wow 17-01-17

Huge alligator just strolling by

That's one big bugger of an alligator and it would make one hell of a Prada bag.

wtf 17-01-17

Run for your lives: Roof collapses due to heavy snow

A newly built sports arena is in need of a new roof after it collapsed due to heavy snow. The people inside were lucky to...

ftw lol 16-01-17

Pix Dump #763

Enjoy this new gallery with funny and WTF pictures. Do you have pictures that must be in our next edition? Drop them via WhatsApp on...

lol 16-01-17

Life Accordion To Trump

Only a few more days before Obama bows out and Trump steamrolls into the White House as the 45th President of The US of A....

ftw 16-01-17

When your hat throw hit the bullseye

What are the chances of this happening again? Very slim I imagine.

wow 16-01-17

Building a road in Australia looks cool

They laid 4.9km of road like this in two days. It looks good from above but I'm not sure it wold stand the test of...

wtf 16-01-17

Tiger is tied up for pictures with tourists

In a circus in Yiyang China, visitors can take photos with a tiger tied up, they can even mount the animal. This is beyond ridiculous...

ouch 16-01-17

When you get attacked by sheep

This is what happens when sheep get spooked and they see their alpha lying on the floor. They fight back.