wtf 14-12-17

American loser meets his Thai gold digger

Getting yourself a bride who will do anything for you is not a cheap adventure. Money needs to be paid. Money David doesn't have, but...

wtf 13-12-17

Lady is attacked by a nurse shark

What was supposed to be a romantic honeymoon with some snorkeling turned into a viral video vacation. Thanks to a surprise visit by a shark.

wtf 12-12-17

Going to a club in Novosibirsk is an adventure

What was meant to be a pleasant night out turned into a roid fueled punch up.

wtf 12-12-17

They’ll never forget this birthday bash

Just like the chick before, these people won't forget this birthday party. But for all the wrong reasons.

wtf 11-12-17

Big croc attacks tiny boat

This is a holiday they'll never forget. For the croc attack and the soiled pants they suffered as a result.

wtf 08-12-17

Cop forgets to lock car door, suspect steals AR-15 gun

Can't buy a gun in America? Wow, something must be really wrong with you. But don't worry, the cops are glad to land a hand...

wtf 07-12-17

When you’re an oversensitive homophobe

If anything, the old "I'm happily married and have kids" rhetoric is no guarantee for no homosexual behaviour going on in public toilets or motels.

wtf 07-12-17

Hitting 6G’s during G Force training doesn’t look like fun

This guy looks like me the morning after a hot curry.