ouch 24-11-17

Coyote Peterson gets himself stung by the warrior wasp

Coyote seems to be hooked on getting stung by painful animals. This time it's the warrior wasp.

ouch 24-11-17

Do coke, get tazed

This is what happens when you get violent after too much coke.

ouch 20-11-17

Cyclist crashes into guy changing a tire

Guy a bike, riding the pavement (big no no) seems to clip a wall and crashes into a guy changing a tire on his BMW.

ouch 17-11-17

Wanna be in my gang, my gang?

You wanna join the Crips in Brooklyn. You better be prepared to get your ass kicked.

ouch 14-11-17

Movie scene reenactment with elephant goes wrong

I'm not into Bollywood movies and have certainly never heard of the movie Baahubali, but I take it it features a scene with an elephant....

ouch 10-11-17

Man goes all the way to sell you that car

He tries his hardest, but crap from China, will stay crap from China.

ouch 09-11-17

Italian journalist gets nose broken by mafia thug

The mob is still big in Italy. Just watch Gomorrah, third season starting in a couple of weeks. This journalist went into mob territory and...

ouch 06-11-17

When running the 100m dash blindfolded goes wrong

Not sure which idiot came up with this idea, but if it was purely done to get some good video he or she has succeeded.