wtf 17-11-17

Hitting a deer with your car looks painful

Sure, the poor deer is a goner, but that care and those people felt it too.

wtf 17-11-17

Atlas the robot will kill us all

You know we won't survive this as a human race right?

wtf 16-11-17

Huge crash at the Nurburgring involves 14 cars

The Nurburgring is a great place to drive in a race car or your own car. The only problem is that it can get a...

wtf 16-11-17

When you want your diabetes for free

Some people just can't help themselves and they want everything for free. Free iPhone, free clothes, free food and free diabetes. We hope she gets...

wtf 16-11-17

Bird kissed a plane

An American Eagle kissed the front end of a plane and now they're stuck on each other. True love.

wtf 13-11-17

Mapping the Las Vegas Massacre

À couple of weeks ago a gunman killed 58 concertgoers in Las Vegas. This is that terrifying 10 minute spell analyzed and explained.

wtf 13-11-17

When you party too hard

Either they partied to hard or the floor was built by crappy workmen.

wtf 10-11-17

Jumping on the world’s tallest swing

Yeah, but not but yeah but no, fuck off. Not doing this.