ftw 21-06-17

Light Balance and their amazing light show during AGT

If you want to win a talent show you either got to have a feelgood story or you need to be innovative and blow away...

ftw 20-06-17

Former U.S. Special Forces soldier runs through hail of bullets to save a girl

Now, this is a true hero. Not some sports star with a half dozen cars or a rapper with booty in every town or a...

ftw 06-06-17

Slipping down a slide like a boss

No two ways about it. This man is a boss at the slip n slide.

ftw 05-06-17

Putting out a car fire with a wheel loader

During flooding in Dallas on Friday a car caught fire near Bane Machinery. That's when someone saved the day with a wheel loader and a...

ftw 22-05-17

Instead of a clash the police joins the jam

See what I did there? No, okay. Mr. Policeman here joined a jams session on the drums instead of giving the kids a reprimand for...

ftw 11-05-17

When you earn $117k for 32 seconds or work

Jesse Lockwood locked in the big bull riding prize by completing 4 8 second rides for a grand total prize winning fruit basket of $117,000.

ftw wow 07-05-17

FINALLY!!!!!!!!GGG vs Canelo Lands On September

The biggest fight that can be made in boxing today, finally takes place. After Canelo beat Chavez Jr. last night, the king at middleweight, GGG,...

ftw wow 29-04-17

Introducing New Nintendo 2DS XL

On July 28, New Nintendo 2DS XL makes its debut in North America at a suggested retail price of $149.99. It looks pretty solid!