wow 26-05-17

Gene Gene the Dancing Machine

Screw it people, it's the weekend and it's time to liquor up, sniff some blow and have a good time.

lol 26-05-17

Ten years of Pornhub celebrated with a funky commercial

We visit Pornhub because of the cool articles and because we used to run a porn site ourselves. And we can't believe it's been ten...

wow 26-05-17

Far Cry 5 : Official Announce Trailer

I'm a Far Cry fan and I'm happy to see Far Cry 5 looks amazing in terms of graphics and world.

fail 26-05-17

A Spray & Pray shooter

Someone has been watching way too many war movies.

wtf 26-05-17

When a bear meets a man with a bow and arrow

Standing still obviously doesn't work all that well.

wow 26-05-17

Catching a three-legged alligator

In most countries around the world the police of fire brigade on occasion get called out to catch a stray dog or maybe a pussy...

wtf 25-05-17

Hooked on the Look aka Huge Boobs

Allegra Cole used to be Mormon. Now she's a glamour model with a 54-inch breasts. Just insane.

lol 25-05-17

Ozzy Man: Destination Fvcked Part 2

Need some clips to make you feel good about yourself and happy not to be the morons in those clips? You're welcome.