lol 27-03-17

Ozzy Man does the Baywatch trailer

The 90's are coming back to a movie theater near you soon with the release of the Baywatch movie. it stars Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron...

ouch 27-03-17

Biker almost crashes into a pedestrian

This pedestrian is a rather lucky man. He only loses his flip flop while the dude on the bike ends up in the water.

wtf 27-03-17

Forklift goes up in flames

Someone can count themselves very lucky to get out of that alive.

lol 27-03-17

Chick has some trouble with a bomb suit

The guys who dispose of bombs wear some heavy duty protective gear. The stuff weighs a ton and this chick has trouble getting up.

lol 27-03-17

Stephen Hawking auditioning for a new voice

Stephen Hawking is a smart guy, very smart actually. But he is probably best known vfor being a smart guy in a wheel chair and...

wow 26-03-17

Incredible Speed By The Greatest Boxer In The World

The Ukrainian phenomem, Vasyl Lomachenko, is already the greatest amateur boxer of all time (x2 Olympic champion and a 396-1 record), the fastest world champion...

ahhh lol 26-03-17

Brawl At Taco Bell Between Chicks

Ahhhh, another glorious "interracial" moment of peace and harmony. America, once again, shows the world how great diversity and multiculturalism is!

wtf 26-03-17

Fishermen Play With Giant Anaconda

The creepiest thing of all is that they appear to have fun with it.