wow 18-04-17

Pix Dump #802

Last one for today, back to normal service tomorrow.

wow 18-04-17

Pixdump #800

And more fun and games for you all to scroll through.

wow 18-04-17

Pixdump #799

It’s catch up time. Loads more coming today.

wow 18-04-17

Knob Creek Night Shoot 2017

The good people of the Knob Creek gun range hold a night shoot event twice a year and it looks like WW3 out there.

wow 18-04-17

The Best of Star Wars Celebration Orlando

Nerds and fans rejoice, cause this event actually looks amazing.

wow 16-04-17

Brilliant Carrie Fisher tribute

Need a little pick me up? Watch this brilliant Carrie Fisher tribute and you'll be smiling from ear to ear. And little sad too.

news wow 15-04-17

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Official Teaser

Man, oh man! I can't wait until Christmas 2017. Plus, Luke said more lines in this trailer than in the entire seventh movie. That alone makes...

wow 14-04-17

11 Meticulous Things In Our Universe That Prove How Precious Life Really Is (Part I)

Some things occur by coincidence but it would be a bit foolish to claim such a thing concerning how our planet seems to have been...