lol 22-09-17

Playing a prank on a tourist with some fake piranhas

Gotta love a tour guide with humor. This one encouraged a tourist to ump into some cool refreshing water, only to throw in some fish...

lol 22-09-17

How sweet, dad gives his son a Kinder surprise egg

In some countries these eggs are illegal, but this dad doesn't care and get his son one. The kids is sooooo happy. Until the end.

lol 19-09-17

Granddad keeps the party going

Enough drink in a man will either make him throw up or keep him going.

lol 15-09-17

Say goodbye to that engagement ring

Seth Dixon en Ruth Salas from Kansas City are getting married. Or are they? During Seth's proposal the ring fell and ran away. Maybe he...

lol 13-09-17

The iPhone X

A parody.

lol 11-09-17

Lady vs. rope swing

Just by seeing the thumb you just know who is going to win this one.

lol 11-09-17

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9 Trailer

Larry's back and he's better then ever. My favorite comedy tv series of all time, Curb Your Enthusiasm, will be back on HBO on October ...

lol 11-09-17

English thief is too quick for the cops

Shall we call him a thief or a chief, cause this guy knows how to run rings round the police.