wtf 28-03-17

Escalator in Hong Kong said NO

This escalator in Hong Kong had had enough and just said NO. It stopped, reversed and injured 18 people riding it.

wtf 28-03-17

When you give zero fcks

This truck really gives zero fucks about other road users.

wtf 28-03-17

When a lion gets pissed and attacks it’s trainer

Go on son, kill the bastards who locked you up.

wtf 27-03-17

Female MMA fighter Cris Cyborg about weight cutting

Damn, this is straight up horrible. Some people take 3 years to cut 10 pounds and these fighters are cutting 26 pounds in a matter of days.

wtf 27-03-17

When you go insane in the gym

I go to the gym. Bit of boxing, bit of cardio, bit of lifting. That sort of stuff. This crazy Russian goes to the gym...

wtf 27-03-17

Forklift goes up in flames

Someone can count themselves very lucky to get out of that alive.

wtf 26-03-17

Fishermen Play With Giant Anaconda

The creepiest thing of all is that they appear to have fun with it.

wow wtf 25-03-17

Russian Daredevil’s Skyscraper Selfie

A number of young Russians are making names for themselves by posting videos of life-threatening stunts online. What drives these extreme selfie daredevils? Man, I...