lol 09-11-17

Guy pretends to be preacher Joel Osteen and wrecks havoc

The Jesus crowd are so gullible. But we already knew that.

lol 07-11-17

Conan Gets Styled By Dapper Dan

Conan is filming in New York City and he's getting his gear at Dapper Dan's.

lol 03-11-17

Scaring the crap out of people for Halloween

Halloween is about scaring people and furthering the diabetes epidemic. This guy with a chainsaw has the first bit down to perfection. Kids are going...

lol 03-11-17

Getting the party started outside da club

When you just can wait to get that party started.

lol 02-11-17

Pulling tissues out of a cat’s ass

Some things are so silly they become cool. This cat's ass for example.

lol 31-10-17

Man vs. Big Wave

We wouldn't really post it if the man won this battle between mankind and Mother Nature.

lol 31-10-17

Picking up your kid dressed as a T-Rex

Trauma for life incoming.

lol 30-10-17

When white people go to Jamaica

Just no. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!