ouch 20-03-17

When your Spring Break ends with a KO

Drinks, drugs, dicks and a dame who knocks your lights out. That's this blonde's Spring Break summed up.

ouch 16-03-17

Alive thanks to wearing a helmet

This guy can count himself lucky to be alive thanks to his helmet wearing ways.

ouch 13-03-17

When the Jamaica night club gives you blue balls

They like their dancehall in Jamaica, but if you are ever on the island be careful what you are jumping into or have jumping on...

ouch 13-03-17

Millwall fan punches Tottenham fan in the face

Millwall and Tottenham fans hate each other. The police always have a good time when these two clubs play each other. This weekend the played...

ouch 12-03-17

Yesterday’s Brutal Boxing Knock Out

Former world champion David Lemieux from Canada, was fighting against American contender Curtis Stevens. They both previously had fought against current undisputed middleweight champion, GGG...

ouch wtf 11-03-17

Bob Knight on Former Indiana Bosses: “I Hope They’re All Dead.”

n an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show on Friday, legendary college basketball coach Bob Knight was highly critical of Indiana University's hierarchy from his...

ouch 10-03-17

How to break your back during some ski fun

It's all fun and games until you overshoot your mark and land back first into a ditch.