wow 19-07-17

Conor McGregor trash talking his way through fights is epic

He's known for being flamboyant, arrogant even. He's also known for his powerful left hook. And he is known for his fighting words. It seems...

wow 18-07-17

Feeding the vultures

It might sound like tabloid editors being fed gossip, but it's not. It's José Ramón Moragrega feeding his vultures in the Mas de Bunyol...

wow 17-07-17

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Behind The Scenes

Mark it down. December 15th. It's going to blow up.

wow 17-07-17

Guy managed to go backstage at the Mayweather vs. McGregor promo tour

The man'sgot some balls. Loads of juice heads walking round to beat your ass if you get caught being somewhere where you're not supossed to...

wow 17-07-17

Russian heroes rescue passengers from a burning car

It's not all doom and alcohol gloom in Russia. Sometimes we get to see a video involving cars with a happy ending. Absolute heroes.

wow 14-07-17

Digger does a little dance

What a great way to promote your product. Just have it do a little dance.

wow 14-07-17

Islamic State’s weapons of war

Suicide vehicles and weapons made by Islamic State militants are displayed at Iraq Federal Police headquarters in Mosul.

wow 14-07-17

BOOM! Narcos 3 kicks off on September 1st

Seasons 1 and 2 of Narcos was all about Pablo Escobar and he got shot to pieces at the end of season 2. Time for a new head...