lol 16-05-17

Theresa May’s Facebook Live interview goes horribly wrong

Theresa May is on the political campaign trail and basically she'll win cause the opposition in the UK is horribly bad. That doesn't stop people...

lol 15-05-17

Sean Spicer is back on SNL

Yeah, the only funny bit on SNL is back in the form of Sean Spicer going nuts on some nuts.

lol 14-05-17

Happy Mothers Day From Bert Kreischer

Bert Kreischer's an American stand-up comedian and reality television host with a very odd sense of humor. This video proves it as well.

lol 14-05-17

Chris Pratt Plays ‘Speak Out’

One of the biggest stars in the galaxy showed off his pearly white chompers in a round of Ellen's hilarious game!

ahhh lol 13-05-17

If Cats Said “Mom” Instead of “Meow”

Happy Mother's Day to all the AWESOME cat moms out there!

lol 12-05-17

Killer clowns are back again

They just can't get enough of scaring people, now can they, these killer clowns.

lol 11-05-17

Bride doesn’t want to kiss her groom after a fight

Never fight before your wedding as it will deny you a kiss from your bride and probably a BJ later too.

lol 11-05-17

The best birthday cake for your mother ever

Is your mum deserving of a cake any time soon. If so, this is the perfect one for her. She'll enjoy reliving those wild nights...