wtf 09-11-17

Robot using the elevator

The end is getting ever nearer people. This bloody thing has learned how to use an elevator. Give it 6 months and it'll learn how to...

wtf 08-11-17

Massive prick racing his Ferrari on public roads

The guy himself calls the video of him driving a Ferrari 458 Italia on public roads like a lunatic EPIC. I call it IDIOTIC.

wtf 08-11-17

Getting a snot rocket

I'm sure hookers get some weird request, but this is surely one of the weirdest and grossest ever?

wtf 07-11-17

Bitch steals Uber driver’s tips

Someone find this girl and make he give the dude his money back times 10.

wtf 07-11-17

Marriage starts off with a fight

Some cake fun turns into some serious rumbling for this newly wed couple.

wtf 06-11-17

Drunk chick slaps cop, instant regrets

Even though they drink piss poor beer at sporting events, some Americans just can't hold their alcohol. This chick was drunk and was in the...

wtf 03-11-17

Englishman rides the Korean fairground ride from hell

Not sure what this nightmare of a ride is called but we'll call it the Disco Pang Pang ride.

wtf 03-11-17

Buffalo Bills fan slam dunks his chick

He's not getting a blowie for at least a month after this.