wtf 21-06-17

Good times in the Wall Street club on in Malaga

Man, European clubs are great during the Summer period. Hyped up teens, high on Red Bull and vodka and all thinking they are the bollocks....

wtf 20-06-17

Die Antwoord - Tommy Can’t Sleep

More craziness from our favorite South African band, Die Antwoord. No music this time but some fucked up shit about rats.

wtf 20-06-17

Student criticizes school admin during graduation speech and gets cut off

Man, how small must you be as a school administration to cut off the (graduating) class president when he criticizes your policies. And don't these...

wtf 20-06-17

Drone captures Highway to Hell in Portugal

This weekend Portugal was hit by some huge wild fires. Paired with strong winds they took hold of a large area around Leiria, destroyed many...

wtf 19-06-17

Ozzy man on the horse rebellion

Shit went sour rather quickly here. Horses saying Fuck you I won't do what you tell me and so on. Let Ozzy Man explain.

wtf 15-06-17

Porn Stars get a mouth full of BJ Blast

They make money sucking dick in their professional lives. Why the hell would they want to get a mouth full of BJ Blast candy during...

wtf 14-06-17

Drugged up guy thinks he’s a zombie

Don't do drugs kids, or you could get your ass tasered for thinking you're a zombie.

wtf 14-06-17

London’s Burning: 27-storey tower block in Notting Hill is a blaze

Round about midnight a small fire started in the Grenfell Tower block in Notting Hill, London. The fire spread quickly and has since engulfed the...