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11 Awesome Portrayals In Superhero Films

Since the early ‘90s there’s been a trend in the film industry, which continues to this day and seems to be expanding at light speed. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that since the year 2000 there has been at least one (if not more) film every year with a superhero and today in TCmag we are evaluating some of the best portrayals in such films, with our only criteria being the awesomeness of the actor/actress portraying the superhero or villain.
Written by Theodoros II


The movie wasn’t that good to begin with and you get a clear impression of what kind of junk of PC madness you are about to watch from the first five minutes seeing Africans and Asians in Asgard. Now exactly what these folks were doing in a film that was supposed to tell us a story about Nordic mythology I don’t know, but the cancer called “diversity” and “multiculturalism” (only when it’s white stories, of course) shouldn’t distract us from the fact that Chris Hemsworth was the best possible actor to play Thor because of his similar stature and looks to that of the god. I suppose we should all say a big “Thank God” they didn’t choose someone like Wesley Snipes to portray Thor, huh?


Some actors are remembered for a specific role and nothing else pretty much. A few examples of the aforementioned statement would be Peter Weller (Robocop), Dolph Lundgren (Ivan Drago), and Robert Patrick (Liquid Man in Terminator 2) among others and that’s nothing against these actors whom we like a lot, but facts are facts, these are the only roles they were noted for. On the other hand, there are actors who are good at pretty much anything they do and one such case is Robert Downey Jr.

In the rather boring and spoiled character of Iron Man (I don’t like him or his lame costume), Downey manages to add his genius personality and classy style (just like he did in the Sherlock Holmes films) and proves why Oscars don’t mean much really since this incredible actor hasn’t won any . . . so far.  


Some might disagree with the following statement but The Avengers was a crappy movie and the people who claimed that the idea of throwing so many superheroes together in one movie wasn’t a good idea were proven to be absolutely right. However, even in such a mediocre film you can pick and keep the best things for yourself, with one of them undoubtedly being Scarlett “Sexy” Johansson as the Black Widow.

Even though the sexy Soviet named Natasha Romanova was originally introduced as a Russian spy and the antagonist of Iron Man, she appears to be a member of The Avengers in this film, a fact that didn’t mean much to most male fans, by the way.


In our opinion, Christopher shouldn’t miss from any list of this nature and every superhero fan who respects himself would agree that the most successful Superman in history is now considered a cult and all-time great figure when it comes to superhero films. Even though a few actors and actresses who starred with him describe him as a cocky asshole, his natural good looks in an era where special effects and super-expensive costumes didn’t exist and struggles with his health later in life after a near-fatal accident make Mr. Reeve a respectable and lovable legend. Simply put, he will always be the original Man of Steel in our hearts.


Okay, so we are blatantly cheating here since this list is supposed to be about film portrayals of superheroes (or villains) and the gorgeous and sexy Lynda Carter portrayed Wonder Woman in the TV series of that name that lasted for four seasons from 1975 to 1979. However, we feel like it’s totally justified and legit to cheat with this entry because Lynda Carter is and will probably always be the prettiest and most iconic, without even having to be nasty or get naked for the role, Wonder Woman we’ve ever seen on the small screen.


Well some might be surprised by this entry but we never said that we would feature only “good” guys or gals who portrayed superheroes but instead this list includes anyone who starred in superhero films. In our opinion, Tom Hardy as Bane is one of the best villains in movie history and the beating he gave Batman when they first met in the sewers of Gotham City was one of a kind. And by the way, when you finish reading this list you have my permission to leave TCmag’s page.


Famke is a fine woman, there’s no doubt about that, but what we didn’t know about her before she portrayed Jean Grey in the X-Men film series is that she is a really good actress or, to be more precise, she was definitely the only one who could play that well Jean Grey. In my own totally personal opinion she’s without a doubt the best-ever actress to have a role in a superhero film and the most gorgeous one too. Let’s also not forget that she was, after all, the most powerful mutant of them all and that’s why Xavier had her under his wings (until she literally pulverized him) so he could prevent her from destroying the whole world with her mad and uncontrollable powers.


I’m not a fan of Spider-Man films really, but I feel like we would have a few riots from his fans reading this list if I didn’t include him just because I happen not to like this geek and eternal virgin. Despite my personal bias, I must admit that most experts and fans agree that Tobey is the best Spider-Man to date and most of them say that the new one, Andrew Garfield, has nothing on him.


The fact that Heath Ledger became the first actor to win an Oscar (and posthumously, to boot) for his supporting role as a comic book character (for playing The Joker) justifies this entry 100 percent. For his role as The Joker in The Dark Knight, Heath spent a month in a hotel room in London attempting to develop the character.

At first he based his version of The Joker on Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange but developed the role even further; yep, Heath was that good. Unfortunately, after he was done filming he developed insomnia and depression which, according to those who knew him, played a significant role in his addiction to pills and his subsequent early tragic death.  


Here’s how this one plays out: Some say Lee Meriwether (Miss America 1955) from the 1966 film version of Batman is the best ever; others say that the amazingly beautiful Julie Newmar from the classic Batman TV series (from the 1960s) takes the nod, while others claim Eartha Kitt, mainly for her legendary and essential trademark RAWRrrrr.

But there’s a large number of fans, and I happen to be a one of them, that thinks there’s no better Catwoman in history than the mighty Michelle Pfeiffer from Batman Returns. Sure, there have been many great “catwomen” in film and TV history but there’s only one Michelle Pfeiffer.


So what if Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is about a foot taller and sexier (ladies say and guys hate) than the comic book character? This is one of the few cases in which no one, including hardcore comic book geeks, gives a crap about such a minor inaccuracy. Hugh is easily the very best choice we could have ever imagined for Wolverine, and the main reason why so many women around the globe won’t miss an X-Men film. Every time Wolverine appears with his shirt off you can hear loud dreamy sighs and at this point it’s safe to say that Hugh will go down as the man who made superhero films enjoyable for the ladies too. 

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