wtf 16-01-17

When a Skoda Rapid meets some long bamboo sticks

Road safety is not really a priority in a lot of Asian countries. Secured loads are hardly ever checked if they really are secured and...

wtf 13-01-17

This haircut is on fire

It is good to see that the haircutting business sis not standing still and always innovating. His technique is on fire

wtf 13-01-17

Woman drives SUV into a T-Mobile in Palm Springs

We've all been there. We've all been pissed off with the asshole phone companies. Most of us will raise their voice a bit or change...

wtf 12-01-17

Khloe Kardashian eats a fish eye

Khloe Kardashian is the ugly sister. She's part of that family who became big after Kim Kardashian swallowed something big and black on video. It's...

wtf 12-01-17

Woman has 6 monkey kids

Welcome to La La Land with some monkeys. Why in the hell would you want 6 monkeys in your home and why the hell would you...

wtf 12-01-17

When you remove your new nose ring too soon

A girl did not leave enough time for the piercing hole in her nose to heal and wanted to remove it. The result: a pretty...

wtf 11-01-17

Idiot shoots himself with a paintball gun

Remember that moron that blew himself up with fire crackers? Well that video made him some money and with that money he probably bought himself...

wtf 11-01-17

When your e-cigarette wants to kill you

Smoking regular cigarettes kills you slowly. Smoking an e-cigarette or Vaporizer can kill you instantly. We'll leave it up to you which you prefer.