hot 16-08-17

How to get men into the bar you work for

The Southern European party town are filled with tourists who want cheap drinks and sexy thrills. To lure these people into bars and clubs, these...

hot 14-05-17

Shakira’s New Single: Me Enamore

The perfect MILF is back!

hot 01-05-17

Hot for teacher

No trouble filling up those seats for this class.

hot 21-04-17

Flight attendant uses in-flight wifi to cam on the internet

Yeah, we know it is fake and a promo for CamSoda, but we do not care. Well, we do care actually, cause we never hot...

hot 03-04-17

When you had a GREAT weekend

So, how was YOUR weekend?

hot 09-03-17

When your gym membership is worth it

Going to the gym is not only about working out. It's about seeing and being seen. I don't know what the monthly fee at this...

hot 28-02-17

Why would Sports Illustrated ask Rose Bertram to pose for them?

I can't think of a single reason why Belgian babe Rose Bertram should be asked to pose for Sports Illustrated. Not a single reason.

hot 11-02-17

Avengers: Infinity War First Look (2018)

The producers of this film have officially confirmed that they are going to spend a billion on this film´╗┐...It better be good!