wtf 18-09-17

Polish crane takes a tumble

Too much vodka for this crane?

wtf 15-09-17

Would you be interested in Samantha the sex robot?

Hello cringe, goodbye dignity. This is just awful television. From both sides.

wtf 13-09-17

Popping a suicide wheelie

I want you to meet a man with a death wish.

wtf 13-09-17

Pitbull protects owner from another pitbull

I'm not a fan of pitbulls. Not because of the dog itself, but mainly because of the owners. And alright, because of the dog. They...

wtf 13-09-17

Audi TT goes flying in South Africa

If you've ever been to Sandton in J'burg you'll know it's the more affluent part of the city. Big houses, expensive cars, 5 star hotels. That...

wtf 11-09-17

Drake’s security think they’re the cops

Drake is a cunt. Nothing more and nothing less. Pretends to be a rapper, but he isn't. Dude can't even freestyle.Drake is also a...

wtf 08-09-17

Arab wedding pile up

Got to love wedding traditions in Arab countries.

wtf 07-09-17

A car crash video featuring a Russian model

This is the type of video which can be turned into a full length feature movie. We've got an expensive car, crashed, we've got a...