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11 Really Awkward Celebrity Moments

Celebrities have it all: money, power, luxury, and fame. But all these things come with a price -- lack of privacy. The personal lives of celebrities tend to become part of their public personas, and they can’t cover up their dirt like we commoners can. The following list includes ten of the most embarrassing and awkward public confessions from famous people. For a minute we felt lucky for not being in their shoes.

11. Hugh Grant being "Charlie Sheen"

Hugh Grant is one of the friendliest and nicest movie stars in the world and that’s an undeniable fact. Once upon a time he used to date one of the finest women in the world, Elizabeth Hurley, but eventually he was not happy about it. Rumors say that she was not that hot in bed and that she wouldn’t do him any spicy favors. Hugh decided to take action, and he ended up getting arrested near Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood for misdemeanor lewd conduct in a public place with the not-so-pretty but “skilled” prostitute Divine Brown. His career went through many ups and downs after this humiliating incident; his relationship with Haley ended, and his reputation as an actor was damaged. But Hugh had the guts to be honest about it, and we appreciate that in him.

10. Bruce Willis gets a little confused about places and stuff

Bruce Willis has been involved in some weird stories lately. However, his top moment of oddity and bizarreness has to be during his interview with British radio station, Magic 105.4, to promote his most recent film, Red 2. When the interviewer asked Bruce about his favorite shooting location, Bruce responded like a boss with, "Istambul." We didn’t mind the spelling mistake so much. After all, it’s just an “m” instead of an “n.” To be honest, it didn’t bother us much that he had the places wrong in his head; that’s life. The worst part actually happened when Bruce tried to spare himself the embarrassment by claiming, “Oh, I thought you meant which place was my favorite in general”
Come on Bruce... you made a freaking mistake, no big deal! You don’t have to lie about it too.

9. Tiger Woods' womanizing no secret

Tiger Woods is second for the most Grand Slam victories, behind the great Jack Nicklaus, and he’s arguably one of the five best golfers in history. He had more fans than any other active player, and he used to be considered golf’s sweetest, kindest, and nicest guy ever. His big smile, however, was hiding a cheater, a liar, and a man with a temper. Tiger Woods morphed into a cheating womanizer in the eyes of his former fans, and even his game was affected. The dominant player we used to know now chokes in the big competitions, and he hasn’t won a major in nearly six years. Will Tiger recover as a player and an icon? Only time will tell.

8. George Michael didn't know he "fancied" cops

George Michael is one of those rare cases when a celebrity has to come out of the closet way more than once, for different reasons each time. One of the biggest sex icons of the 80s, he broke a few million hearts when in the early 90s he came out as gay. However, people’s sexual preferences are their own business, and his female fans fully realized that and forgave him. George Michael, though, was simply out of control. Losing his long-term boyfriend to AIDS shortly after his beloved mother died caused him to fall into a heavy depression. Drugs, excessive alcohol, and a wild sex life brought him close to death several times. The peak of it all was the infamous “toilet incident,” when the pop star was arrested by an undercover officer after committing a "lewd act" in a public lavatory. George Michael had reached rock bottom, and even though a few more encounters with the law would follow, nothing ever matched this one. Many years later, after the dust had settled, George calmly admitted it all, and confessed with humor and grace to most of these wild stories.

7. Mel Gibson is going crazy and then is making excuses about it

Mel Gibson was one of the most beloved stars of the 80’s and 90’s with 2 Oscars under his belt, numerous blockbuster films in which he starred and produced, a happy family man and an icon. However his life and career took the wrong path. He divorced after 26 years of marriage for the many years younger Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva with whom he had a baby in 2009. Things however, weren’t meant to go smoothly for Mel Gibson. Allegation after allegation of domestic violence, anti-Semitic comments, battling with the bottle and a freefall of his professional career followed which gave a totally new image to the once icon we used to know. What makes him look even worse is that he tried to make excuses about some of these things and take back all he had said and done.

