ouch wtf 11-03-17

Bob Knight on Former Indiana Bosses: “I Hope They’re All Dead.”

n an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show on Friday, legendary college basketball coach Bob Knight was highly critical of Indiana University's hierarchy from his...

ouch 10-03-17

How to break your back during some ski fun

It's all fun and games until you overshoot your mark and land back first into a ditch.

ouch 06-03-17

Girls have a bitch fight in the middle of traffic

Drugs and driving don't really go together well. Sucking off your best friend's guy neither.

ouch 05-03-17

Two Adults Fight Like Idiots in Traffic (KO Included)

What the heck is wrong with all these adults fighting and brutally knock out each other for ridiculous reasons? Has MMA influenced idiots in such...

ouch 04-03-17

Fernando Torres Almost Dies from Head Injury During a Game

The good news is that Torres is now conscious and lucid. He will spend a couple of days in hospital for observation as per medical...

ouch 27-02-17

Brazilian model doesn’t like the host’s wandering hands

Don't touch that ass without prior permission my friend.

ouch 26-02-17

High School Kid Breaks Ankle Jumping Off Second Floor Balcony

I have been in his age and I know all about being bold and stupid. Listen, I feel sorry for this kid, alright? But let's...

ouch 22-02-17

When you’ve been promised $20 if you ride a cow

This is good parenting right here. Promising your kid $20 if it jumps on the back of a cow and doesn't break it's face.