fail 13-03-17

When you think you can race a car but can’t

This idiot in the grey Mercedes thinks his Emerson Fittipaldi or something, but ends up crashing the car into a wall and causing a sparkfest.

fail wtf 11-03-17

The Most and Least Sexually Diseased States

Would you have ever imagined that it was Alaska? Alaska was recently named the state with the most STD's while Vermont was named one of...

fail 09-03-17

When that wedding proposal goes wrong

This wedding proposal deserved to fail. In a food court, with a violinist playing shite music? Get in the bin fella.

fail 07-03-17

The Nintendo Switch has some issues

I've always loved Nintendo. I even recently made a spare room in my house a play room for the kids (and me) and installed all...

fail 01-03-17

When you crash you boat against the only pole in the neighborhood

Kieran Wisdom didn't have the wisdom in him during this little boat trip. He managed to crash his craft into the only pole in the...

fail 27-02-17

When you think your snowmobile can ride on water

Yeah, not but yeah but no but yeah but... IT WON'T FUCKING MAKE IT MATE.

fail 27-02-17

When you mess up the most important Oscar of the night

LOLS all around at the mess the Oscars made of the Best Picture category. Hot favorite La La Land was called as the winner, but...

fail 25-02-17

Siberian Tigers Hunt Electronic Bird of Prey

Are these tigers obese, or it's just me?