ouch 16-06-17

When the crocodile says no

When you're doing a show with animals you always need them to be willing to participate. This croc said Fuck That.

ouch 14-06-17

Giraffe attacked by a kudu in Dutch zoo

A giraffe is a big animal, but apparently it is no match for a kudu. A kudu can be anything between 400 and 500 pounds and it...

ouch 12-06-17

Graphic: Nasty broken ankle after some trampoline fun

Guy was trying to make a cool video and all he got was a nasty broken ankle.

ouch 08-06-17

Rap artist XXXTentacion gets knocked out by fellow rapper

During a show in San Diego rapper XXXTentacion got knocked the fuck out by a sucker punch thrown by local rapper Rob Stone. Who in...

ouch 07-06-17

Reef shark takes chunk out of diver’s leg

Just chilling, taking a few dives, catches some fish when all of a sudden a reef shark appears and bites you in the leg.

ouch 05-06-17

Two chicks and one man

Having side chick is great if the main chick and side dish don't ever find out or meet each other.This guy got caught out...

ouch 29-05-17

Child Falls Out of Emerald Plunge Water Slide

Well, that is a law suit waiting to happen.

ouch 23-05-17

Knocked Out after the bell a Boxer’s uncle takes revenge

When boxers Uzcategui and Dirrell stepped into the ring for their fight no one could have predicted it would end the way it did. It...