ahhh ftw 05-10-17

When You Get Pulled Over By Good Cop

This is one of the rare times you will enjoy watching a cop video, and won't get completely pissed at the cops for over abuse...

ftw lol 04-10-17

Marathon Runner Doesn’t Feel His “Third Leg” Flopping Around

Jozef Urban finished in 10th place at the KoŇ°ice Peace Marathon in Slovakia, while his meat and potatoes finished 11th, 12th and 13th respectively....

ftw wow 02-10-17

Couple Filmed Having Sex On Flight To Ibiza

Next time you get panicked or act like a bitch during a flight (because you are terrified of planes), think of this couple! You will...

ftw 26-09-17

Marseille fan does what every fan dreams of doing

In baseball you have that first pitch. In football you have that first kickoff. This Marseille fan was honored to give the ceremonial kickoff for...

ftw 21-09-17

Darcy Lynne wins America’s Got Talent

She's only 12 and has done this already. What have you done with your life?

ftw 04-09-17

USC’s blind long snapper Jake Olson gets some action

Playing Amrican football whilst being blind takes some balls. Jake is blind and he has some balls. He usually only gets some time on the...

ftw 31-08-17

Dog has a heart attack but thankfully someone knows CPR

This doggie's heart just stopped, but luckily someone knew how to give CPR and brought the pooch back to life. Hero.

ftw 04-08-17

Guy in a hammock underneath a drone

We're living in 2017, this guy and his huge balls are already living in 2027.