wtf 25-09-17

Macy Gray gig goes wrong

Macy Gray has been singing and performing for quite a few years. She had her biggest successes about 15 years ago, but she's still singing those...

wtf 22-09-17

Blonde gets touched up by TSA worker

Cause feeling someone's inner thigh and boobs is going to stop terrorists.

wtf 22-09-17

Train sprays people with water in India

Indian trains don't stop for a bit of water, but I'm more shocked at how bloody long that train is.

wtf 21-09-17

Nice fight at the NY Giants game

Isn't American Football fun. High prices, shit food, weak beer and loads of twats in the crowd getting drunk off that weak beer. This guy...

wtf 21-09-17

Bringing a blowup doll to the beach

Screw that inflatable crocodile or donut, let's bring the blowup doll to the beach.

wtf 20-09-17

When the dam breaks

They were building a hydro-dam in Laos. You know, to generate some electricity the green way. However, the dam said NO.

wtf 20-09-17

Huge earthquake hits Mexico killing at least 200 people

Another big earthquake (7.4) has hit Mexico and this time it was even felt in Mexico City. People ran outside and that's a good thing as...

wtf 20-09-17

Dutch funeral procession gets out of hand

There's no law to say you have to let a funeral procession past, but it is the decent thing to do. The guy in the...