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A Migrant’s Perilous Journey

It's a horrible sight; seeing helpless people try and save themselves when the overcrowded vessel that was supposed to bring them to the Promised Land aka Europe starts to fill with water before it capsizes. These journeys of hope have been going on for weeks, months and even years, but in the last couple of days the horror stories, videos and photos have hit the headlines again. Partly because the UN and Red Cross had some damning words for the European Union and the way they are dealing with this never ending influx of migrant's from war torn and poor African countries. But critizing is the easy bit, finding solutions is what is needed. Europe can't take in all those who want to come. No one can. Providing adequate shelter, food and medical care is in most cases all that can be done. The migration business is a big one, worth millions a year, and the people who profit from it, from human traffickers to aid organisations all need it to survive. Maybe it is time the UN and the European Union took away the hope at the end of a perilous journey and gave those willing to travel the hope they deserve at home.

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