wtf 21-07-17

Jigsaw trailer

One of the best horror movie franchises is back with Jigsaw and it looks as creepy and twisted as ever.

wtf 21-07-17

Man has his head bitten by an alligator

OK, not really his head, but a GoPro attached to his head, which is close enough to insane for me.

wtf 18-07-17

Karma kicks in when taking a piss in the middle of the club

What a dirty skank this bird is. Taking a piss in a glass and just placing it onto of a table belonging to other partygoers....

wtf 17-07-17

Walking while using a phone is difficult for some

We seems to be living the life our smartphones dictates we should live. Maybe look up from that screen once in a while and pay...

wtf 13-07-17

Australian tourist falls to his death during parasailing activity

Phuket in Thailand is a much loved destination for tourists. Great locations, great food, cheap beer and loads to do. Like parasailing. 71-year-old Australian tourist...

wtf 11-07-17

Wig breaks free from athlete during hurdles race

Jasmin Stowers crashed into a barrier during the 110m hurdles race. She crashed hard. So hard in fact her wig tried to escape.

wtf 11-07-17

Meet Skippy the 34-year-old virgin and his Wing-Mum

For the love of God someone get Skippy a prostitute and get this cringe out of this world.

wtf 11-07-17

Cyclist gets rammed by a Volvo in Tennessee

This is just a blatant vehicular attack on a guy riding a bike. Albeit in the middle of the road. Any way the prick in...