wtf 16-11-17

Huge crash at the Nurburgring involves 14 cars

The Nurburgring is a great place to drive in a race car or your own car. The only problem is that it can get a...

wtf 16-11-17

When you want your diabetes for free

Some people just can't help themselves and they want everything for free. Free iPhone, free clothes, free food and free diabetes. We hope she gets...

lol 16-11-17

Deadpool goes Bob Ross Mode

Legendary superhero and a legendary TV painter. Add them together and you get this. Watch when high for maximum effect.

lol 16-11-17

SWAT teams needs some glasses

You hope this video is real, but it is probably not.

lol 16-11-17

Call of Duty multiplayer true gameplay trailer

All games have glitches. You hope they happen in the single player mode as it can be quite frustrating in multiplayer mode. It can also...

wtf 16-11-17

Bird kissed a plane

An American Eagle kissed the front end of a plane and now they're stuck on each other. True love.

lol 15-11-17

Brent Pella’s Spirit Airlines story gets animated

Flying has never been cheaper, but that has it's drawbacks. As Brent Pella found out on a Spirit Airlines flight.

wow 15-11-17

Virtika Outerwear has an awesome commercial

Virtika Outerwear is the brainchild of David Lesh. David likes fun and adventure.