ahhh 29-09-17

Huge leatherback turtle washed ashore in Spain

This 700 kilo giant leatherback washed ashore in Spain. It is absolutely huge.

ahhh 25-09-17

Little kid vs. Game Boy color

She doesn't know what she's missing.

ahhh 17-08-17

When you’re a Nazi and a pussy

This white neo-nazi kid just did it for the fun. Well, maybe go talk to your grandfather and ask him if it was fun being...

ahhh 11-08-17

Stingray eats squid

Poor little squid, bleeding out of ink. But then again, the stingray has some fresh sushi.

ahhh 03-07-17

Stepdad becomes a dad

Ahhh, he might look tough, but cap man blubbers like a litlle baby when his stepson of seven years gives him a present and some...

ahhh 23-06-17

Gorilla Zola is happy as a hippo in her little pool

It's basically very hot in the Western Hemisphere or wherever and the only thing that can cool people down is some cold beers, fans and...

ahhh 09-06-17

Large and injured great white shark in just 3 feet of water

This is quite the (sad) sight. A Great White has been hit by a boat's propeller and is thrashing around in about 3 feet of water.

ahhh wow 19-05-17

11 Movie Mobsters We Idolize While We Shouldn’t

There’s no doubt that gangsters and mobsters are some of the most dangerous and cruel people out there and it’s a safe bet...