wtf 30-11-16

When your three point turn goes horribly wrong

Idiots rule this world people. They really do.

news 29-11-16

Colombian plane crash kills almost entire Chapecoense football team

Late last night (local time) a plane on its way from Bolivia to Colombia crashed into the mountains near Medellin. On board were 81 passengers and crew and only 5 made....

wtf 29-11-16

Vile grandma teaches her grandkid a racist Millwall song

Millwall is a football club with a reputation in English football. Not because they play such beautiful football, but because a certain section of their...

wtf 29-11-16

Some ladies get into an insane road rage fight

Man, I know the US always has to be bigger and better, but I thought it only ever applied to food, cars and asses. However,...

wtf 29-11-16

When acting cool in New York doesn’t work

You can act cool all you like, but when the baseball bat makes a play you know you're on trouble.

wtf 29-11-16

Man and his dog get chased by a protective elk

Exercise is good for you, they said. Go out jogging and take the dog, they said. Never again, he said.

wow 28-11-16

Crushing a $40k gold bar

When you're crushing gold to make paper.

wtf 28-11-16

How to cover up domestic abuse with make up

Wow, what a tutorial is this. A Moroccan TV show had handy tutorial for it's female viewers. It focused on how to cover up the...