wow 17-11-17

Russian repairs wrecked BMW 7 Series to almost new

The work looks immaculate, but would you drive it?

wow 16-11-17

Life in the northernmost city in the world is toxic

Norilsk is the northernmost city in the world. It is home to 177,000 inhabitants and it is a toxic environment. Yet people love it there. Would...

wow 15-11-17

Virtika Outerwear has an awesome commercial

Virtika Outerwear is the brainchild of David Lesh. David likes fun and adventure.

wow 15-11-17

Guy does a standing double backflip

The insanity of this is insane.

wow 15-11-17

Carpool Karaoke with P!nk

James Corden is a twat, but I love Pink so we'll watch this one.

wow 14-11-17

Kid enjoying a minimalist outdoors bath

I just spent 15k on a new bathroom. This kid was done for about $5. And they can use the water to cook the rice in...

wow 14-11-17

KLM plane hit by lightning

I know these metal birds are made to withstand such an impact, but still. Scary as fuck.

wow 14-11-17

Jimmy Kimmel gets his own superhero movie with Ben Affleck

When Jimmy was 9-years-old he drew a comic book. It was filled with superheroes of his own making. JJ Abrams just turned it into a...