wtf 22-05-17

Sea lion take girl for a swim

Look at this cheeky bastard. Eyeing up that little girl before grabbing a hold and dragging her into the water.

ouch wtf 20-05-17

High School Students Fight For No Apparent Reason

Here's a classic case where watching too much UFC and Wrestlemania starts to having a negative impact in your life. I remember back in the...

wtf 20-05-17

“Cyclops” Goat Born in India

A one-eyed goat was recently born in a village in the northeastern Indian state of Assam. It has a rare condition called cyclopia, where the...

wtf 18-05-17

Turkish security beating up Kurdish protesters in Washington

Crazy shit is going on in the US these days. Trump is digging a hole he can't grab by the pussy and Turkish security can...

wtf 18-05-17

Traffic cop shoots guy with a rifle

Gotta just love the fact the dude is crying like a bitch when he gets shot by the cop.

wtf 18-05-17

Parents let their child smoke a Shisha pipe

Poor girl, she not even 5 years old and she's already addicted to the Shisha pipe. Great parenting skills.

wtf 17-05-17

Tattoo removal goes very wrong for Thai girl

Rejuvi proclaims to be a Unique Tattoo Remover. The cream is certainly unique in that it burns the fuck out of your skin. As this...

wtf 17-05-17

That day a GoPro saved your life

Being a war correspondent is a dangerous occupation. Your only weapon is a pen of camera and let that camera be the life saver this...