wtf 21-03-17

When no one wants to give way in a traffic jam

See here, a gathering of cunts in a traffic jam.

wtf 21-03-17

Chinese demolition worker with balls of steels

And we're not talking that cheap Chinese steel. We're talking hard German steel.

wow 21-03-17

Fan gets on stage with Hopsin and destroys Ill Mind 5

This kid Elliott had the balls to back up his tough talking. He talked the talked and he walked the walked and left the stage...

ftw 21-03-17

The Hum Rider will get you through traffic

Well, not through traffic, it will get you over traffic. This brilliant SUV lifts up, widens itself and just keeps on moving.

fail 21-03-17

Idiots trying to open a bra for the first time

I refuse to call these people men. They are not men, they're idiots. What is up with society wanting to portray the male species as...

wtf 21-03-17

Chinese digger takes down wall at the wrong time

All seems to be going as planned, until Mister Moped comes into play. No word on whether or not he survived.

lol 20-03-17

Football player thanks wife and girlfriend by mistake

Footballer Mohammed Anas gave a passionate Man of the Match speech after a game. Thanking both his wife and his girlfriend. Safe to say he...

wow 20-03-17

Playing dominoes with trees

Not sure this is as efficient as it looks, but it sure as hell looks cool.