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They often say this is a man’s world but if one takes a closer look at modern society’s written and unwritten laws one will realize that the truth might be a little (or much) different for the once-dominant hunter. Even though we could narrow down a long list of significant socio-economic advantages women have over men in most advanced countries we will focus on the so-called male-dominated porn industry where women make an average five times more money than their male counterparts per scene and get all the glory. For that matter, if you Google “greatest porn stars” every single article that comes up is exclusively dedicated to female performers. So here at TCmag we are going to be different; we are proud to present the most detailed list dedicated to the truly hard-working males of the XXX industry. Written By @TheodorosII For TCmag


Manuel is without a doubt the greatest porn star of the twenty-first century and the most awarded male performer of our time. The French “phenom” started his career in 2002, under Rocco Siffredi’s wings, starring in John Stagliano’s Fashionistas. The movie was an instant success and after just one role, Manuel had made a name for himself in the XXX industry. Only thirteen years later and Manuel has performed in more than a thousand movies, has directed over 150 films, and won a record five AVN Male Performer of the Year awards, more than any other male or female performer in adult film history. 


The legendary “Italian Stallion” and arguably the most famous male porn star who ever lived will be fifty-one this May but is still active and one of the most dominant men in the business. Rocco took his stage name from the character “Roch Siffredi” played by Alain Delon in the French gangster film Borsalino and started his porn career in the late 1980s after he had previously worked successfully as a model. Almost twenty-five years later, after more than 1,500 films and over sixty awards won, Rocco’s name has become synonymous with greatness while his physical “tools” and mad skills have given him “divine” status in the world of porn. 


Undoubtedly the greatest American porn star in history, the “Elvis” of the industry has become the subject of several books, articles in major magazines such as Rolling Stone, and numerous documentaries; to make a long story short, John Holmes epitomizes the word legend. He is best remembered for his amazingly large penis, which is considered to this day as the longest, thickest, and hardest in the industry history.

Holmes also became the inspiration for one of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters of the ‘90s, Boogie Nights, with Mark Wahlberg playing him. Unfortunately he died of HIV back in 1988, over which the industry mourned.


If one tries to analyze or understand Ron Jeremy’s curious case it’s very possible that he will end up wondering how this fat, short, and funny-looking caricature is considered one of the most famous and legendary male performers in the history of porn. However, when you hear that Mr. Jeremy is included in the Guinness Book of World Records for “Most Appearances in Adult Films” with a total of over 2,500 films (starred and directed) you understand why this hairy “human meatball” is ranked so high in the porn world.

Also know that Ron Jeremy has appeared in a number of mainstream films as well including The Chase, Orgazmo, They Bite, The Boondock Saints, Crank: High Voltage, Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead, Detroit Rock City, and 54.


Tom Byron has one of the richest portfolios in the adult film industry and he’s one of the most respected actors and directors by fans and other porn stars alike. He has been in the business since 1982, when he was eighteen, and has won every single award there is pretty much. He has appeared in nearly 2,000 adult videos, a few mainstream films, and has been inducted into the XRCO and AVN Hall of Fame. They call him the “Lord of Asses” and we’re pretty sure that he has worked quite hard to earn such an honorific nickname.


The iconic Mr. North started his career as an exotic dancer and was discovered by a porn agent while modeling athletic wear at a private party in Los Angeles in the early '80s. He started his career thirty years ago and almost 2,000 adult films later the king of “*** shots” is now the highest-earning male porn star in history with an estimated net worth of over $10 million. In 2004, North was featured in the book and film project Thinking XXX by photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, who took photographs of thirty adult film stars, taking pairs of photographs in the same pose, clothed and nude.


At age twenty-one when Nacho started performing sex acts with his girlfriend in front of an audience in the porn club Bagdad of Barcelona, he couldn’t imagine that one day his name would appear next to the titans of the adult film industry. There he met the director of the Barcelona International Erotic Film Festival, José María Ponce, who introduced him to the world of porn films. When the great Rocco Siffredi saw him performing he was so impressed that he claimed that he saw in Nacho the Rocco of the new millennium. As a protégé of Rocco‘s, he moved to Hollywood during the late ‘90s and the rest is history. In his amazing career he has starred in more than 1,500 movies and still counting.


Evan Stone started his career at the old (for the industry) age of almost forty and only a decade later is considered one of the greatest performers to ever do his thing in front of the camera. He has won numerous awards during his short but illustrious career such as AVN Male Performer of the Year, F.A.M.E. Favorite Male Star of the Year, and XRCO Male Performer of the Year among many others, and in 2011 he was named by CNBC as one of the twelve most popular porn stars; the only male on the list by the way.


Lexington Steele is one of the most recognizable men in porn and the most successful black performer in the white-dominated industry. As a matter of fact he’s the only nonwhite performer who has won the illustrious AVN Award for Best Male Performer and is widely known for his rich natural “gift.” Lex has made a name for himself not just in front of the camera but behind it as well, as he has been a successful director for many years. 


Most porn fanatics will probably disagree with this entry but Jean Val Jean’s truly unique looks and physique earned him a spot on this list. Even though he hasn’t made anywhere near as many films as the other porn greats on this list, Jean became the ladies’ favorite (and how couldn’t he?) while in the meantime he worked as a model and tried to pursue a mainstream acting career. In the short time that he worked as a porn star he won numerous important awards such as AVN Male Foreign Performer of the Year and Best New Stud, even though it’s a safe bet that this modern Adonis will be remembered for his great looks more than anything else. 


Randy Spears doesn’t have a big tool like John Holmes or Lex Steele; he never was the best-looking man and he will never be compared in terms of skill and “sexual athleticism” with the likes of Rocco Siffredi or Manuel Ferrara but he is still a legend thanks to his great acting skills which has made him the best porn actor of all time in his own way. Spears has played in many sex-parodies of Hollywood blockbusters and he’s best remembered for his role as Captain Jim Quirk in the Sex Trek series, which was a sex-parody of Star Trek. He has won more awards in acting categories than any other male performer and is a member of every major Porn Hall of Fame with an incredible career that has lasted over twenty-five years.

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