ouch 22-09-17

Arab road rage goes wrong

I love a bit of road rage that goes wrong. This Arab wants to let the guys he is pissed off with know what he...

ouch 21-09-17

Carny falls from fairground attraction

A Carny dropped down from a fairground attraction after the ride got stuck and he tried to help some people stuck in the stuck ride....

ouch 19-09-17

When a crate of beer settles the argument

A crate of beer is a great tool to settle an argument. Just not in this way.

ouch 07-09-17

Racist woman gets her ass beat

Three month pregnant or not, this is what you get when you get in the face of a lady who's in a interracial relationship and...

ouch 31-08-17

Cyclist isn’t careful enough and goes flying

As a cyclist you need to be careful on the roads. Your a vunerable entity on a road filled with cars. This guy wasn't careful.

ouch wow wtf 28-08-17

Gentleman had a centipede in his ear

This is one of the last things you would want in your ear…

ouch 25-08-17

Anti-Trump demonstrator shot in the nuts

Trump is nuts and this guy is without nuts for the foreseeable future.

ouch 17-08-17

Big guy vs. Little guy

Place your bets people. You'll already know the outcome as we wouldn't have posted it otherwise, but it is still fun to watch.