fail 20-04-17

When you fix a traffic light with nothing but a stick

This guy must have an engineering degree in destruction or something.

fail 18-04-17

Dutch goalkeeper has a momentary slip of concentration

Never ever think the ball is not in play. Play only stops when the referee blows his whistle and this goalkeeper forgot that. The result...

fail 03-04-17

When dad can’t lift the weights

The man is bored and waiting for a haircut when he spots the weights, but can't spot them.

fail 31-03-17

When your poop prank fails

It's always fun pranking kids, cause you just don't know what they're going to do.

fail 29-03-17

When two do a wheelie

Tell me, you didn't see this coming right?

fail 24-03-17

When your digger rescue fails

Damn, it almost, ALMOST, went the way it was supposed to go.

fail 21-03-17

Idiots trying to open a bra for the first time

I refuse to call these people men. They are not men, they're idiots. What is up with society wanting to portray the male species as...

fail 14-03-17

Mustang moron crashes into a Lamborghini dealership

People who buy modern day Mustangs are, let's be honest, idiots. Sure, you've got plenty of power under the hood, but the thing is cheaply...