wtf 13-09-17

Pitbull protects owner from another pitbull

I'm not a fan of pitbulls. Not because of the dog itself, but mainly because of the owners. And alright, because of the dog. They...

wow 13-09-17

Little guy vs a big guy

A useless experiment but fun to watch nonetheless.

wtf 13-09-17

Audi TT goes flying in South Africa

If you've ever been to Sandton in J'burg you'll know it's the more affluent part of the city. Big houses, expensive cars, 5 star hotels. That...

lol 13-09-17

The iPhone X

A parody.

wow 13-09-17

Time to head to Riga baby

Riga is the capital of Latvia and they love cars and they love pretty girls. See you there.

wow 12-09-17

Guy has some serious free hand painting skills

Need a disabled parking spot in front of your house? Call this man and give him $50.

wow 12-09-17

Mercedes AMG Project One concept

Mercedes is jumping on the hypercar bandwagon with it's Formula One inspired Project One. The car is able to go head to head with the...

wow 12-09-17

The Hound Supercut

Enjoy the best of The Hound.