fail wtf 04-02-17

Robert De Niro Still Wants To Punch Donald Trump In The Face

Regardless what's your political views are, here's the thing: if I saw a homeless man who is enduring the kind of life a dog couldn't...

fail lol 02-02-17

If the “Real People” adverts were real life part 2

And Mahk's back with more fun and game surrounding those awful Chevy "Real People" commercials.

fail 01-02-17

Chilean man wants to be a fire fighting hero

The South American country of Chile is currently experiencing some of the worst forest fires in it's history. It's all hands on deck so to...

fail 31-01-17

Guy films Pagani Zonda and crashes into it

Some people want to get up really close and personal with the object of their desires. This driver was filming a Pagani Zonda worth around $...

fail lol wtf 27-01-17

11 Completely Dumb Criminals That Basically Arrested Themselves

Criminals often are very dangerous individuals. Some even possess high enough IQs with which they attempt to commit the perfect crime. Then there are those...

fail 23-01-17

Woman falls into fountain while looking at her phone

We've all done it. Looked at our phone while we should've been looking where we were walking. Not all of us have stumbled into a...

fail 23-01-17

Snowboarder gets hit by car in Quebec

Snow is fun and so is snowboarding, but doing in a city is asking for trouble.

fail 22-01-17

Madonna Desperately Tries To Become Famous Again

Madonna might be just kind of pathetic now. She hasn't had a platinum record in the past 12 years in the US and she can't accept...