ouch 29-12-17

Turns out he isn’t a bitch

Some people only learn the hard way.

wow 29-12-17

Bikini babes in the vending machines

Asians love their video games and their arcades. In Taiwan one owner of such an arcade decided to spice up trade a little bit, by...

lol 29-12-17

A Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump

I'm great.

wtf 29-12-17

Crazy aunt releases 1500 ladybugs during Xmas dinner

WTF is this bitch doing? Some crazy twat just released 1500 ladybugs inside the house during a Xmas get together.

wow 29-12-17

Chili Klaus hits the Hot Ones table

To end the season of Hot Ones in style Sean invited his friend Chili Klaus to the table and things got turned up to EXTRA...

hot 29-12-17

LOVE 29: Hannah Ferguson loves a bit of wrestling

We just post the quality ones and this one featuring Hannah Ferguson wrestling is Quality.

ouch 28-12-17

Coyote Peterson gets bitten by a giant desert centipede, calls it quits

The day you knew was coming, and we missed it by more then a week. I blame Xmas. Coyote blames the giant desert centipede bite.

wtf 28-12-17

Restaurant fish tank breaks mid service

Vietopia in Houston is proud of the fish tank. It has center stage in the dining room and all the customers love checking it out....