lol 16-04-17

Sean Spicer and The White House have an Easter message

After Sean Spicer's little Hitler and gas mistake they had to put out a really positive and happy Easter message. That was never going to...

lol 16-04-17

Remi Gaillard revives Jurassic Park for a jogger

This might be one of his most successful pranks yet. At least for the laughs it gave me. That poor jogger.

lol wtf 15-04-17

When You Park In The Wrong Place In Mother Russia

Those Russians don't fuck around man! But then again I am a boxing fan and I already know that very well! To make a long...

lol 10-04-17

When you know what you want from model Tillie Medland

Man, you get away with so much shit when you are young or just really old.

lol wtf 09-04-17

Incredible Miss Right In Front Of The Goal Line

We all make mistakes but damn, this dude is a professional soccer player. Despite getting paid to score goals, Aberdeen striker Miles Storey somehow manages...

lol 09-04-17

Louis C.K. Gives A Hilarious Lesson To Hypocrites And PC Loonies

Host Louis C.K. calls out chickens for being racist and wonders if giraffes are amazed by their long necks. Pure genius!

lol wow 08-04-17

Dance Battle with Kate Upton

Kate Upton and Jimmy take turns using the dance move generator to make up random dances on the spot, like "Walking into a Spiderweb" and ...

lol 08-04-17

Morgan Freeman Re-Enacts The Shawshank Redemption

When I have sex for the first time I want Morgan Freeman to stand next to the bed and narrate. Wait a minute! Did I...