lol 21-07-17

Obama’s anger translator Luther visits Stephen Colbert

Obama may be gone from office, but Luther, his anger translator still has a few things to say.

wow 21-07-17

Powersliding the Mercedes CLK GTR No. 3

The Merc CLK GTR is one of the coolest supercars around. To see one is extremely rare as the things go for around $2 million. It's...

wtf 21-07-17

Man has his head bitten by an alligator

OK, not really his head, but a GoPro attached to his head, which is close enough to insane for me.

wow 21-07-17

You can now buy Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder

YES PLEASE. Screw buying it for the kids, I want one of these Luke Skywalker Landspeeders for myself.

wow 21-07-17

Truck jump goes wrong at the Toyota Grand Prix Stadium

This is such a good commercial for the company that did the catch fencing.

lol 20-07-17

How To Be A Russian Oligarch

Stephen Colbert teams up with Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov to find out what it takes to be a Russian oligarch.

wow 20-07-17

Rare footage of the Sultan of Brunei’s insane car collection

It is rumored the Sultan of Brunei has around 3,000 cars. From the basic Porsche 911 to the near-impossible to get McLaren F1-LM. Heck, some cars...

wow 20-07-17

Perfect - Savage Hip Swing Edition

John and Jamie swinging those hips, asses and shoulders.