lol 24-05-17

Kids tell their parents when they lost their virginity

Ah, the joys of talking about sex with your parents. You really don't want to know how and when they do it or when they...

ouch 23-05-17

Knocked Out after the bell a Boxer’s uncle takes revenge

When boxers Uzcategui and Dirrell stepped into the ring for their fight no one could have predicted it would end the way it did. It...

wtf 23-05-17

Man falls asleep on car, driver doesn’t notice

Screw dealing with the drunk dude who fell asleep on the back of a car. Lets deal with the driver who says he didn't notice...

news 23-05-17

Explosion at Ariana Grande concert in Manchester kills at least 22

Last night Ariana Grande played to a packed Manchester Arena in England. The venue was filled with kids, teens and parents when at the end...

wtf 23-05-17

Fire fighter has a lucky escape

Underneath all that burning Burger King lies a fire fighter and his buddies are trying to help him out.

wtf 22-05-17

Getting rid of all those black heads in one squeeze

Why squeeze them all individually when you can squeeze them all at ones?

wtf 22-05-17

Dirty bike thief tries to steal a race bike form a moving car

Picture the scene. London, not raining, driving along with your expensive race bike strapped to the back of your car, a twat in a hoodie...

ftw 22-05-17

Instead of a clash the police joins the jam

See what I did there? No, okay. Mr. Policeman here joined a jams session on the drums instead of giving the kids a reprimand for...