ouch 07-12-17

Father Christmas lands with a bang

Parachuting Santas. Always fun to liven up an event. Some shouts of USA USA and the day is made. That's what the organizers of a...

ouch 04-12-17

Holiday couple hit it off in style

You've just landed after an 8 hour flight. You've had a few too many drinks and the heat has hit you in the head like a...

ouch 28-11-17

Vacationing in Jamaica can severely damage your balls

Just going for a dance in Jamaica can seriously damage your man parts.

ouch 27-11-17

Gym chick with some special moves part 2

And here's another chick with some special gym moves. These are easier to master we reckon.

ouch 24-11-17

Coyote Peterson gets himself stung by the warrior wasp

Coyote seems to be hooked on getting stung by painful animals. This time it's the warrior wasp.

ouch 24-11-17

Do coke, get tazed

This is what happens when you get violent after too much coke.

ouch 20-11-17

Cyclist crashes into guy changing a tire

Guy a bike, riding the pavement (big no no) seems to clip a wall and crashes into a guy changing a tire on his BMW.

ouch 17-11-17

Wanna be in my gang, my gang?

You wanna join the Crips in Brooklyn. You better be prepared to get your ass kicked.