news 25-03-17

Gorillaz’s New Song Is Here

Another visual masterpiece by Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn's bizarre but awesome animated music band!

news 22-03-17

Terror attack with a car on London’s Westminster Bridge?

A lot is still unclear, but a man (or men) in a car sped along Westminster Bridge and crashed the car into a group of...

news 19-03-17

Music Legend Chuck Berry Died

The St. Charles Police Department confirmed the news on Saturday via Facebook. Unfortunately, another 20th century legend is gone! He was 90 years old.

news 12-03-17

Atlanta News Team Drops Slick Tribute to The Notorious B.I.G.

Worshiping false "heroes" is why America is in the sad state it is today, but still that was pretty slick!

news wtf 04-03-17

Shocking Car Accident in Greece Kills Four People

Shocking moment millionaire’s son kills himself and three others when his Porsche careers off motorway and EXPLODES in 120mph horror smash. Porsche driver Iorgos...

news 11-02-17

Lady Gaga’s New Song Titled: John Wayne

Her die-hard fans say: "This is how an artist make a great comeback"...What do you say?

news 28-01-17

Missy Elliott - I’m Better ft. Lamb [Official Video]

I swear, I was thinking about her yesterday and today I find out that she released a new song. Now that's coincidence! Btw, I haven't...

ftw news 07-01-17

Car Of The Future Is Here!

According to the guy who first tested this monster the story goes like, "Sitting in the passenger seat of Faraday Future’s mythical FF91, I...