ouch 17-08-17

Big guy vs. Little guy

Place your bets people. You'll already know the outcome as we wouldn't have posted it otherwise, but it is still fun to watch.

ouch 17-08-17

Taking a baseball to the nuts on live TV

Jordan here was allowed to throw the opening pitch at a Red Sox game and immediately turned that pitch into the most exciting thing to...

ouch 14-08-17

Kid punched in the face by a kangaroo

This kid ain't no Crocodile Dundee that's for sure.

ouch 09-08-17

Game of frisbee golf ends in a knock out blow

And here's me thinking frisbee golf is a docile game, but no these two wannabe gangbangers ruin the fun with a argument and a sucker...

ouch 08-08-17

Car vs Armoured Personnel Carrier in Russia

Yeah, there was only going to be one winner in this confrontation between a car and an armoured personnel carrier.

ouch 02-08-17

Russian reporter gets punched live on air

Time are tough in Mother Russia. Putin helped Trump and now Trump has to sign documents basically declaring a trade war on Russia. The Soviet...

ouch 02-08-17

Never try to jack the car of a MMA fighter

You should never jack a car any way, but jacking one which belongs to a MMA fighter is just stupid.

ouch 31-07-17

Biker crashes into stationary car and goes flying

Wow, this is insane. A biker and his passenger went flying when they crashed into a stationary car. Broken legs and such was the results....