fail 18-09-17

Two idiots and a sofa

It could be the title of a new NBC sitcoms, but it's just a description of what goes on in this video.

fail 15-09-17

Wheelie results in a dented car

Some people have balls of steels and proper skills. Others don't.

fail 05-09-17

When you lied during the job interview

We all do it. Lie on our CV and during a job interview. "Excellent photoshop skills" when all you use is the crop function, that...

fail 25-08-17

When you forget your truck tray is up

Yeah, kiss that traffic sign goodbye my friend.

fail 21-08-17

Idiot rider drives of a cliff

Yeah, let's just say Matthew here can't really ride a bike very well. Lucky to be alive, this idiot.

fail 02-08-17

When you really want to be the first of the car ferry

Here's another example of why sometimes waiting 5 seconds can save you a lot of pain, hurt and trouble.

fail 31-07-17

When you’re impatient and an indiot

Sometimes waiting those 5 extra seconds is so worth it.