wtf 21-02-17

Police officers get surrounded by a crowd during an arrest in Belgium

When three Belgian police officers tried to arrest a shoplifter, her sister and a friend quickly surrounded the police, started shouting and encouraging others to...

wtf 21-02-17

Kung Fu Nut Shots

This is either WWE levels of fakery or these guys are completely nuts.

wtf 21-02-17

Shoplifter level 39

This chick went to town in a clothing store. Shame for her she hot caught.

wtf 20-02-17

Tough dude hangs himself over the edge of a cruise ship

Anything for the likes and shares right. That's this generation of idiots. Look at this moron hanging himself over the side of a cruise ship.

wtf 20-02-17

How NOT to check a balcony safety net

Man, this guy is nuts. Even if you don't have a fear of heights (or death) this is just one stupid ass way to test...

wtf 20-02-17

Guy is so high he rides his bike on the highway

At first we thought this guys was high as fuck and just took the fastest way home after a party, but it turns out if...

wtf 20-02-17

Taking that haircut to the next level of stupid

In Colombia you never ever tell your hairdresser to just do whatever he wants.

fail wtf 19-02-17

Runner Blatantly Robbed of Victory by Rogue Pole Vault Bar

I have never ever seen something like that in my entire life watching sports. I would imagine something like that could have happened in an...