hot wow 06-09-16

Alexis and Christine wash a car

I don't have a car and it isn't even dirty, but I'm willing to drop $30k on one and make it dirty if this would...

ftw hot wow 23-08-16

Couple is climbing Goldin Finance 117 in Tianjin

I guess Angela Nikolau and her boyfriend Ivan Beerkus are really into couples stuff. Why else would you climb the 640 meters high Goldin Finance 117 in...

hot 10-08-16

Miss BumBum 2016

It's not just the Olympics making waves in Brazil. It's these BumBum ladies too.

hot lol 31-07-16

Big Booty Bait in Public Prank

What we learned from this prank? That a big booty can destroy a relationship within a few seconds.

hot 29-07-16

Emily Ratajkowski sets her Snapchat on fire

Don't read, jut watch.

hot 04-07-16

Sydney Maler swimsuit makes you smile

Sydney Maier was born in Okinawa, Japa, but she hasn’t got much Asian about her imo. Not that that matters when you look this...

hot lol 26-06-16

Old Spice: The Five Year Plan

Where does Old Spice Swagger deodorant smell itself in five years? Under your arms in the corner office of that job you always wanted thatâ€...

hot 16-06-16

Puck Moonen makes me want to take up cycling

Puck Moonen is a Dutch professional female cyclist and her fit appearance makes me want to by a bike and start riding with her.