lol 21-04-17

Dirty bedroom talk with Aziz Ansari

Ladies and gentleman, this right here is a SNL skit that is actually funny as fuck.

wtf 21-04-17

Monkey hops on boat and takes a drink

This cheeky monkey swims to a boat, jumps on it, rummages around for a drink, drinks some and swims back to shore.

wow 21-04-17

North Carolina football players go nuts over free Jordan Retro 11S

I'd be really happy too if I got a free sneaker, but these Jordan Retro 11S are just fucking ugly man. The only winners here...


Is the GoPro Fusion 360 camera worth it?

We have a lot to be GoPro thankful for. They've given us some amazing gear and that gear has given us some amazing footage. Their...

wow 21-04-17

What can you cut with paper?

THis guy cuts stuff in half with nothing but paper. It just goes to show that paper is strong and paper cuts hurt like a...

wow 21-04-17

One Hundred Ways To Get High

If you are still not done with 420 than this video will show you plenty of ways to get high. And she's cute too.

wtf 21-04-17

Truck driver doesn’t realize he’s dragging a crashed car along

WTF. A car has crashed into a truck and gets stuck to it. However, the truck driver doesn't realize and just keeps on driving.

hot 21-04-17

Flight attendant uses in-flight wifi to cam on the internet

Yeah, we know it is fake and a promo for CamSoda, but we do not care. Well, we do care actually, cause we never hot...