ouch 27-09-17

Little shark bites man and won’t let go

The sun is shining, the water is blue. You dive in, go for a swim and a little shark thinks you're there as food.

ouch 25-09-17

When Karma comes to town

Some thug is destroying some property when he gets spoken to by another guy. He continues anyway and doesn't really stop until Karma makes a...

ouch 22-09-17

Arab road rage goes wrong

I love a bit of road rage that goes wrong. This Arab wants to let the guys he is pissed off with know what he...

ouch 21-09-17

Carny falls from fairground attraction

A Carny dropped down from a fairground attraction after the ride got stuck and he tried to help some people stuck in the stuck ride....

ouch 19-09-17

When a crate of beer settles the argument

A crate of beer is a great tool to settle an argument. Just not in this way.

ouch 07-09-17

Racist woman gets her ass beat

Three month pregnant or not, this is what you get when you get in the face of a lady who's in a interracial relationship and...

ouch 31-08-17

Cyclist isn’t careful enough and goes flying

As a cyclist you need to be careful on the roads. Your a vunerable entity on a road filled with cars. This guy wasn't careful.

ouch wow wtf 28-08-17

Gentleman had a centipede in his ear

This is one of the last things you would want in your ear…