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Bully - Official Trailer

It is the nightmare of every parent, losing your child. Losing your child through illness or an accident is bad enough, but if you lose your child because he or she has decided enough is enough and takes their own life the pain must be immense. One of the main reasons children take their own lives is because they are being bullied. The Weinstein Company has made a documentary called Bully and this is the official trailer.

This week they had asked the MPAA to reduce the rating the docu was given from R to PG-13 so it could be shown in schools and used to combat bullying, but the request was voted down. Which in my opinion is a massive fail. Just like the teachers and other educators who keep turning a blind eye and labelling serious bullying as something all kids do and playground fun and games. When it comes to children every complaint or indication should and must be taken serious.

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