fail 14-11-17

Dumbass tries to steal a security camera

This is a life lesson people. Some people really are too dumb to exist, yet we keep breeding and supporting them.

fail 06-11-17

They’re not going to like that

One tractor helping out another. But it all turns to shit in the end.

fail 27-10-17

When you fail at the subway

She must have been doing a 20 year stretch in prison, cause who the fuck still uses money in the subway?

fail 25-10-17

BMW M3 driver is an idiot

Saying a BMW M3 driver is an idiot is nothing new. A lot of them are. The can afford the (used) car, but don't have...

fail 18-10-17

When moving that couch goes wrong

Meet Dumb and Dumber.

fail 05-10-17

Disney Dream Suffers Hull Damage Docking in the Bahamas

The stern area of the Disney Dream cruise ship suffered a large dent in its hull while docking in Nassau, Bahamas this morning. The ship...

fail 25-09-17

When you screw up your gender reveal moment

What's with these gender reveal moments. Fuck off people, no one cares. Just tell or don't tell people the sex of your baby and be...

fail 20-09-17

Russian Ka-52 chopper fired live rounds at spectators

This is what happens when you push the wrong button during a demonstration.