ouch 07-02-17

And it’s lights out for these two

Sometimes you've just got to deal with shit swiftly. No lengthy talks or pushing and shoving. Just, BOOM and BOOM. Lights out.

ouch 06-02-17

When the party game goes horribly wrong

Never play seemingly funny games with drunks and idiots.

ouch 03-02-17

Man gets knocked out during Smooth Criminal performance

While all the guests watch a dancer imitate Michael Jackson on the song Smooth Criminal, a man tries a back slut on a chair. No...

ouch 01-02-17

Dancing queen and her painful booty

It's all fun an games until someone or something slip in the wrong hole.

ouch wtf 30-01-17

MMA Fighter Punches Ring Girl In The Face After Losing A Fight

OK, so let's be honest here; the sore loser didn't want to punch her in the face and if you watch the video closely, you...

ouch 25-01-17

Careless electrician gets shocked

This is why you should always get a professional.

ouch 19-01-17

Learning to fly with an airbag

Someone call the doctor. I think he's broken a couple of bones in his ass.

ouch 17-01-17

When your sledgehammer trick goes wrong

Someone is waking up with a horrible headache or brain damage tomorrow morning.