fail 25-09-17

When you screw up your gender reveal moment

What's with these gender reveal moments. Fuck off people, no one cares. Just tell or don't tell people the sex of your baby and be...

fail 20-09-17

Russian Ka-52 chopper fired live rounds at spectators

This is what happens when you push the wrong button during a demonstration.

fail 18-09-17

Two idiots and a sofa

It could be the title of a new NBC sitcoms, but it's just a description of what goes on in this video.

fail 15-09-17

Wheelie results in a dented car

Some people have balls of steels and proper skills. Others don't.

fail 05-09-17

When you lied during the job interview

We all do it. Lie on our CV and during a job interview. "Excellent photoshop skills" when all you use is the crop function, that...

fail 25-08-17

When you forget your truck tray is up

Yeah, kiss that traffic sign goodbye my friend.

fail 21-08-17

Idiot rider drives of a cliff

Yeah, let's just say Matthew here can't really ride a bike very well. Lucky to be alive, this idiot.