ahhh 11-12-16

Penn State Fan Surprised With Rose Bowl Tickets

This cute older man has always wanted to go to the Rose Bowl. His favorite team, Penn State, is playing in it this year. His...

ahhh lol 10-12-16

Ryan Gosling Gushes About His Girls

After sweeping Ellen off her feet, gorgeous daddy Gosling chatted with her about Eva Mendes and their two adorable daughters.

ahhh 06-12-16

English for Beginners Polish Xmas commercial is awesome

Bye bye John Lewis or Sainsbury's. The winner of this year's best Christmas commercial comes from Poland with a granddad who wants to learn English...

ahhh 05-12-16

Rhino calf shot by poachers is rescued after 8 days

Just because some dude in China with a tiny penis thinks his dick will become bigger and harder if he snorts some rhino horn doesn't...

ahhh 05-12-16

I think these kids might be in trouble

If you are not a parent this shit is funny af. Alright, even if you are a parent this is funny af. The only time...

ahhh 04-12-16

Dog Fashion At Its Best

If you love what you do, then it's not a job anymore and Mehmet Gunes is living proof of that. His salon in Istanbul is...

ahhh 27-11-16

Michelle Obama Welcomes the Official White House Christmas Tree to the White House

This year’s White House Christmas Tree, which will be on display in the Blue Room, is a 19 foot Douglas Fir donated by a tree...

ahhh 20-11-16

Colorblind Guy Sees Color for the First Time

The moment when you realize your eyes lied to you your whole life...