wtf 06-07-17

Reporter gets spewed on during 4th of July event

Oh the joy of having to report on a 4th of July event which involves running and paddling one mile and drinking a six-pack of...

wtf 05-07-17

When your wife comes home early

Ahhh, the classic Shit,my wife came home early scenario. This guy and his lover got caufht out and she had to escape. Little did...

wtf 05-07-17

Drinking games like this kill braincells.

Drinking games are meant to be fun and get you drunk. I'm not sure what the purpose of this drinking game is.

wtf 03-07-17

Only a cat is as lucky as this cyclist

Cameras are everywhere. Espeically in the Eastern Bloc. I guess it might be a remnant of the old Soviet days. Well, one of those cameras...

wtf 03-07-17

Cause closer is better when we’re talking pandas

This idiot jumped into a panda enclosure to taker a closer look. Just cause that's the cool thing to do.

wtf 30-06-17

Man with skills pops his huge zit

Now, this is a skill not a lot of people have. Or need to be honest. He has complete control over your shoulder blades ad...

wtf 30-06-17

Chinese lady needs some more acting classes

Bloody hell, why oh why do people do it to themselves. Someone actually run this bitch over and be done with her.

wtf 29-06-17

Female soldier almost popped in the head by an ISIS sniper

Someone give her some money to buy herself a lottery ticket as she was very lucky not to get one in the head from the...