lol 10-07-17

Ozzy man reviews Destination F#%Ked volume 3

Watching other people crash and burn is always a great way to start a new week.

lol 06-07-17

Wheelchair Terry lights up the fireworks

The 4th of July celebrations always involve some fireworks and Terry wanted to set some of the fuckrs off. Terry is in a wheelchair and...

lol 05-07-17

CobberCab eats a Carlina Reaper pepper

Remember CopperCab? He's the infamous redhead from 2010 Ginger's Do Have Souls youtube fame. He's still doing his thing, more redhead and redneck then ever.This...

lol 05-07-17

Cold as Ice high as a kite

English dude on drugs goes hard to Cold as Ice by Foreigner.I bet he has a really important job.

lol 03-07-17

Ozzy man has his say about Brazilian TV shows

Brazilian TV shows are the new Japanese TV shows. Crazy, sexy and sexy. Ozzy man has his say and we can't say we disagree with...

lol 28-06-17

When the drugs kick at the wrong time

When your drunk or high and you've got to speak to the police you're mind is trying to control your whole body to behave itself...

lol 26-06-17

Four Chinese tourist try kayaking in Iceland

Basically they got lucky or bribed the right officials, cause they're traveling of the backs off millions of slave laborers who are making our smartphones,...

lol 23-06-17

Conan gaming with Will Arnett is rather funny

Conan sucks at playing video games, but surely even a Nintendo Switch game like ARMS is do-able for him. To try it out he has...