wtf 19-01-17

Brazilian police have to remove a dude from a corner shop

This guy was so attached to the local corner store that he didn't want to leave. Even after police asked him politely. So they went...

ftw wtf 19-01-17

4 Macbooks after failed first attempt

He failed and came back with a vengeance and a buddy. Going FTW!

wow 18-01-17

The Evolution of the World’s Most Luxurious SUV

A Range Rover is a statement, it's a brand, it's a way of life. It's also interesting to see how it developed, evolved and progressed...

wow 18-01-17

The Same Place docu by Skrillex

Skrillex aka Sonny comes from a metal background but he managed to pass over to the EDM genre and made a part of that his...

wow 18-01-17

When a great white shark wants to join your kite surfing party

I've been told by friends that kite surfing is immensely fun and sure enough it looks great, white, shark.

wow 18-01-17

Meet the man who is Super Mario

Super Mario is not only one of the most iconic video game characters and 90% of the world's population will probably know who he is when...

fail 18-01-17

When you’re crap at flying a drone

Ah look, the whole family is here to see him mess up that drone flying and a little girls face.

lol 18-01-17

Drunk man shows us the future

Welcome to the future. A phone which will keep you connected and get you drunk. Now this is a phone I'd definitely buy.