lol 23-03-17

The Most Unsatisfying Video in the World ever made

First World problems galore in this video that will have some people cringe.

wow 23-03-17

First 5 mins of Ghost In The Shell

Screw what the purists say, this looks like a fun and visually stunning movie.

news 22-03-17

Terror attack with a car on London’s Westminster Bridge?

A lot is still unclear, but a man (or men) in a car sped along Westminster Bridge and crashed the car into a group of...

wow 22-03-17

Catching a real ball using virtual reality

Virtual Reality has moved up another level. This dude is catching a real ball while wearing a VR set and it will bring gaming to...

lol 22-03-17

Asian ladies mesmerized by the Penis Plant

This is the best garden these ladies have ever been to.

wtf 22-03-17

Police have some trouble with a woman outside a Walwart in Phoenix

Damn girl, she really doesn't want to go with the cops.

ftw 22-03-17

Passer-by stops two kids fighting in the street and gives some advice

I can't help but think young (black) men need more people like this stepping up and letting them know what is real in this world....

lol 21-03-17

Rap battles in 2017

SUPA HOT FIRE takes the (invisible) mic and throws down some 2017 levels of fire in a street rap battle.