hot 14-12-16

Victoria’s Secret wishes us a Happy Holidays

Vic Sec doing their best to distract us from working and they've succeeded. I've just bought the wife some proper Agent Provocateur undies.

hot 10-12-16

Metallica: Confusion (Behind the Video)

Metallica are back with a new album and we get a chance to see what's going on behind the camera for their first video "Confusion"....

hot 15-11-16

When lingerie models do the #MannequinChallenge

For some reason the #MannequinChallenge has really taken off and it has provided the Black Beatles with some fame. This one is by far the...

hot wow 15-10-16

The Most “Special” Burger You Have Ever Seen

Listen folks, the video's over 12 minutes long but I promise you that once it's over you will beg it was even longer! Don't watch this...

hot 13-09-16

Ballet looks kinda cool

My daughter want to go to ballet classes, but as a father I might have to rethink that now.

hot wow 07-09-16

Teyana Taylor dancing in gold leaf is sexy as hell

Teyana Taylor is a dancer and she appeared in Kanye West's Fade video and she's back shaking her gorgeous booty to another tune of his....

hot wow 06-09-16

Alexis and Christine wash a car

I don't have a car and it isn't even dirty, but I'm willing to drop $30k on one and make it dirty if this would...

ftw hot wow 23-08-16

Couple is climbing Goldin Finance 117 in Tianjin

I guess Angela Nikolau and her boyfriend Ivan Beerkus are really into couples stuff. Why else would you climb the 640 meters high Goldin Finance 117 in...