ouch 20-02-17

Idiot on a sledge vs. a hard tree

Snow brings out the child in people. That's great, but maybe they should not leave the adult part behind. This moron slams head first into...

ouch 20-02-17

When you’re too cocky for your own good during an MMA fight

Conor McGregor is confident in the ring too, but at least he knows to look out for that kick to the face.

ouch 18-02-17

Man Falling Off From High Building By Accident

I don't think he made it.

ouch 17-02-17

High as a kite inmate headbutts prison guard

This dude was so high on recreational drugs he decided to headbutt a prison guard and add a couple of years to his sentence.

ouch 16-02-17

Why cracking a big whip is not the smartest thing you can do

This jolly fellow wants to try and crack a really big whip and it whips him in the ass.

ouch 13-02-17

When an elephant makes you fly

That's what you get for being a pesky tourist thinking you're doing a cool thing but in fact you're keeping an animal abuse industry alive.

lol ouch 12-02-17

Don’t Try This At Home

A dude decided to prank his friend but he ended up getting the worst of it! In a failed attempt he chipped both of his...

ouch 10-02-17

Cheerleader falls on her ass twice

During a UCLA basketball game one of the cheerleaders falls from the shoulders of the person who is supposed to hold her up. She takes...