hot 21-04-17

Flight attendant uses in-flight wifi to cam on the internet

Yeah, we know it is fake and a promo for CamSoda, but we do not care. Well, we do care actually, cause we never hot...

lol 20-04-17

Woman gets her hand stuck in her toilet

Wow, this is having a bad day. Trying to take a crap, toilet is blocked up, you dive in, get stuck, cops come, someone films...

ouch 20-04-17

Idiot Zack Holmes does a stupid cactus jump

With Steve-O in attendance you just know this is going to go wrong.

wow 20-04-17

PornHub introduces TrickPics

Those kind and helpful folks at Pornhub are launching a little app that will help the world post nudes on Instagram without actually being nude

fail 20-04-17

When you fix a traffic light with nothing but a stick

This guy must have an engineering degree in destruction or something.

wow 20-04-17

Behind the Scenes of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

I'm not into the Guardians movies at all, but this is a very interesting peek behind the scenes of a movie with a $200m budget.

wtf 19-04-17

When you give zero f*cks about security

This security guard at a recent Tottenham Hotspurs game really gives zero fucks about security and the job he is supposed to be doing.

wow 19-04-17

American Assassin teaser trailer

I still don't understand these teaser trailer. Just make a goddamn real trailer. Any way, American Assassin will get you whopping and hollering for the...