lol 18-12-17

Jimmy Kimmel’s Year in Unnecessary Censorship 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, we went through the big TV moments and selected our best bleeps and blurs to create This Year in #UnnecessaryCensorship...

lol 18-12-17

Buying People Presents That Are Really For Yourself

We've all done it and we all do it.

lol 15-12-17

When Santa comes home early

Santa is a busy man in the month of December. Mrs Santa might get a bit lonely and such. Take her business elsewhere and such....

lol 15-12-17

Asian kid enjoying a ride on a Powerplate

Not sure why women love the vibrating Powerplate so much. i guess the clue is in vibrating, but this little kid seems to enjoy the...

lol 15-12-17

Jen and Julie try hot sauces

Yeah, you just know this is not going to end well for the two ladies. They just can't handle the hotness.

lol 12-12-17

She’ll never forget her 21st birthday party

She just turned 21, went and bought loads of booze, drank it all and won't remember a thing were it not for this video.

lol 12-12-17

Having a laugh with Handi-Man

We've come a long long way in this world, but sometimes it's time to go back to the golden age of laughter when anything went....

lol 11-12-17

Two gay guys participate in Just Tattoo Of Us

Just Tattoo Of Us is a MTV show in which two people get to put a tattoo (idea) on the other person's body without that...