wtf 09-10-17

How to Make Music With a GameCube Controller

The better news is that you can find this "musical instrument" for only $5.99!

ftw wow 09-10-17

Drone Captures Giant Wave Surfing and Dramatic Rescue

Drone footage of professional Big Wave Surfer from Brazil, Pedro Scooby Viana riding a huge wave in Nazaré - Portugal, followed by a dramatic but...

ahhh lol 06-10-17

Fans at a Hockey Game Go Crazy Over a Little Kid

And boo everyone else, including the players of their favorite team! This is one of the sweetest videos you can see in our fucked up...

ouch 06-10-17

Australian Footballer Suffers Panic Attack During Live Interview

Melbourne Victory winger Mitch Austin has recovered from a suspected panic attack that caused him to walk off the set while being interviewed on national...

ahhh 06-10-17

Arnold Schwarzenegger Returns To Muscle Beach

The greatest, richest and most recognized bodybuilder of all time returns where he used to "pump iron" almost 45 years ago. What a legend!

wow 06-10-17

Emergency Evacuation from Tall Buildings

I don't want to be mean, but in my humble opinion they would need an over-sized one for the US buildings....if you know what...

ahhh ftw 05-10-17

When You Get Pulled Over By Good Cop

This is one of the rare times you will enjoy watching a cop video, and won't get completely pissed at the cops for over abuse...

fail 05-10-17

Disney Dream Suffers Hull Damage Docking in the Bahamas

The stern area of the Disney Dream cruise ship suffered a large dent in its hull while docking in Nassau, Bahamas this morning. The ship...