ahhh 27-12-17

Mum tells her daughter some good news

This will melt your heart and make you cut onions. The joy is so pure and real.

ahhh 13-10-17

Sometimes a Dove Needs a Hug Too

I am not any crazed animal lover who values animal life more than human life (there are many crazy idiots like this out there these...

ahhh 11-10-17

MLB Player Knocks Over Fan’s Nachos And Buys Him New Ones

When Cubs shortstop Addison Russell went flying into the stands in an attempt to catch a foul ball, a Cardinals fan's nachos took the plunge....

ahhh lol 06-10-17

Fans at a Hockey Game Go Crazy Over a Little Kid

And boo everyone else, including the players of their favorite team! This is one of the sweetest videos you can see in our fucked up...

ahhh 06-10-17

Arnold Schwarzenegger Returns To Muscle Beach

The greatest, richest and most recognized bodybuilder of all time returns where he used to "pump iron" almost 45 years ago. What a legend!

ahhh ftw 05-10-17

When You Get Pulled Over By Good Cop

This is one of the rare times you will enjoy watching a cop video, and won't get completely pissed at the cops for over abuse...

ahhh 03-10-17

Miley Cyrus Opens The Tonight Show with Moving Performance of “No Freedom”

In light of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Miley Cyrus (accompanied by Adam Sandler) performs a moving rendition of Dido's "No Freedom."

ahhh lol 02-10-17

Sneaky Toddler Steals Prince Harry’s Popcorn

Prince Harry made a new friend at the Invictus Games last night but it appeared two-year-old Emily Henson was only after one thing: his popcorn....