ouch 19-01-17

Learning to fly with an airbag

Someone call the doctor. I think he's broken a couple of bones in his ass.

ouch 17-01-17

When your sledgehammer trick goes wrong

Someone is waking up with a horrible headache or brain damage tomorrow morning.

ouch 17-01-17

When a fighting robot takes out a human

We're building more and more advanced robots and they'll take us all out one day.

ouch 16-01-17

When you get attacked by sheep

This is what happens when sheep get spooked and they see their alpha lying on the floor. They fight back.

ouch 08-01-17

Gangsta From The Hood Tries To Bully The Wrong White “Fag”

"Fag" Lives Matter Too....I guess!

ouch 02-01-17

Pool jumper 8Booth smashed his feet to bits

8Booth is a bit of a daredevil, if you call jumping into pools for great heights daring. However, he won't be jumping into anything for...

ouch 02-01-17

Proposal chick falls into a dark hole on stage

It'snormally the guy who plunches into a dark pit of despair after getting tied down to one chick, but on this occassion the girl in...

ouch 29-12-16

When you play around with a taser

Showing off your jewellery is never cool. Showing off your taser is never cool either. Showing them both off at the same time is cool.