wtf 29-12-17

Crazy aunt releases 1500 ladybugs during Xmas dinner

WTF is this bitch doing? Some crazy twat just released 1500 ladybugs inside the house during a Xmas get together.

wtf 28-12-17

Restaurant fish tank breaks mid service

Vietopia in Houston is proud of the fish tank. It has center stage in the dining room and all the customers love checking it out....

wtf 27-12-17

Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles looks fun

The city of Los Angeles is best known for Hollywood and the glitz and glamour it brings. However, while some are lording it up over...

wtf 22-12-17

Man attacked bij cougar in New York subway

It's unbelievable what creatures you run into on a New York subway ride. We're all for fun and games, but just imagine the outrage if...

wtf 22-12-17

Addict tried to kill officer Jon Cusack

During a routine stop officer Jon Cusack came across someone he suspected of being a drug addict. He was right, but the junkie didn't want...

wtf 22-12-17

Truck driver lost his load

It's the end of the year, people are in need of some days off and a fresh start. You get forgetful, we get it.

wtf 20-12-17

When the Xmas shopping gets bloody

Ah man, I just love America and Americans. They always make me feel so good about my own life.

wtf 15-12-17

Strange looking gym exercise

This guy is doing yoga and weights at the same time.