Brad uses a roasted chicken to fool Apple’s Face ID

Brad wants to test out hi iPhone X's security and uses a roasted chicken to try to bypass Face ID.

wow 15-11-17

Carpool Karaoke with P!nk

James Corden is a twat, but I love Pink so we'll watch this one.

fail 14-11-17

Dumbass tries to steal a security camera

This is a life lesson people. Some people really are too dumb to exist, yet we keep breeding and supporting them.

wow 14-11-17

Kid enjoying a minimalist outdoors bath

I just spent 15k on a new bathroom. This kid was done for about $5. And they can use the water to cook the rice in...

ouch 14-11-17

Movie scene reenactment with elephant goes wrong

I'm not into Bollywood movies and have certainly never heard of the movie Baahubali, but I take it it features a scene with an elephant....

wow 14-11-17

KLM plane hit by lightning

I know these metal birds are made to withstand such an impact, but still. Scary as fuck.

lol 14-11-17

Guy forced to marry against his will

Thisplace would be too small for the outrage if the video had the roles reversed, but now it's supposed to be funny.

wow 14-11-17

Jimmy Kimmel gets his own superhero movie with Ben Affleck

When Jimmy was 9-years-old he drew a comic book. It was filled with superheroes of his own making. JJ Abrams just turned it into a...