lol 18-07-17

Guitar player is the life of the party

He got the party started early with some drinks.

wow 18-07-17

Feeding the vultures

It might sound like tabloid editors being fed gossip, but it's not. It's José Ramón Moragrega feeding his vultures in the Mas de Bunyol...

wtf 18-07-17

Karma kicks in when taking a piss in the middle of the club

What a dirty skank this bird is. Taking a piss in a glass and just placing it onto of a table belonging to other partygoers....

lol 18-07-17

When your chainsaw prank goes wrong

It's all fun and games with your chainsaw and fake blood until your colleague has other plans.

wow 17-07-17

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Behind The Scenes

Mark it down. December 15th. It's going to blow up.

wow 17-07-17

Guy managed to go backstage at the Mayweather vs. McGregor promo tour

The man'sgot some balls. Loads of juice heads walking round to beat your ass if you get caught being somewhere where you're not supossed to...

ouch 17-07-17

When your stunt goes wrong

This past weekend the Netherlands played host to a festival known as the Zwarte Cross. It's beer, bikes, babes and bands. They also have stunts....

wow 17-07-17

Russian heroes rescue passengers from a burning car

It's not all doom and alcohol gloom in Russia. Sometimes we get to see a video involving cars with a happy ending. Absolute heroes.