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11 infamous national stereotypes that people actually believe

Why is it that people get upset over their own unflattering national stereotypes while they tend to believe those about others? Why does the same thing happen when we talk about religion, race/ethnicity, gender, or politics? Is one country or race really better than another? It is a proven fact that nothing stirs up human emotions more than these subjects. Let’s not waste any more time with introductions and long prologues. The title is very clear and leaves no room for doubt over the content of this list.

Written By @TheodorosII For TCmag


Turkey is a nation tries for years to become a member of the European Union, but Turkish men’s views of women as equivalent to property and gay people as aliens from another planet, do not help their case much. There are many rumors that Turkish men think of foreign women as prey for easy sex. We are quite sure that this is not the case for every single Turkish man, but with the rise of tourism in Turkey, we read more and more stories about a rape epidemic , constant sexual harassment of female tourists, and sleazy men begging for a passport and visa so they can go to the US or Europe.

Of course, we are against such wild generalizations and stereotypes, but usually where there’s too much smoke, there’s fire too. In defense of Turkish men, there are sleazy men who are looking for easy sex all over the world, so if you cannot spot a sleaze ball, then your “antennas” really need tuning up. 


You’ve probably heard a lot of “facts,” myths, and stereotypes about Russia. The oldest stereotypes about Russia are pretty much the same as those concerning all of Eastern Europe; hence people from Russia are very tough, harsh, simple peasants who are miserably poor and love to drink vodka. The truth is that most Russians are indeed capable of drinking vodka like water, and most of them will always have a bottle in their house whether they drink it regularly or not.

However, keep in mind that just because Russians like vodka, it does not mean they are alcoholics—they can just drink more than most other people. As for being violent and super tough all we have to say is that thank God there are sports like wrestling, boxing, and MMA where Russians and rest Eastern Europeans can dominate and legally “abuse” people who are willing to be abused if you know what I mean.


Chinese and Asian men in general, since this stereotype often includes Japanese and Koreans too, are supposed to have small genitals. Let’s keep in mind that all the “scientific research” on this has one common trait: the research has been conducted in the West. Also, this stereotype always follows another stereotype: Asian men are smart. Black males are stereotyped for having low IQ, but big genitals.

On the other hand, white men seem to be the only ones who are “allowed” to be well endowed and smart too. And while they will tell you that you can’t argue with science, the fact remains that China’s population is as large as the combined Caucasian population worldwide and about 300 million more than all African countries together.

 It seems that the “small tools” in China work better than the “bigger” ones in Europe, the US, and Africa. Maybe size doesn’t matter that much after all?  


The stereotype of modern Italians being macho, members of the Mafia, and tough guys mainly exists due to blockbuster movies such as The Godfather and Goodfellas and TV series such as The Sopranos. The reality, however, seems to be a little different.

Italy managed to become the first country of the very powerful Axis to be defeated by the smaller and weaker (militarily) Greece. Italy also struggled to defeat a significantly weaker nation, Ethiopia, in the two Italo-Ethiopian wars and though the second war resulted in the military occupation of Ethiopia and its annexation into the newly created colony of Italian East Africa, the casualties and losses of the Italian military were much larger and more catastrophic than Italians originally estimated, due to the fact that the average Italian soldier was not brave enough to go to war.


There is a big difference between bravery and stupidity. The French didn’t fight wars that they definitely couldn’t win and I am clearly referring to WWII, when Hitler fooled the French generals and never attacked them in the Maginot Line, where the French expected him to. After that, it would be nothing but a bloody massacre for the French if the government continued in the war, when Nazi forces had already invaded France and captured Paris without even fighting. The French lost this “chess game” with Hitler, but France remains to this day the nation with the most battles won in a military history of over two thousand years.

Does Napoleon or the French Foreign Legion ring any bells? Joan of Arc, and Turenne? If the nation that conquered and divided the world (along with the Brits) for centuries into two halves of varying cultural and political influence is a nation of cowards, then we don’t even want to think what they would have accomplished if they were brave. 


Mexicans invented tequila and just like the French who love to drink wine or the Russians who love to drink vodka, they love to drink their national product and pride of Mexico, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Mexicans are not lazy though; as a matter of a fact, they might be some of the most hard-working people in America today. Many Mexicans that immigrate to the U.S. take on all the dirty jobs that Americans refuse to do.

