ahhh 05-03-17

Soldier From Arizona Returns Home To Surprise Younger Sister

This is the emotional moment that a soldier returns home for the first time in 3 years to surprise his much beloved sister.

ahhh 21-02-17

Two babies using Facetime means world domination

We're all laughing at how cute these two babies are when using Facetime to talk to each other, but in reality there probably plotting world...

ahhh 11-02-17

Fresh Snow Can Cheer Up Anyone

I don't know man, to me it looks like this cute blind dog is like "the ground is cold as fuck."

ahhh 03-02-17

Helping a moose out off an icy lake

A moose is a big animal. It's like a small horse. This means they weigh qite a bit and be rather nasty when they bump...

ahhh 30-01-17

Two interlocked swans ask a human for some help

This is either some swan sex gone badly wrong or these two had a fight and got stuck together. Either way, the spot some human...

ahhh ftw 29-01-17

Graham Norton Recreates Iconic Trainspotting Poster

A strong dose of 90's nostalgia just hit me right in the head seeing this! Can't wait to see the sequel which I am sure...

ahhh 25-01-17

Duck playing with a Sumatran tiger for fun

If Mister Duck wants to swim, Mister Duck wants to swim.

ahhh ftw 20-01-17

11 Surprising Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Seinfeld

There have been many sitcoms after Seinfeld that have tried to do something new based on a similar formula, but never managed to achieve the...