fail 06-07-17

Adding fireworks to a model airplane is not a good idea

Always nice when you can involve your nextdoor neighbours into your fireworks fun.

fail 29-06-17

When a drone a festival is not a good idea

Here comes the drop. Get ready with those confetti strings.

fail 23-06-17

When the rescue team needs to be rescued

Post as original.

fail 15-06-17

When that alcohol test isn’t necessary anymore

Sometimes the police have it easy. They stop you for a breathalyzer test, but on your way out of the car you save them the...

fail 01-06-17

When you can’t control your caravan

Driving with a caravan should be a crime. Heck, even owning one should be a crime. This guy owns one and drives with it or...

fail 26-05-17

A Spray & Pray shooter

Someone has been watching way too many war movies.

fail 24-05-17

When the demolition of a building is going too well

Sometimes the shit just had to come down. That's when you hire a demo crew to do the dirty work. Like this demo crew in...

fail ouch 21-05-17

Ferry Kydon Crashes into Pier at Port of Santo Domingo

Caribbean ferry Kydon crashed into the pier at Port of Sansouci in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The accident happened during docking maneuver and caused sufficient...