Are those Mexicans who work long hours, receive low wages, and get no overtime really lazy? It is true that some Mexicans stand on street corners, or in front of Home Depot, and many people perceive them as lazy when they see this, but how many of those who stereotype them know the real reasons why they are standing in those places? Maybe not many people know that the reason Mexicans stand out there is because they are searching for job opportunities. 


This stereotype probably started in the US back in the ’50s as a result of Americans placing a greater emphasis on their teeth that made British people look poorly in this regard. Or, according to another theory, this stereotype may have come about due to the chemicals used to make matches during the early 1900s. The chemicals were poisonous and many lower-class English people lost their teeth and stones, little hard balls of bone from the jaw, worked their way out of the gums and into the mouth as a result of working with the chemicals.

The workers had smelly filled cavities in their mouths that bled. Another rumor regarding this stereotype suggests that the British have bad teeth from when they were introduced to sugar. The British are known for sugary chocolate and putting an excessive amount of sugar in their tea, which probably caused many problems with their teeth. 


Nigeria is considered to be the capital of the world’s most vicious Internet scams and frauds, while the millions of illegal immigrants all over the world, the numerous pimps and prostitutes all over Europe, drug dealers, and bootleggers don’t help Nigeria’s reputation at all. If someone as pro-black as Oprah could say the same thing, then you might think the stereotype is truer than previously believed.

In Nigeria’s defense and according to unverified “research,” Nigeria only recently has begun to produce some really bright and intelligent students, but strangely this happens exclusively in the universities of the UK and US, the two countries where the crusade for political correctness, “guilt,” and multiculturalism has become more of an epidemic than anywhere else.


We all know that whenever you mention “Israeli or Jewish” there’s a serious danger of being accused of anti-Semitism, but all the paranoia couldn’t stop us from including them on this list. This is another case where big doses of reality meet with prejudice and rumors, resulting in the birth of a stereotype. West Africans are known for their extremely wide nostrils, Greeks for being hairy, Brazilian women for their big butts, the Irish for their pale skin, and Jews for their big noses. True or false? It is what it is we guess.

As for the greedy part, most Jewish people will tell you that this stereotype is a product of jealousy by others because they tend to work hard and become very successful. And this might be true after all, but then again the Portuguese, Mexicans, and Estonians among others seem to work even harder, but for some odd reason they can’t control the global banking system, neither do they own all the major media around the globe. Maybe Jews are just too smart after all?


The truth is that Germans have a horrible reputation around the world and there are many negative stereotypes regarding them. One of them is having the unfortunate reputation for producing the most eye-wateringly depraved pornography, catering to the most deviant or just plain weird fetishes, especially post-1970s. One really interesting story about this reputation suggests that this stereotype might be more than just a myth and has a lot to do with history. The Nazi Party as we all know was ultra-right wing and, as such, adopted a very harsh stance regarding sexual morality and ethics, which contrasted sharply with the general attitude of the German population on this matter, which has historically been fairly liberal and tolerant.

After the defeat of Germany in WWII, among the Germans there was a backlash against Nazism and all the social policies it embraced. This backlash might explain why the Germans might be quite kinky and open with their sexual side today, not to say perverted. Berlin—Ich liebe dich.


In 2007 alone, the United States produced 254 million tons of garbage. The United States consumes more than 25–30 percent of the world’s resources despite making up only a little over 4 percent of the world’s population. According to official statistics, between 1980 and 2000, obesity rates in the US doubled among adults. Similarly, since 1980, overweight rates have doubled among children and tripled among adolescents—increasing the number of years they are exposed to the health risks of obesity. About 70 million adults, or over 35 percent of the adult population, are now obese. For you to get an idea what that looks like, think about it like this: the US has as many obese people as the total populations of Cuba, Portugal, Somalia, Belgium, the Czech Republic, and Haiti combined.

As for the no culture and history part, this is probably quite an unfair stereotype. American history and culture might be too recent, especially if you are going to compare it with countries such as Persia and Greece, but has enough history compared to other newly formed countries such as Liberia, Croatia, or Estonia, for example. Nevertheless, you be the judge. 

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