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11 Reportedly Haunted Locations You Can Actually Visit

When ghosts reside in a place, we say that this place is “haunted”. However, it’s not clear and there’s no concrete proof that ghosts do indeed exist or even haunt certain places. What is clear though, is that a large number of people believe in ghosts and it’s hard not to after seeing these 11 haunted places that follow in today's list. Whether you are a believer or not, the question is: Are you brave enough to visit any of these 11 "haunted" locations?
Written by Theodoros II


In Romania, the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler, it’s not hard to find places that are considered haunted. One of them is Vernescu’s House, which the locals call the “Cellar of the Devil,” and in which a casino currently operates. It is said that in the past century several players committed suicide there after they lost their entire fortunes playing roulette. Reports indicate three ghosts haunt the house, shaking the furniture, causing air currents, and sometimes even appearing in the halls.


The Woodford Academy in Woodford, New South Wales, was originally built in 1834 as an inn and later became a private boys school. Multiple accounts of hauntings by boys who died there due to accidents are said to have occurred at the site. Ghost tours have since started taking place there.


According to legend a baron who lived there had promised the hand of his daughter to a commoner but instead he gave his daughter to someone richer from a higher social class. On her wedding day the commoner hanged himself from the rafters and his spirit is said to wander Room 324, where he took his life.


Llancaiach Fawr Manor is a Tudor manor house near the village of Nelson, located just north of the site of the former Llancaiach Colliery in South Wales. The place is allegedly haunted by a number of ghosts. These include a specter who appears to be a nineteenth-century housekeeper known as “Mattie,” a young boy who fell to his death from one of the upper rooms, a man usually seen in deep contemplation, and a figure who walks the grounds, but not within the manor. In 2007, the Guardian listed Llancaiach as one of the top ten haunted places in the UK.


The Burma Inn in Beijing is said to have a ghost walking through the corridors looking for the chef that poisoned his food. What’s even more frightening is that the chef stabbed himself on the same night of the poisoned patron’s death, which means it could be two ghosts there fighting each other.


We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of Frankenstein and his creature by way of the novel or its many film incarnations, but how familiar are you with Frankenstein Castle in Germany? Frankenstein Castle is a hilltop castle in the Odenwald, overlooking the city of Darmstadt, and allegedly an inspiration for Mary Shelley when she wrote her story. Ghost Hunters International aired an episode about the castle and the hunters testified that they experienced significant paranormal activity while shooting the episode.


According to legend Jacques de Brézé caught his wife, Charlotte, with another man, and in a fit of rage murdered them. For generations people who have been there, made claims of encountering the apparition of "The Green Lady." This ghost is often seen walking in the tower room of the chateaus’ chapel. She is named for the green dress that she wears. Her face is most disturbing for it is described as the face of a corpse with gaping holes where eyes and a nose should be. Witnesses over the years have heard her moans in the early morning hours. It seems she stays in the place where her life was taken so violently.


Most of the rumors that have made "Baron Palace" a real house of horror were about hearing voices for the transfer of the furniture of the palace between the rooms in the middle of the night and the lights that light up suddenly in the back yard of the palace and die suddenly as well. It was also proved by people living very close to the Palace. The doorman of a building In front of the palace said that the ghosts only appear in the palace at night and do not allow anyone to remain inside the palace. He also said that the existence of ghosts is true, and his evidence was what happened in 1982, where many of the passers-by have seen. Smokes emitted from the main room of the palace then entered the nets on the main tower of the Palace, then in the afternoon glows of fire were soon extinguished without the intervention of anybody.


Visit the Museo Casa de la Zacatecana and you’ll be introduced to the ghoulish legend of the zacatecana that lived here in the seventeenth century. The story goes that the original owner – from Zacatecas – was murdered by his wife (she was rumoured to have had lovers). Soon after this the evil zacatecana was also stabbed to death mysteriously. Years later, human bones were dug up in the back of the house – but there were two skeletons, not one, prompting some to believe the wife had also murdered the killer she had hired to murder her husband; ghosts have been seen here ever since.


Leap Castle is said to be the most haunted castle in Ireland.  It has had a horrific history with each passing century being punctuated by ferocious acts of violence. One of the most gruesome murders to take place in the castle occurred in 1532 in a room above the main hall of the castle which is now know as ‘The Bloody Chapel’ and this is the room featured in this photograph. 
The original castle is thought to have been built circa 1250 and was the principal seat of the fearsome Ely O’Carroll clan. In the aftermath of the death of the chieftain Mulrooney O’Carroll in 1532 a bitter succession dispute arose over the leadership of the clan.  The dispute came to an abrupt end when 'one-eyed Teige O’Carroll' who as mass was being celebrated in the room stormed in chanting holy rites and drove a sword into the back of the priest who was also his older brother Thaddeus. The fatally wounded priest fell onto the altar in front of his family and breathed his last.  
The priest’s spirit is said to haunt the Bloody Chapel and is thought to be one of Leap’s earliest ghosts. Even centuries later when the castle lay in state of ruin, passers-by have seen the window of the room light up suddenly late into the night. 


The Beau-Séjour Palace, in Lisbon, is believed to be haunted by the Baron of Glória, who lived in the palace in the 19th century. Employees at the palace report moving and disappearing objects and windows opening and closing abruptly, and visitors to the garden also report hearing non-existent bells ringing. 

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