fail 20-02-17

When two idiots wreck your chimney

And they take part of your roof with them too.

fail wtf 19-02-17

Runner Blatantly Robbed of Victory by Rogue Pole Vault Bar

I have never ever seen something like that in my entire life watching sports. I would imagine something like that could have happened in an...

fail lol 18-02-17

Creative Elevator Music

Regardless what you might think of the outcome, you must give it to them for their creativity.

fail 16-02-17

When your camera wants to fly away

The man aka idiot passes his camera in a small window opening, but the camera is sucked out of the plane and disappears forever into...

fail 14-02-17

When parking your boat goes horribly wrong

Travelling from Birkenhead to the Isle of Man, the boat had difficulties in the port of Douglas. The boat clearly had some issues but despite...

fail lol 12-02-17

Driver Ruins Her Wedding Dress And She Gets Furious

Newly married Russian woman is left red faced and angry after her wedding dress gets caught on her car and RIPPED off. This asshole ruined...

fail 10-02-17

When cutting your own hair goes wrong

Sometimes it is better to let the professionals do their thing.

fail 10-02-17

When you crash a 1965 Mustang while loading it in a trailer

Ahhhh man, as a car lover this hurts. Twice. First of all, some idiot put horrible rims on a classic 1965 Mustang. Secondly, some idiot crashed...