lol 21-06-17

Forever Spinning Kid On Go Kart REMIX

Full screen and speakers on 100%. Hit it.

lol 20-06-17

That time Ninja from Die Antwoord played hoops with Kanye and Drake

I like Die Antwoord. Raw music, raw lyrics, crazy videos and South Africans are cool. Always. This is the story about when Ninja went to...

lol 16-06-17

Simba and some sexy lady

Isn't Simba a lucky chap? Being carried about by this sexy lady. He's got the perfect way to thank her too.

lol 14-06-17

Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts with Katy Perry

Katy has a new album dropping so she is looking for that extra PR. She already did Carpool Karaoke with James and now she is...

lol 13-06-17

Snoop Dogg commentates on Iguana vs. Snakes

Nature just got even more interesting with Snoop Dogg doing the commentary.

lol 12-06-17

Momma is in love with the Sling Shot

Fear of cumming again?

lol 12-06-17

African warlord pranks a Call of Duty gamer

Our African rebel/warlord is back and he takes it to the next level by calling a kid at home whilst on a Call of...

lol 09-06-17

Ozzy Man shines his light on May

Loads of fucks, but not a fuck given by us fucking lot.