wtf 19-04-17

When you give zero f*cks about security

This security guard at a recent Tottenham Hotspurs game really gives zero fucks about security and the job he is supposed to be doing.

wow 19-04-17

American Assassin teaser trailer

I still don't understand these teaser trailer. Just make a goddamn real trailer. Any way, American Assassin will get you whopping and hollering for the...

wtf 19-04-17

Woman tries to revive a dead pigeon

Only in Scotland I suppose. This Glasgow woman tries to revive a dead pigeon by giving it some mouth to mouth.

wtf 19-04-17

Chick goes from sweet to aggressive in seconds

She's doing the bad chick sweet chick routine several times in mere seconds.

wtf 19-04-17

When you decide to stop shaving your bodily hair

Want you weekday vibe ruined by a fitness blogger? Go ahead and check the video and the pics Morgan Mikenas made about why she's not...

lol 19-04-17

When you see a drone for the first time

This guy is going to be having nightmares for months.

wow 18-04-17

Pix Dump #802

Last one for today, back to normal service tomorrow.


Pix Dump #801

We just keep coming at you with these pix dumps today.