fail 20-05-17

Melting a Padlock With a Hair Dryer

The only reason I posted this video is just because it earned the "Clickbait Piece of Shit" of the Year Award!

fail 10-05-17

Tesla driver can’t drive

This guy needs to Autonomous Driving option. Badly.

fail 03-05-17

When you mess up your insurance fraud scam

This highly skilled office worker saw an insurance fraud opportunity, took it and fucked it up.

fail 26-04-17

Flying into the rocks during a boat race

Missing a corner whilst racing doesn't just happen on dry land. Even in water races people miss corners and it's almost as spectacular.

fail 25-04-17

When you have no idea on how to use a lawnmower

You can tell this is the first time she's doing this. Usually she gets her husband to do it, but he was probably fed up...

fail 20-04-17

When you fix a traffic light with nothing but a stick

This guy must have an engineering degree in destruction or something.

fail 18-04-17

Dutch goalkeeper has a momentary slip of concentration

Never ever think the ball is not in play. Play only stops when the referee blows his whistle and this goalkeeper forgot that. The result...

fail 03-04-17

When dad can’t lift the weights

The man is bored and waiting for a haircut when he spots the weights, but can't spot them.