fail 31-07-17

When you’re impatient and an indiot

Sometimes waiting those 5 extra seconds is so worth it.

fail 25-07-17

When your dogs need glasses

Some please get this poor guy some glasses before he literally busts a nut against that hard shell.

fail 06-07-17

Adding fireworks to a model airplane is not a good idea

Always nice when you can involve your nextdoor neighbours into your fireworks fun.

fail 29-06-17

When a drone a festival is not a good idea

Here comes the drop. Get ready with those confetti strings.

fail 23-06-17

When the rescue team needs to be rescued

Post as original.

fail 15-06-17

When that alcohol test isn’t necessary anymore

Sometimes the police have it easy. They stop you for a breathalyzer test, but on your way out of the car you save them the...

fail 01-06-17

When you can’t control your caravan

Driving with a caravan should be a crime. Heck, even owning one should be a crime. This guy owns one and drives with it or...

fail 26-05-17

A Spray & Pray shooter

Someone has been watching way too many war movies.