wow 21-09-17

Floyd Mayweather has his own cinema candy store

Floyd boxed together about $1 billion and he's spending that money on good things. Like a house with it's own cinema room and a permanently stocked...

wow 21-09-17

British woman chased and pelted with stones by Nepalese woman

You've gotta love a tourist willing to haggle over a $1 cup of tea. Why the fuck do rich Western tourists always try to make extra...

wow 21-09-17

Using an RC boat to catch some fish

Tired of using that boring old fishing rod? Why not use a RC boat instead.

wow 20-09-17

The Dadbag

You've seen the bumbag, mostly on the elderly, but the future is here. The Dadbag. Simply genius.

wow 20-09-17

Light Balance is back with another act

Light Balance did another performance on America's Got Talent and the production levels is off the scales. Surely help from the TV company was had?

wow 20-09-17

Forging Euron Greyjoy’s Axe

Game of Thrones might be done for about 10 months, but people are still obsessed by it. These guys even forged Euron Greyjoy's battle axe.

wow 20-09-17

She’s still a winner in our book

This petite blond can lift some serious weights. I bet she was just distracted by something.

wow 19-09-17

Stan shows us his truck mansion

Trucking is a tough business. Long hours, traffic jams, sitting on your ass all day, away from home a lot. Stan is a trucker and...