ahhh 10-01-17

Using the Golden Retrievers for a bit of snow sledding

What they lack in experience, they make up for in enthusiasm.

ahhh 25-12-16

Merry Christmas from the President and the First Lady

Their last ones! Next year there will be Donald and Melania! Melania baby! Oh yeah!

ahhh lol 24-12-16

Silent Night By Chewbacca

The brilliant idea for "Chewbacca Sings Silent Night" was actually created in 1999 by Scott Andersen (story here: http://room34.com/chewbacca/) and since then his...

ahhh 23-12-16

How many bunnies can you count in this fun commercial

Ahhhh, this commercial is so cute and the product they're promoting is even better. Unfortunately some people complained about the level of cuteness and it...

ahhh 18-12-16

Reporter Gets Sick at President Obama’s Year-End News Conference

Obama stops Press Conference for sick, fainting woman and calls his doctor. I dunno about you guys, but I am gonna miss Obama. I am...

ahhh 17-12-16

All-New “DuckTales” Cast Sings Original Theme Song

Top-billed actors will bring the beloved characters of McDuck Manor to life in the all-new animated comedy series "DuckTales," premiering in summer 2017 on Disney XD...

ahhh 11-12-16

Penn State Fan Surprised With Rose Bowl Tickets

This cute older man has always wanted to go to the Rose Bowl. His favorite team, Penn State, is playing in it this year. His...

ahhh lol 10-12-16

Ryan Gosling Gushes About His Girls

After sweeping Ellen off her feet, gorgeous daddy Gosling chatted with her about Eva Mendes and their two adorable daughters.