wow 25-05-17

Guy ticks of Midget Fantasy from bucketlist

This is how you live your life. Ticking off sexual fantasy boxes at every opportunity you get.

wow 25-05-17

Game of Thrones Season 7: Official Trailer

After seeing the new Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer there can be no doubt about it. War. Is. Coming. Bring on July 16th.

wow 24-05-17

How does money laundering work?

Finally something useful to watch on TCMag.

wow 24-05-17

Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer 3

Excited about the latest Spider-Man reboot? Well, you should be if you like The Avengers cause they seem to have drafted in several to make...

fail 24-05-17

When the demolition of a building is going too well

Sometimes the shit just had to come down. That's when you hire a demo crew to do the dirty work. Like this demo crew in...

wow 24-05-17

Actor Barry Pepper makes his own prop knives

Actor Barry Pepper was in True Grit, Saving Private Ryan and a bunch of other movies. He's also a pretty decent blacksmith and he likes...

lol 24-05-17

Kids tell their parents when they lost their virginity

Ah, the joys of talking about sex with your parents. You really don't want to know how and when they do it or when they...

ouch 23-05-17

Knocked Out after the bell a Boxer’s uncle takes revenge

When boxers Uzcategui and Dirrell stepped into the ring for their fight no one could have predicted it would end the way it did. It...