lol 29-12-17

A Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump

I'm great.

lol 28-12-17

News Bloopers Of he Year 2017

Live means that you're on the spot, reporting the news and viewers want that. Live also means that shit can go wrong. Which viewers also...

lol 27-12-17

When karma bites you in the ass. Literally.

This asshole tried to kick a stray dog on a beach, but his buddies wouldn't have it.

lol 26-12-17

When you get in a fight with a Xmas tree

Drink and drugs do weird and wonderful things to people. These two idiots got into a fight after a night out. With a Xmas tree....

lol 26-12-17

Working the day after Christmas feels like this

Food, booze and family. It all takes it's toll.

lol 26-12-17

How to get rid of package thieves

We buy more and more stuff on the internet. That stuff gets delivered when you're not a home. Some delivery drivers simply dump the stuff...

lol 20-12-17

When your chick is getting smashed by another dude

Probable fake, but it's funny nonetheless.

lol 19-12-17

Ice Fails

Remember people, pissing about on ice can seriously hurt you and your ego.