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11 Terrifying Folks Who Would Bring The House Down At Your Halloween Party.

Halloween is here and most websites will be publishing lists of scary films, classic horror stories, creepy video games, and funny costumes. For that reason, we decided to do something different because we like being unique at TCmag if you haven’t noticed. This is our “Special Edition” list published on Halloween instead of our usual Thursday. It’s a party list with some really “special” guests. Would you like to come to the party?

Happy Halloween.

Written By Theodoros II ForTCmag


Hannibal Lecter is probably the guest with the highest IQ; he’s highly educated and his intellectual skills will fascinate the rest of the lunatics at the dining room table, but make sure you include human flesh on the menu or you might end up being the dinner.


The Omen films proved that children can be just as evil as adults and honestly, what would a Halloween party full of whackos be without the Antichrist in child form knocking on your door chanting “Trick or treat,” right?


His name is John Ryder but we prefer to call him by his “legendary” attribute. The hitcher will make it to the party only if he finds some unsuspecting, innocent victim to bring him but even then, you can never be sure he’ll get there on time since it’s a pretty safe bet that there will be some major drama on the ride over.


According to urban legend the Candyman is the kind of annoying prick who will make himself more than noticeable to anyone who stands in a dark bathroom and whispers “Bloody Mary” into a mirror. However, the only reason he’s on our guest list is because we need some diversity so Al Sharpton won’t cry “racism and discrimination” when he sees this special edition list. So, just like in every horror film there’s always a black dude who usually dies first or second, we need our own “brotha” at the party and who better to fill our quota than the Candyman? 


Leatherface is probably the most badass, senseless serial killer you could ever meet. He wears a mask made from human skin and doesn’t talk much; he’s exactly the opposite of the saying “All talk and no action.” The most intimidating part of all, however, is that this son of a bitch isn’t an evil spirit, a demon, or a machine; he’s just a plain old human being like you and me who can be killed, but is far more talented at actually doing the killing than anything else. 


As we all know Jason Voorhees is a big, scary, intimidating-looking dude with the mind of a four-year-old with severe psychological problems. Hence, he can’t attend the party alone so his parents have to accompany him. Unfortunately for you, Jason’s mom might be the craziest woman to ever give birth in history so good luck with this mother-son duo.


Michael Myers, ladies and gents, isn’t just a random, scary villain; he’s the epitome of the phrase “Halloween’s MVP,” and he has no emotion whatsoever. He's simply a cold, silent, merciless murderer who would frighten even the boogeyman. Keep in mind that you’re taking a huge risk inviting the “King of All Halloween Massacres” to your party. There’s no way to escape the wrath and terror of Michael Myers.


This dude makes the list for two reasons: first, he’s one of my favorite vampires from my childhood (I’m a big fan of the original Fright Night) and second, dudes like Hannibal Lecter and Dracula will need some nice company with which to converse about things such as where to find good quality human flesh and blood, and so on. Make sure you have enough blood and raw flesh in the house because once you invite this guy you have to feed him well or he might dine on your own thighs and blood. 


Way before Annabelle there was Chucky, the prototype satanic toy that loved killing people for a hobby. Chucky always has a bag of tricks so he will most likely be good company at a party, and his size alone seems to be a bit of a joke in itself. Just make sure you don’t piss him off because when he gets mad you never know exactly what to expect from this little bastard. Hopefully he’ll fall for Annabelle and they will live happily after and stop killing innocent people. 


Freddy Krueger is the kind of guy who will be useful at any kind of party, not just a Halloween one. To begin with, if all peeps had Freddy’s “tools” you wouldn’t have to wash forks and knives; this guy is all about self-service and comes with his own utensils attached. Additionally, when you have Freddy around you don’t have to worry if your party gets dull because at least you know nobody will dare to fall asleep with him in the room. 


Dracula could never be left off the guest list for a Halloween party obviously, but the problem with the most popular fictional character—who was based on a historical figure—in the history of literature and film is that we weren’t sure which actor to pick for the photo. We originally thought of Christopher Lee, one of the first actors to play the Lord of Darkness, but then we thought that most kids would see him and say, “What the fuck is Saruman doing here?”

Another candidate was Gary Oldman but, again, the younger generation probably isn’t aware of his awesome ‘90s performance as Dracula. They probably know him only as Commissioner Gordon from Batman series or Sirius Black from the Harry Potter films. So we ended up with the latest Dracula, Luke Evans from Dracula Untold, which is a pretty amazing film by the way. 

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