lol 24-03-17

When a retired race horse takes you for a ride

Woah Shamrock. Shamrock is a retired race horse but when it tastes the fresh air of freedom it bolted with Nick Bull on his back.

ouch 24-03-17

Samantha meets a parking barrier

Samantha from Sydney has grasped the concept of the parking lot barrier the painful way.

wow 24-03-17

Rhino goes for a walkabout in Nepal

Highly understandable behaviour by this Asian rhino. He had simply had enough of forest life and wanted a night out on the town.

wtf 24-03-17

Weapons depot in the Ukraine explodes

After suspected sabotage (by Russians?) a Ukrainian weapons depot near Kharkiv went BOOM. The base is only about 100km from the front line in the...

wow 24-03-17

When a douchebag ruins the party

Two girls having fun and entertaining us all and there is always one douchebag in a wifebeater and a fedora to ruin the fun.

wow 24-03-17

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Is this movie title intriguing to you? It is to me and after watching the trailer I have to say I'm looking forward to watching...

fail 24-03-17

When your digger rescue fails

Damn, it almost, ALMOST, went the way it was supposed to go.

wow 23-03-17

Guy who stopped the street fight is honored

The guy who stopped the street fight earlier this week was honored by Atlantic City for his positive actions today. All went well until he...