6. Marion Jones can't hide it anymore

Marion Jones had it all. She was beautiful, she was a world champion and a multiple Olympic medalist; she made mad money and she had a perfect marriage and family. In life, however, there’s nothing we can take for granted, and Marion Jones lost it all -- literally. Even though she would deny for a very long time that she was cheating by using steroids (she was cheating in her personal life too), finally she broke down and admitted it.
After she destroyed her marriage, she lost her medals and every single sponsor, including Nike and Gatorade, abandoned her. Marion admitted using steroids for the better part of her career in an honest and tearful confession which made her more sympathetic and likeable than ever before.

5. Michael Jackson lies even when he confesses

This is one of the few times that you feel shame for the man who’s lying. You actually feel so bad about him that you want to give him a hug and tell him that everything will be alright. Michael Jackson probably didn’t feel any shame, or possibly he had convinced himself it was true, when he confessed that, yes, he had plastic surgeries --but only two. It’s rare to confess in public and lie about it in this blatant way. Every cell in Michael’s body was lying in what might be the most pathetic confession of all time. Michael could drive people crazy with his unique talent, but unfortunately he turned all those magic feelings into pity and disgust with his big fat lies.

4. Britney Spears let it all out

You thought we were going to talk about boobs, didn’t you? Wrong!
Britney used to be America’s sweetheart, the teenager everybody loved. She broke sales records and charted like mad; every live show she gave was sold out; and America had found in her face the ideal teen pop icon for the new millennium. Like a new Brooke Shields, she had to keep until the first night of her wedding the most precious thing she had kept all these years -- her virginity. Her boyfriend was the male equivalent of Britney, the super charismatic and talented Justin Timberlake. However, things were not as ideal as the media portrayed them. Once the couple broke up, Justin decided to give some answers through his music, and Cry Me a River gave us all the answers we wanted.
Not only was Britney not a virgin, but she was also a cheater as well. Britney summed it up for us in an unforgettable breakdown during an interview, and pretty much admitted to all that her ex-boyfriend (who she still loved) accused her of. The worst part of this story? Britney’s confession was the reason for one of the most annoying YouTube fan videos of all time. Don’t tell me you forgot about that nightmare.

3. Bernard Hopkins "confesses" being a racist (and a douchebag)

Bernard Hopkins didn’t have the best reputation anyway, but before this incident we couldn’t guess that he was a racist douche. Hopkins made sure to tell us how he really feels about race and sports in the most uncivilized way possible. We already knew a lot about him: he is an ex-convict; he ducks all the best available competition to fight either bums or smaller men from lighter divisions; and he’s dumb enough to disrespect an entire nation over a boxing match. However, we could never imagine that the man is actually a racist.
He made that perfectly clear in his pre-fight interview against Welsh legend Joe Calzaghe, when he made a statement of racial supremacy worthy of a black Hitler, saying that he will never let an inferior white boy beat him. What makes him look even worse? Hopkins had every single one of his demands satisfied and still lost to the white boy. Joe Calzaghe had to put on weight to fight in Hopkins’ weight division; he had to travel from Wales to fight in Hopkins’s backyard; Hopkins even picked the judges -- and he still managed to lose to the white boy, who by the way is considered the greatest super middleweight boxer of all time, being one of the very few boxers retiring undefeated with a perfect 46-0 record.

2. Lance Armstrong: Officially a Cheater and a Bully

For some reason I never believed that Lance Armstrong was really a nice man. Probably what did it for me was him leaving his wife for a famous singer right after he recovered from his deadly illness, when she had stood by him so heroically and with so much compassion for so many years. Furthermore, people who knew him described him as rude and a bully. However he managed to become America’s most beloved athlete and a world record holder, winning the prestigious Tour de France seven times. But all this happened before he was caught cheating. Just like Marion Jones, Armstrong was cheating for most of his career too, and when he finally found the courage and guts to admit it live on Oprah, he still looked like a douche.

1. The Bill Clinton Sex Scandal

Let’s be honest -- when you started reading this list, deep inside you knew that this would be a major entry, didn’t you? And how could it not be? The President of the United States, the most powerful man on the planet, was ridiculed and humiliated, and finally had to apologize on national TV ( ). What made it even worse was that Clinton initially lied with the most decisive and “honest” acting we have ever seen, combined with all the graphic -- even pornographic -- details Monica revealed. We’ll never feel so sorry for another president ever again.

Written by Theodoros II for TCMag

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