wow 08-11-17

The $36 million Penthouse In Hawaii

It looks cool and all, but $36 million? Surely you can get a lot more and better for that type of money?

wow 08-11-17

Hookers making loads of money

Stripping to get themselves through college? Fuck college, if this is your take every night, just keep stripping.

wow 08-11-17

Spray painting a million dollar mansion looks cool

Money to burn and a Don't Give Fuck attitude gets you a shitty ponytail/man bun and a spray painted mansion in Las Vegas.

wow 07-11-17

Steve Aoki shows off his Las Vegas crib

Steve Aoki is a DJ, artist and fashion designer. He loves to party and doing funky stuff. His house isn't bad either.

wow 07-11-17

A Lamborghini saved you hundreds in parking fees

Tired of having to fork out hundreds during the year on parking fees? Buy a Lambo.

wow 07-11-17

Koenigsegg Agera RS hits 284 mph

Bye bye Bugatti Chiron. Hello Koenigsegg Agera RS. This speed is just insane to be honest.

wow 07-11-17

Super Mario Odyssey review

I think I need to get myself a Nintendo Switch after seeing this review.

wow 06-11-17

Sharks attack Blue Planet II submarine

Yesterday, the BBC aired the second episode of Blue Planet II and it was, once again, amazing. In one scene deep see sharks feast on...