ouch 17-07-17

When your stunt goes wrong

This past weekend the Netherlands played host to a festival known as the Zwarte Cross. It's beer, bikes, babes and bands. They also have stunts....

ouch 14-07-17

When an elephant is done with your crap

Elephants don't belong in trophy rpoms, zoos or a circus. They certainly don't need to be kept as pets either. Something certain people in India...

ouch 11-07-17

Parking lot brawl after a Sam Hunt concert looks like fun

Sam Hunt is a singer-songwriter and is fans love him. They love him so much they all went to his concert at the Hollywood casino...

ouch 10-07-17

Never fall asleep on a sun lounger with your friend nearby

An important lesson for everyone who is going on a holiday with some friends. Never ever fall asleep during the day with them nearby.

ouch 06-07-17

Germans having some fun and a fight on vacation

Sun, sea and way too much beer is not good for a man's ability to fight or his ability to judge whether he is strong...

ouch 06-07-17

When your fire breating act goes wrong

Everyone has an off day now and then. When you're a cleaner that's not such a disaster. You're left with some dirty floors or messy...

ouch 26-06-17

Old man with iPad gets taken out by angry bull

To be honest, if you decide to film ANY event using a fucking iPad you deserve everything you're going to get.

ouch 19-06-17

Video of matador Ivan Fandino being impaled by an angry bull

There is always one loser in a bull fight. 99 times out of 100 the bull loses and get impaled by sticks and swords. That one time...