wtf 22-09-17

Blonde gets touched up by TSA worker

Cause feeling someone's inner thigh and boobs is going to stop terrorists.

lol 22-09-17

Playing a prank on a tourist with some fake piranhas

Gotta love a tour guide with humor. This one encouraged a tourist to ump into some cool refreshing water, only to throw in some fish...

wtf 22-09-17

Train sprays people with water in India

Indian trains don't stop for a bit of water, but I'm more shocked at how bloody long that train is.

wow 22-09-17

Sand liquefied

This is just insane to look at.

lol 22-09-17

How sweet, dad gives his son a Kinder surprise egg

In some countries these eggs are illegal, but this dad doesn't care and get his son one. The kids is sooooo happy. Until the end.

ouch 22-09-17

Arab road rage goes wrong

I love a bit of road rage that goes wrong. This Arab wants to let the guys he is pissed off with know what he...

ftw 21-09-17

Darcy Lynne wins America’s Got Talent

She's only 12 and has done this already. What have you done with your life?

wtf 21-09-17

Nice fight at the NY Giants game

Isn't American Football fun. High prices, shit food, weak beer and loads of twats in the crowd getting drunk off that weak beer. This guy...