lol 20-03-17

Football player thanks wife and girlfriend by mistake

Footballer Mohammed Anas gave a passionate Man of the Match speech after a game. Thanking both his wife and his girlfriend. Safe to say he...

wow 20-03-17

Playing dominoes with trees

Not sure this is as efficient as it looks, but it sure as hell looks cool.

ftw 20-03-17

Stefan Kraft jumps 253.5 meters in Vikersund

He broke the ski jump world record by jumping an incredible 253.5 meters.

wow 20-03-17

LEGO tape is much needed

This is the most brilliant invention of 2017. It's called Toy Block Tape, but we all know it is LEGO tape and it is awesome.

wow 20-03-17

Lighting 90 thousand match is lit af

We've all played with matches at one time or another, but playing with 90 thousand at the same time is taking it to another level.

lol 20-03-17

Penguin Trap is the best game from Japan

It's so simple even you old grandma can play it against her grandchildren, but it's fun af. Loser drinks a shot.

lol 20-03-17

Twins have a bedtime party

No sleep till they've had party.

wtf 20-03-17

Why you should vaccinate your kids

There are still people in this world who believe vaccinations cause autism in kids. Yeah, I'm looking at you DeNiro. This poor little kid suffered...