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Actor Barry Pepper makes his own prop knives

Actor Barry Pepper was in True Grit, Saving Private Ryan and a bunch of other movies. He's also a pretty decent blacksmith and he likes...

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What If Every Human Ever Born Came Back to Life Today?

Now that's some quality content and food for thinking for you guys!

ahhh wow 19-05-17

11 Movie Mobsters We Idolize While We Shouldn’t

There’s no doubt that gangsters and mobsters are some of the most dangerous and cruel people out there and it’s a safe bet...

wow 19-05-17

Chinese mothers tattoo over C-section scars

China has one of the highest C-section rates in the world and some women are getting tattoos to cover over the scars. So much classier...

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How to remove a wrongly parked car quickly

This tow truck needs to be bought by all city parking departments. It gets rid of wrongly parked cars in less then a minute.

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Jeremy Wade meets a sea serpent

The oarfish isn't often seen. Hardly anyone has caught it on film, but Jeremy Wade and his crew did. It looks amazing to be honest....

wow 19-05-17

Actual POV footage of Flight of Passage at Pandora: World of Avatar

This might be the first actual footage of the Flight of Passage at Pandora: World of Avatar ride at the Disney theme park.

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How your distressed jeans are made

Distressed jeans are all the rage. Paying $200 for a pair that look 5 years old is the hip thing to do. This is how they make...