ahhh 03-02-17

Helping a moose out off an icy lake

A moose is a big animal. It's like a small horse. This means they weigh qite a bit and be rather nasty when they bump...

ahhh 30-01-17

Two interlocked swans ask a human for some help

This is either some swan sex gone badly wrong or these two had a fight and got stuck together. Either way, the spot some human...

ahhh ftw 29-01-17

Graham Norton Recreates Iconic Trainspotting Poster

A strong dose of 90's nostalgia just hit me right in the head seeing this! Can't wait to see the sequel which I am sure...

ahhh 25-01-17

Duck playing with a Sumatran tiger for fun

If Mister Duck wants to swim, Mister Duck wants to swim.

ahhh ftw 20-01-17

11 Surprising Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Seinfeld

There have been many sitcoms after Seinfeld that have tried to do something new based on a similar formula, but never managed to achieve the...

ahhh lol 15-01-17

Ed Sheeran Covers ‘The Fresh Prince’ Theme Tune

A listener asked Ed Sheeran if he could sing the 'Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air' theme tune on the Capital Evening Show with Roman Kemp...and...

ahhh 15-01-17

Snow Day at the Oregon Zoo

Watching this beautiful video made me really want to play with that polar bear, but then I remembered watching "The Revenant" and how these cute...

ahhh 10-01-17

Using the Golden Retrievers for a bit of snow sledding

What they lack in experience, they make up for in enthusiasm.