wow 27-12-17

The Story of ‘Sandstorm’ by Darude

It is one of the most iconic techno tracks ever and this is the story behind it.

ahhh 27-12-17

Mum tells her daughter some good news

This will melt your heart and make you cut onions. The joy is so pure and real.

lol 26-12-17

When you get in a fight with a Xmas tree

Drink and drugs do weird and wonderful things to people. These two idiots got into a fight after a night out. With a Xmas tree....

lol 26-12-17

Working the day after Christmas feels like this

Food, booze and family. It all takes it's toll.

wow 26-12-17

Live view of a train driver in Norway

This is POV porn if you love trains. And Norway.

lol 26-12-17

How to get rid of package thieves

We buy more and more stuff on the internet. That stuff gets delivered when you're not a home. Some delivery drivers simply dump the stuff...

ouch 26-12-17

Fun with friends ends in standing up for next two weeks

Us men do some crazy shit when we're together. This poor guy won't be able to sit down for the next two weeks.

wow 22-12-17

Will Smith walks the Brazil Comic Con floor as an orc

I wasn't expecting much but this is actually a fun behind-the-scenes look of the Bright movie promo tour.