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Summer is here and the most common thought going on in pretty much everyone’s heads right now is what else? Summer vacations, of course. However, at TCmag we are never happy with plain assertions of this type so we will take it a step further and suggest eleven cool things for you to do during the summer, whether you are staying at home working (poor you), or you are vacationing in an exotic paradise as you are reading this you lucky b%$#&*s.


For some reason, summertime looks like the ideal time to try extreme sports. Maybe it’s the sun, the heat, or our need for strong doses of adrenaline to feel as alive as we can, no one knows why exactly but the fact is that extreme sports are very popular in summer so if you haven’t tried one yet, man up and go for it. It’ll be worth it in the end. 


This entry is obviously directed at all those couples who are getting married this year and are looking for the most romantic and ideal place to take the next step in their life. Santorini has become the absolute summer wedding destination in the past few years and couples from all over the world are booking tickets (rumors say August is the best month to go) for the Greek island with the unique sunset and the even more unique location and beauty.

If you want to have beautiful wedding photos to remember and your budget allows it, you know where to go this summer. 


The good thing about summer sports is that no one is going to judge you on your skills and talent or call you a bum, simply because many people see summer sports as hobbies, and not with a competitive eye. So if you’re interested in burning some calories or showing off the body you were building patiently during the winter and spring in the gym, there’s a wide variety of summer sports waiting for you: beach volleyball, beach soccer, racquetball, surfing, water-skiing, and much more! 


So what’s better for a summer night (July 13th, to be specific) than lots of beer, pizza, and a bunch of drunks guys in their thirties, forties, or even fifties and sixties acting more stupid than ten-year-olds? Even if you don’t enjoy watching football you will enjoy an incredible live comedy show for free. Trust me; this might be a once in a lifetime chance to see your “respectable” former teacher or current doctor acting like a complete moron. 


Some things just go together and we can’t do much about it: bacon and eggs, shoes and socks, gin and tonic, Simon and Garfunkel, peanut butter and jelly, and so on. Simply put, ice cream is to summer what turkey is to Thanksgiving. So is there a better way to replenish all the calories you burnt by playing beach volleyball and swimming all day long than by eating a gigantic bowl of ice cream with five different flavors? Who said we can’t pig out in the summer, too?  


Most studies agree that summertime doesn’t promote long-term relationships but instead it’s the best time of the year to meet new people and you know, have some fun too. So all the single people out there (at TCmag we are against cheating so this entry is only for singles) should take advantage of the warm weather and flirt, but only to the point that each one feels comfortable. Always remember that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to and even if you decide to go for it make sure that safety comes first and the rest will just follow. 


All right, all right, obviously we’re trying too hard with this one to comfort all the people (including myself) who will spend most of the summer working, simply because bills and other responsibilities can’t wait.

However, even in a situation like this you can handle things like a boss. Make sure you have a fan or, even better, an AC in your working environment. Don’t rush and don’t stress too much about anything and even if your boss is the kind of asshole who doesn’t get friendlier or more relaxed because of the heat, just ignore him and try to daydream about sand, sea, and cocktails while he’s talking in your face. Trust us, this technique can work perfectly. 


As we mentioned in a previous list we made here at TCmag, some peeps will pick their summer vacations based almost exclusively on their desire to go clubbing, with Ibiza, Miami, and Mykonos being three of the most popular destinations. For some odd reason even people I happen to know who don’t like clubs or dancing have an incredible thirst for clubbing during the summer just like vampires always thirst for blood.

Whether you’re a party animal or not, just make sure you avoid unnecessary fights, drunk British tourists, and sluts who carry any kind of STD, and you should be fine. Clubbing can be a dangerous “sport” though so try not to lose control and end up waking up in jail in a foreign country or, even worse, on a beach with an unexplained pain in your ass. 


I don’t know about you but this might be my most favorite part of summer vacation. I can literally shop without regret. Actually that can be explained logically, since when you decide to visit a summer destination you usually start organizing a couple of months before.

That means you’ve already estimated a budget you are going to spend during your vacation and so when you’re shopping for souvenirs and other nice little things in the unique shops on the Greek isles you picked to go to this year, you do it without worrying too much about where you will find the money because you’ve wisely budgeted for any extra spending you might do on something you won’t find anywhere else. 


If you are looking for a truly unique experience then scuba diving is the thing you have to add to your bag of experiences, especially if you get a chance to visit exotic places where the waters are still clear, the sand is white, and the sea life is colorful. 

All these things will give you the sensation of something magical and surreal that you won’t want to leave the water. Unfortunately, we are only humans, not dolphins, so this unique experience doesn’t last more than an hour usually and when your oxygen is about to run out, you have to return to the real world, where most of us who’ve already tried scuba diving are depressed because the magic of life under water can’t be found on land.  As we already know, all good things come to an end and despite how gutted you might get once the short experience under the sea is over, it will totally be worth it. 


If there’s one season when even the most clueless person can grow his own vegetables and brag about “growing this tomato” while he’s eating his salad, then summer is without a doubt that season. A great chance for people of all ages (even though most of the time it’s older people who will go for it) to do something constructive and creative with their time and, most important, enjoy their own fresh vegetables and know exactly what they’re eating, as in where it came from.

Another plus is that the wide variety of things you can grow will motivate you to learn more things than you could ever imagine about tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, and so many other veggies. However, if you are the irresponsible, lazy type who can’t follow a strict schedule then just forget about it because vegetables need care and lots of water on an almost daily basis.

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