wtf 18-04-17

Elephant gets it’s trunk bitten by a huge crocodile

Sometimes you get lucky on safari. I managed to see a leopard drag a kill up into a tree and eat it. This family saw...

wtf 16-04-17

When you’re too drunk to notice the accident you had

This friendly Aussie guy is so fucking drunk he doesn't even notice he's wrecked his car. Instead he thinks he's just waiting for a mate.

lol wtf 15-04-17

When You Park In The Wrong Place In Mother Russia

Those Russians don't fuck around man! But then again I am a boxing fan and I already know that very well! To make a long...

wtf 14-04-17

Martina wants to be Cripsy Brown

WTF? German glamour model Martina Big (Tits) wanted to do something extreme. Well, she certainly burnt my retinas to a crisp with her Crispy Brown...

wtf 14-04-17

Tickle Me Elmo doll without the fur

Welcome to your worst nightmare.

wtf 12-04-17

Why you should always jump with two parachutes

I'm never going to jump out of a plane, unless Untied Airlines force me, but if I were to jump I'd make sure we had...

wtf 11-04-17

Dimitri takes revenge on his wife by filling her car with concrete

The story is allegedly about Dimitri's wife winning some money with a local lottery and wanting to chance the name on the winning ticket from...

wtf 11-04-17

Woman almost falls out of fairground ride in France

This woman's harness snapped and she was saved by her feet getting caught and keeping her from fallen to her death.