John Oliver takes on the coal industry

Trump has been getting into bed with old slag coal for a bit now and John Oliver has this take on that.

wow 19-06-17

Brunette babe enjoying the music while we enjoy her

This always makes parties more enjoyable. As an added bonus we've got a sexy Brazilian chick throwing some sexy moves in the car.

wtf 19-06-17

Ozzy man on the horse rebellion

Shit went sour rather quickly here. Horses saying Fuck you I won't do what you tell me and so on. Let Ozzy Man explain.

ouch 19-06-17

Video of matador Ivan Fandino being impaled by an angry bull

There is always one loser in a bull fight. 99 times out of 100 the bull loses and get impaled by sticks and swords. That one time...

wow 19-06-17

The ultimate beer cooler for your garden

Leave it to the Germans to come up with something practical, well-built and cool.

wow 19-06-17

Celine Tam is 9-years-old and she does Celine Dion on AGT

Sure, it's not perfect, but if my 9-year-old could sing like this I'd be shopping them all over the place.

lol 16-06-17

Simba and some sexy lady

Isn't Simba a lucky chap? Being carried about by this sexy lady. He's got the perfect way to thank her too.

wow 16-06-17

Joey goes to Mud Fest

Joey lives the life. Jet setting around the world. Meeting interesting people. Partying hard. Drinking loads. Meeting chicks. Hope he enjoyed Mud Fest.