lol 25-05-17

Ozzy Man: Destination Fvcked Part 2

Need some clips to make you feel good about yourself and happy not to be the morons in those clips? You're welcome.

wow 25-05-17

Guy ticks of Midget Fantasy from bucketlist

This is how you live your life. Ticking off sexual fantasy boxes at every opportunity you get.

wow 25-05-17

Game of Thrones Season 7: Official Trailer

After seeing the new Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer there can be no doubt about it. War. Is. Coming. Bring on July 16th.

wow 24-05-17

How does money laundering work?

Finally something useful to watch on TCMag.

wow 24-05-17

Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer 3

Excited about the latest Spider-Man reboot? Well, you should be if you like The Avengers cause they seem to have drafted in several to make...

fail 24-05-17

When the demolition of a building is going too well

Sometimes the shit just had to come down. That's when you hire a demo crew to do the dirty work. Like this demo crew in...

wtf 24-05-17

Hell No: Detachable Cut-Out Jeans

Which crazy idiot comes up with crap like this? Opening Ceremony apparently. These also cost $425 ffs.

wow 24-05-17

Actor Barry Pepper makes his own prop knives

Actor Barry Pepper was in True Grit, Saving Private Ryan and a bunch of other movies. He's also a pretty decent blacksmith and he likes...