fail 27-12-16

Iranian soldiers showing off and looking silly

That'll be 10 lashes and a kick up the arse.

fail lol 23-12-16

When towing a car is to difficult

Really... Even the woman thinks you guys are stupid.

fail 23-12-16

When hanging up the chandelier goes wrong

If you're British you'll be familiar with Del Boy and Rodney doing a bit of chandelier work. If you, this is quite similar.

fail 23-12-16

When you miss the bright yellow road train coming your way

And by miss I mean don't see, not actually miss, cause that was never going to happen.

fail 21-12-16

When the iPad goes for swim while you’re fishing

Fishing is boring as hell, but this trip had a very interesting and tense conclusion.

fail 20-12-16

When drinking tequila goes horribly wrong

Tequila, salt, lime and a sexy chick. What could possibly go wrong?

fail 20-12-16

When ice golfing goes wrong

Winter is a bitch. Cold, snow, ice, multiple layers of clothing. Screw that and give me the sun any day of the week. However, when...

fail 19-12-16

Chinese woman tumbles down an escalator

It's tough taking an escalator when you're either drunk or dumb as fuck. This Chinese woman takes a spin in the escalator tumble dryer and...