ouch wtf 23-04-17

Ferry crashes into a Port Wall in the Canary Islands

A ferry has crashed into a breakwater in a port in the Canary Islands leading to a three-kilometre oil slick. Spanish authorities said 13 passengers were...

ouch 20-04-17

Idiot Zack Holmes does a stupid cactus jump

With Steve-O in attendance you just know this is going to go wrong.

ouch 15-04-17

Drone Footage Shows MOAB Drop In Afghanistan

Video shows the moment of impact when a U.S. 'Mother of all Bombs' was dropped on an ISIS cave and tunnel system in Kabul,...

ouch 14-04-17

Drunk dude takes a tumble like a human Slinky

He just keeps falling and falling and falling. To the entertainment of others.

ouch 10-04-17

Father teaches his son-in-law what happens when you beat his daughter

You don't beat this man's daughter without getting beating from him and his friends. Look at the bitch scream in pain.

ouch wtf 07-04-17

11 Extremely Worrying Ecological Changes That Are Happening Right Now

The extremely harmful effects of human activity on our planet’s biophysical environment are more alarming than ever before and most scientists keep warning government...

ouch 04-04-17

Not the best way to start your carrier

Daniel García Navarrete is a 23-year-old matador and he stepped into the ring with the big boys for his first real bull fight. I...

lol ouch 01-04-17

Sailboat Capsized Into Redondo Pier

This sailboat left King Harbor in extremely windy conditions and was unable to turn around and get back behind the breakwater. They ended up getting...