holds the record for the farthest ejaculation is named Horst Schultz. Schultz managed to ejaculate a distance of 18.7 feet (5.71 meters).


During the Middle Ages, men walked around with a codpiece, an often brightly colored covering for the penis which was padded and molded in the shape of a permanent erection. King Henry VIII had the largest codpiece in England.


The ancient Greeks were horrified by the Hebrew practice of circumcision. Antiochus Epiphanes, a descendant of one of Alexander the Great’s greatest generals, for example, ruled that the rabbis who performed circumcision should be stoned or fed to wild dogs.


Among some ancient Mediterranean tribes, it was a common act for a new king to eat his predecessor’s penis in order to absorb his sacred authority. This practice was banned, however, by the ancient Hebrews.

FACT #10

A penis stops growing during a man's early twenties. Sorry fellas, but it won't get any longer if you're already over 21. 

FACT #11

The word "penis" is from the Latin word for “tail.” The word phallus derives from ancient Greek and is sometimes used to mean “penis,” but is traditionally used to describe images or symbols of the penis.

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