lol 07-12-17

The Simpsons Christmas Episode Opening Titles Couch Gag 2017

The Simpsons might not be that relevant as they once were, but it's still funny in parts. Every Christmas they bring out a special couch...

lol 06-12-17

Trying to cure your phone addicted girlfriend

We all know them. People addicted to their phones. No bother to me, but when it's your girlfriend you can at least get a funny...

lol 05-12-17

Gary Delaney is the king of one liners

Need about 7 minutes of laughter to give you strength for the rest of the day. Let Gary Delaney take care of you for that.

lol 04-12-17

How to open smuggled in food unnoticed at the movies

It takes precision timing, that's the way to do it.

lol 30-11-17

True love: farting in front of your new girlfriend

They've reached levels of true love. Or at least he has.

lol 29-11-17

Guy tests his new taser on his girlfriend

It works. And seeing as he didn't get his ass beat we can only assume she rather liked it.

lol 27-11-17

Japanese ladies take the slippery stairs

Japan might have it's troubles between men and women, but in one thing they're equal. Both have to go up the slippery stairs.

lol 24-11-17

Ozzy Man has his say about the Slippery Stairs game show

This type of game show really needs a bit of cursing and swearing in the commentary and there's no one better at that than Ozzy...