fail 27-02-17

When you think your snowmobile can ride on water

Yeah, not but yeah but no but yeah but... IT WON'T FUCKING MAKE IT MATE.

fail 27-02-17

When you mess up the most important Oscar of the night

LOLS all around at the mess the Oscars made of the Best Picture category. Hot favorite La La Land was called as the winner, but...

fail 25-02-17

Siberian Tigers Hunt Electronic Bird of Prey

Are these tigers obese, or it's just me?

fail 23-02-17

When you destroy a bridge and your truck

Why the hell not. Just destroy that bridge and take your sorry ass truck with you too.

fail 21-02-17

Dancer in a bar has a very special move

This chick has some Coyote Ugly skills to admire. Her upside down flip is a killer move.

fail 20-02-17

When two idiots wreck your chimney

And they take part of your roof with them too.

fail wtf 19-02-17

Runner Blatantly Robbed of Victory by Rogue Pole Vault Bar

I have never ever seen something like that in my entire life watching sports. I would imagine something like that could have happened in an...

fail lol 18-02-17

Creative Elevator Music

Regardless what you might think of the outcome, you must give it to them for their creativity.