wtf 22-01-17

Anti-Trump Kid Says He Lit Fire At Protest Because He Felt Like It

Thursday night saw leftists expose their true colors once again after months of campaign slogans ranging from ‘Love-Trumps-Hate’ To ‘When they go low, we go...

wtf 20-01-17

Rapper Trae The Truth pops a cap out of his arm

Back in 2012 Houston rapper Trae The Truth was shot in the arm during a strip club fight in which three people died. Now, 5 years later...

wtf 19-01-17

Dog is forced into turbulent waters for a movie

This is a fucking disgrace. The movie A Dog's Purpose forced dog's into dangerous waters for a realistic shot and it's a FUCKING DISGRACE. Don't...

wtf 19-01-17

Brazilian police have to remove a dude from a corner shop

This guy was so attached to the local corner store that he didn't want to leave. Even after police asked him politely. So they went...

ftw wtf 19-01-17

4 Macbooks after failed first attempt

He failed and came back with a vengeance and a buddy. Going FTW!

wtf 17-01-17

Man’s face almost blown off by exploding e-cigarette

Smoking e-cigarettes or vaping are all the rage these days. Screw sucking on a Camel, kids these days want to suck on strawberry flavored plastic...

wtf 17-01-17

Run for your lives: Roof collapses due to heavy snow

A newly built sports arena is in need of a new roof after it collapsed due to heavy snow. The people inside were lucky to...

wtf 16-01-17

Tiger is tied up for pictures with tourists

In a circus in Yiyang China, visitors can take photos with a tiger tied up, they can even mount the animal. This is beyond ridiculous...