ouch 27-12-16

When the Xmas party ends with a bang

Did everyone survive their Xmas party? Didn anyone get off with a co-worker and end up regretting it? This prick tried to pick up a...

ouch 21-12-16

Coyote Peterson gets stung by a bullet ant

This is the one we've been waiting for. After the cow killer and the tarantula hawk the bullet ant is the holy grail of painful...

ouch 19-12-16

Christmas in Russia looks fun

This looks such good fun and can't be worse than a US or UK Christmas.

fail ouch 18-12-16

Joe Smith Jr. Knocks Bernard Hopkins Out Of The Ring

In the words of Bernard Hopkins in the pre-fight interview, "I picked this common dude to give him a boxing lesson in my retirement fight....

ouch 15-12-16

Fat idiot tries on a firecracker suicide vest

Some people truly are too stupid to die. This fat idiot of a human being is part of that select few. Now someone put a...

ouch 12-12-16

When you need to leave a girl alone

The lesson here is, don't be a cock and tease a girl, cause you'll get slapped by a bigger cock.

ouch 05-12-16

When your samba advances go wrong

He let's the music take control, but the other fella is having none of it.

ouch 04-12-16

Crazy Woman with Two Butcher Knives Gets Tased

Occurred in San Diego, California, USA. Info from Licensor: "Just some crazy chick who is always around Casa De Oro."