wow 20-09-17

Forging Euron Greyjoy’s Axe

Game of Thrones might be done for about 10 months, but people are still obsessed by it. These guys even forged Euron Greyjoy's battle axe.

wtf 20-09-17

When the dam breaks

They were building a hydro-dam in Laos. You know, to generate some electricity the green way. However, the dam said NO.

wow 20-09-17

She’s still a winner in our book

This petite blond can lift some serious weights. I bet she was just distracted by something.

wtf 20-09-17

Huge earthquake hits Mexico killing at least 200 people

Another big earthquake (7.4) has hit Mexico and this time it was even felt in Mexico City. People ran outside and that's a good thing as...

wtf 20-09-17

Dutch funeral procession gets out of hand

There's no law to say you have to let a funeral procession past, but it is the decent thing to do. The guy in the...

wow 19-09-17

Stan shows us his truck mansion

Trucking is a tough business. Long hours, traffic jams, sitting on your ass all day, away from home a lot. Stan is a trucker and...

wtf 19-09-17

Canadian cyclist loses his cool

Never toot you horn at this Canadian cyclist as he will get very angry.

ouch 19-09-17

When a crate of beer settles the argument

A crate of beer is a great tool to settle an argument. Just not in this way.