wow 15-08-17

Call of Duty: WWII - Private Multiplayer Beta Trailer

This looks so good. Until the cheats spoil it for everyone.

wtf 15-08-17

Leaked oil causes chaos on the Nurburgring

The Nurburgring is great. Pay your money and drive your car round one of the best racing circuits in the world. Best not hot some...

wtf 15-08-17

Firing rockets at hot air balloons because drunk

Some Dutch drinkers had the great idea to treat the people riding a hot air balloon to some fire works.

wow 15-08-17

Father battles vertigo for the view

I'm not too keen on heights either, but nothing as bad as this.

ouch 14-08-17

Kid punched in the face by a kangaroo

This kid ain't no Crocodile Dundee that's for sure.

wtf 14-08-17

Guy punching a bear trap

This guy must be sick to death of masturbating. Why else would you punch a bear trap with your fits?

wtf 14-08-17

Video of car driving into anti-Nazi protesters in Charlottesville

If you raise you're right hand in salute to Hitler you're a cunt. You deserve to die basically. And I personally hope they give the...

wow 14-08-17

Arya vs Brienne with added lightsabers

I thought it would have been impossible to make this iconic scene from Game of Thrones better but it seems adding lightsabers to it managed...