lol 21-07-17

Move over David Copperfield

Move over David Copperfield. There's a new magician in town who will blow you (away).

lol 21-07-17

Obama’s anger translator Luther visits Stephen Colbert

Obama may be gone from office, but Luther, his anger translator still has a few things to say.

lol 20-07-17

How To Be A Russian Oligarch

Stephen Colbert teams up with Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov to find out what it takes to be a Russian oligarch.

lol 18-07-17

Remi gaiilard has a message for tourists

France welcomes around 90m tourists a year. They spend an enormous amount of oney, but Remi Gailiard is having none of it and he had...

lol 18-07-17

Guitar player is the life of the party

He got the party started early with some drinks.

lol 18-07-17

When your chainsaw prank goes wrong

It's all fun and games with your chainsaw and fake blood until your colleague has other plans.

lol 13-07-17

When parents start talking about masturbation

Yeah, not thanks, but I'll go trial and error with my own dick in my own hands thanks.

lol 10-07-17

When you’re taking a dip in the pool during vacation season

This is why I always rent a private house with a pool. That and the piss which makes up about 20% of those public pools.