wow 22-12-17

The Atlanta Steam ladies do some warm-up drills

There's the NFL and then there's the Legends Football League. The Atlanta Steam play in the latter and there warm-up drills are impressive. As are...

wtf 22-12-17

Man attacked bij cougar in New York subway

It's unbelievable what creatures you run into on a New York subway ride. We're all for fun and games, but just imagine the outrage if...

wtf 22-12-17

Addict tried to kill officer Jon Cusack

During a routine stop officer Jon Cusack came across someone he suspected of being a drug addict. He was right, but the junkie didn't want...

wow 22-12-17

The Coconut King

I guess we all have a weird hobby hidden away deep down inside of us.

wtf 22-12-17

Truck driver lost his load

It's the end of the year, people are in need of some days off and a fresh start. You get forgetful, we get it.

wow 21-12-17

Star Wars Christmas Light Show to Imperial March EDM remix

This is just insane. Aliens will definitely come to earth and destroy us.

ftw 21-12-17

When going the long way round is not an option

Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side. In this case the water was bluer so this little boat took a short cut.

wow 21-12-17

Confessions Of A Club Drug Dealer

It's a hard knock life.