ouch 10-05-17

When the lion tamer is no longer your best friend

I love videos like this. Caged animals getting their own back on the pricks that keep them captive. Looks like a two cent setup too.

ouch 05-05-17

When teacher gets knocked out by fighting students

Someone is going to be claiming three weeks off school on sick leave. Fully paid of course.

ouch 05-05-17

Fernando Alonso slays a bird during his Indycar 500 test

Formula One driver and former champio, Fernando Alonso, is missing the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix so he can drive the Indy 500. To prepare himself for...

ouch 04-05-17

Australian dirt bike rider has a splinter issue

A dirt bike ride through the Australian bush came to an end when a splinter through a spanner in thew works.

ouch 30-04-17

How to Cure a Lionfish Sting

Since the summer is coming, this video might be helpful for some of you (let's hope that you won't need it though).

ouch 27-04-17

Coyote Peterson gets stung by a lion fish

I don't know why this guy keeps getting himself stung by animals which cause immense levels of pain. Maybe it's for the likes, retweets and...

ouch 25-04-17

Equal rights means proper fights

Women have fought for equal rights for hundreds of years. The trouble is, you can't pick and choose your equal rights battles. Can claim equal...

ouch wtf 23-04-17

Ferry crashes into a Port Wall in the Canary Islands

A ferry has crashed into a breakwater in a port in the Canary Islands leading to a three-kilometre oil slick. Spanish authorities said 13 passengers were...