lol 20-01-17

If the “Real People” adverts were real life

Chevrolet tries to sell it's cars in America using the Real People adverts. These commercials suck and annoy the life out of people. Basically because...

wow 20-01-17

The weekend starts with model Alejandra Gil

Oh my God, look at that butt. Oh my God, look at the butt. I could go on but I suggest you just check it...

wow 20-01-17

When your snow driving skills save two moose

Canada is known for it's snow, mounties, maple leafs, Terrance and Phillip and moose. This dude managed to save two moose with his driving skills...

wtf 19-01-17

Dog is forced into turbulent waters for a movie

This is a fucking disgrace. The movie A Dog's Purpose forced dog's into dangerous waters for a realistic shot and it's a FUCKING DISGRACE. Don't...

wow 19-01-17

Inside a London wreslting fetish gym

I guess it is whatever takes your fancy, but to see men go to the Submission Room to keep fit is telling porky pies. aka...

wow 19-01-17

Logan Trailer 2

I'm not that big of a fan of the X-Men movies, but the Logan spin-off looks well dark and mean.

ouch 19-01-17

Learning to fly with an airbag

Someone call the doctor. I think he's broken a couple of bones in his ass.

fail 19-01-17

Whe you get caught playing internet radio DJ mixes

There have never been moere (crap) DJs then now. Everyone can be one or so they think. DJ's G. Park & Charles are pumping the crowd...