wtf 24-05-17

Hell No: Detachable Cut-Out Jeans

Which crazy idiot comes up with crap like this? Opening Ceremony apparently. These also cost $425 ffs.

wow 19-05-17

Chinese mothers tattoo over C-section scars

China has one of the highest C-section rates in the world and some women are getting tattoos to cover over the scars. So much classier...

wtf 17-05-17

Tattoo removal goes very wrong for Thai girl

Rejuvi proclaims to be a Unique Tattoo Remover. The cream is certainly unique in that it burns the fuck out of your skin. As this...

wow 11-05-17

Pix Dump #810

Morning scroll fun to start the day with a smile.

wow 09-05-17

Pix Dump #809

Double the fun today.

wow 09-05-17

Pix Dump #808

I guess we better start posting these again.

wow 03-05-17

Pix Dump #807

This will keep you entertained for a bit.

wow 27-04-17

Pix Dump #806

We keep scrollin scrollin scrollin