fail 22-01-17

Madonna Desperately Tries To Become Famous Again

Madonna might be just kind of pathetic now. She hasn't had a platinum record in the past 12 years in the US and she can't accept...

fail 19-01-17

Whe you get caught playing internet radio DJ mixes

There have never been moere (crap) DJs then now. Everyone can be one or so they think. DJ's G. Park & Charles are pumping the crowd...

fail 18-01-17

When you’re crap at flying a drone

Ah look, the whole family is here to see him mess up that drone flying and a little girls face.

fail 03-01-17

Plumber causes leak and floods two apartments

Aparently Mister Plumber didn't want to pay the $150 shut off fee and decided to repair a small leak anyways. The water pressure was too big...

fail 03-01-17

DJ loses her fake breasts during show

Being a DJ these days involves putting a USB stick into a designated slot and jumping around at the right times. This was doing everything...

fail 02-01-17

When you ruin your neighbor’s garden lounge set

Playing around with fireworks is all fun and games until you ruin someone's garden lounge set with your stupidity.

fail 01-01-17

Mariah Carey’s NYE performance was a mess

Mariah Carey looks ready for the porn set and bails out when she fucks up her routine.

fail 29-12-16

When you ignore the flooded road warning signs

A short cut is not always the fastest way to get home. This idiot ignored the warning signs about the road being flooded and is...