wow 21-07-17

Netflix Bright Trailer

Netflix has over 100 million monthly subscribers and is doing rather well. It is pumping out hit shows they way HBO used to do and it...

wow 21-07-17

Chick enjoys the bass in Taylor Swift’s Blank Space

How to impress a girl in Eastern Europe. Let her ride the bass train.

wow 21-07-17

Powersliding the Mercedes CLK GTR No. 3

The Merc CLK GTR is one of the coolest supercars around. To see one is extremely rare as the things go for around $2 million. It's...

wow 21-07-17

You can now buy Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder

YES PLEASE. Screw buying it for the kids, I want one of these Luke Skywalker Landspeeders for myself.

wow 21-07-17

Truck jump goes wrong at the Toyota Grand Prix Stadium

This is such a good commercial for the company that did the catch fencing.

wow 20-07-17

Rare footage of the Sultan of Brunei’s insane car collection

It is rumored the Sultan of Brunei has around 3,000 cars. From the basic Porsche 911 to the near-impossible to get McLaren F1-LM. Heck, some cars...

wow 20-07-17

Perfect - Savage Hip Swing Edition

John and Jamie swinging those hips, asses and shoulders.

wow 19-07-17

British Airways pulls out all the celebs for safety video

British Airways is about as British as Wimbledon and crap beer. For it's latest safety video it has opened a can of British celebrities in...