lol 18-01-17

Drunk man shows us the future

Welcome to the future. A phone which will keep you connected and get you drunk. Now this is a phone I'd definitely buy.

wow 17-01-17

Young Thug’s crazy video for Wyclef Jean

Young Thug can best be described as part of a new breed of mumble rappers. His new tune is called Wyclef Jean and he needed a video for it.....

ouch 17-01-17

When your sledgehammer trick goes wrong

Someone is waking up with a horrible headache or brain damage tomorrow morning.

wtf 17-01-17

Man’s face almost blown off by exploding e-cigarette

Smoking e-cigarettes or vaping are all the rage these days. Screw sucking on a Camel, kids these days want to suck on strawberry flavored plastic...

wow 17-01-17

It’s so cold the waves freeze instantly

It's freezing cold that the waves from this lakes freeze instantly and the woman filming is not even wearing a wooly hat.

ouch 17-01-17

When a fighting robot takes out a human

We're building more and more advanced robots and they'll take us all out one day.

wow 17-01-17

Huge alligator just strolling by

That's one big bugger of an alligator and it would make one hell of a Prada bag.

wtf 17-01-17

Run for your lives: Roof collapses due to heavy snow

A newly built sports arena is in need of a new roof after it collapsed due to heavy snow. The people inside were lucky to...