ouch 29-12-17

Turns out he isn’t a bitch

Some people only learn the hard way.

ouch 28-12-17

Coyote Peterson gets bitten by a giant desert centipede, calls it quits

The day you knew was coming, and we missed it by more then a week. I blame Xmas. Coyote blames the giant desert centipede bite.

ouch 26-12-17

Fun with friends ends in standing up for next two weeks

Us men do some crazy shit when we're together. This poor guy won't be able to sit down for the next two weeks.

ouch 14-12-17

Cyclist is impatient and pays for it

I ride a bike around town a lot and I see cars do stupid shit day in day out. I also drive a car a...

ouch 07-12-17

Father Christmas lands with a bang

Parachuting Santas. Always fun to liven up an event. Some shouts of USA USA and the day is made. That's what the organizers of a...

ouch 04-12-17

Holiday couple hit it off in style

You've just landed after an 8 hour flight. You've had a few too many drinks and the heat has hit you in the head like a...

ouch 28-11-17

Vacationing in Jamaica can severely damage your balls

Just going for a dance in Jamaica can seriously damage your man parts.

ouch 27-11-17

Gym chick with some special moves part 2

And here's another chick with some special gym moves. These are easier to master we reckon.