lol 06-09-17

When your crap won’t flush during a date

This story about a Tinder date gone wrong is all over the internet today. It's just funny as fuck. While at her Tinder date's house...

lol 05-09-17

When you wait an hour for a historic train to pass your station

Some trainspotting dudes waited for an hour to see the historic The Flying Scotsman pass by their station. It was well worth the wait. For...

lol 31-08-17

Max Verstappen fans loses his footing and food

During last weekend's Grand Prix in Spa, the grandstands were filled with Dutch Max Verstappen fans. They were left disappointed when their hero had to...

lol 30-08-17

No dentist needed

Who needs a dentist when you've got a workmate and some pliers handy.

lol wow wtf 28-08-17

Ferrari driver needs some more experience

Fun toy, looks cool and it’s fast. Maybe a little too fast for this bloke.

lol wow wtf 28-08-17

Lady loosing it at Popeye’s

In Buffalo, New York a lady lost her marbles at a Popeye’s restaurant. She was ready to fight one of the employs over a...

lol wow 28-08-17

Helping out a cat…

So the cat got stuck in the pit. The dude want’s to help the poor thing out and then this happened… Evil little things!

lol 24-08-17

Best Man gives an awesome speech with some help from Pornhub

No boring jokes about their mother-in-laws or the chances of a divorce. Tom stepped up and got a hold of Pornhub.