lol 23-04-17

Kim Jong-un does his food shopping

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is filmed visiting a new meat and fish shop in Pyongyang. He loves him some frozen meat and juices. He...

lol 23-04-17

The “Slow and the Furious”  with Bill Maher

Billy nailed it hahahaha!

ahhh lol 22-04-17

Kids Describe God to an Illustrator

There's nothing more refreshing than a kid's innocence. I wish we could all stay kids in the heart and mind. This world would be such...

lol 21-04-17

Dirty bedroom talk with Aziz Ansari

Ladies and gentleman, this right here is a SNL skit that is actually funny as fuck.

lol 20-04-17

Woman gets her hand stuck in her toilet

Wow, this is having a bad day. Trying to take a crap, toilet is blocked up, you dive in, get stuck, cops come, someone films...

lol 19-04-17

When you see a drone for the first time

This guy is going to be having nightmares for months.

lol 16-04-17

Sean Spicer and The White House have an Easter message

After Sean Spicer's little Hitler and gas mistake they had to put out a really positive and happy Easter message. That was never going to...

lol 16-04-17

Remi Gaillard revives Jurassic Park for a jogger

This might be one of his most successful pranks yet. At least for the laughs it gave me. That poor jogger.